Changing video cards - ZOMBIE VIDEO DRIVERS!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. codeForge

    Hey all, there is a dirty little secret in the PC games industry... when you switch video cards, say, from one company to another, the drivers for your old video card may still be hanging around after death!

    Sometimes, that zombie video driver can even screw up other games you're playing, either lowering frame rate or causing crashes.

    Personally, whenever I take a piece of hardware out of my PC permanently, I go ahead and find an appropriate driver cleaner from the manufacturer and run it... just to be sure.

    (truth be told, I pretty much re-install windows every couple years, just to get a good "reset")

    Different manufactures make these driver cleaners for their drivers, and I'm sure helpful posters can add links below to some common ones. As with any hotdog you eat, you want to make sure you trust the source of any executable you download off the internet... so be careful... but if you have had multiple video cards in your system, you may find that cleaning up old drivers is a quick way to get back some frames, clean up some weird issue, or stop things from crashing quite so often!

    Anyway, that's codeForge's Tip of the Day. Well, the first one really, and they won't likely happen every day.. but if I just said "That's codeForge's Tip"... well, that doesn't sound good for lots of reasons.

    Hope this helps, see you in game.
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  2. Master

    as someone who switched from ATI to Nvidia, I'd leave to see recommended driver cleaners..
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  3. vincent-

    Download CCleaner it helps an *** load in some parts of the computer.
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  4. noobindo

  5. Master

    driver fusion requires premium to remove the registry files.
  6. Master

    Does old registry keys/values of old driver software (in my case, AMD registries where I have Nvidia hardware now) affect my performance?
  7. Ness_54_FR

    I do that every time I update my driver too.;)
  8. noobindo

    So try Driver Sweeper
    Or crack it.
  9. TheRealMetalstorm

    inb4 ban/delete