Changing the Applicator?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Ninjilla, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Ninjilla

    I usually play as HA so I can take on tanks (played a lot of Engi in BFBC2), but I have a side-hobby of healing in shooters so I fit some Medic in there as well. However, the current feeling of the applicator could use some adjustments.I play at a constant 10 FPS so this may be a bit skewed...

    1) As we level it, the distance it heals should increase as well. Maybe not as much as a revive, but something! When I read the cert description it only said revive range, so sorry if this is already the case. This would also be a god send for those who hate running after people with 10% of their life left who just wont stand still.

    2) Sticky healing option. I think it'd be neat if the healing beam only needed one click to start, and would stay on that target until you say otherwise like in TF2. This would really, really help those who dont get a good FPS, instead of running around like a chicken with their head cutoff trying to even find a target to heal (let alone actually heal them in a mass of 20 people).

    3) Option to heal targets with lowest health as a priority (or a variety of priority healing options). So, like I said above you have a bunch of people but havent certed into healing nades or only 2 out of them needs a heal. It would be nice to have your beam go to them directly instead of wading through.

    4) An indicator for who needs the heals. Again like in TF2, I think the more information a medic has on who and when to heal, the better they can actually do it! When people call for medic I think a small icon would be nice just so we dont need to look around so much.

    If they implemented these into the current applicator or even made a second version with some of these benefits, I think it would be quite nice. Sorry for the wall of text.
  2. dantheman102100

    Totally agree with all your points cept for 4. Number 4 is already in place. It may be hard to notice with such a low FPS but it is there. I don't have trouble seeing the indicator except when things are really hectic but it is over people's head if they are less than 100% full on HP and it is just a little + icon.

    On a side note I really feel for ya on the fps part. I had to overclock my gpu in order to get it to an acceptable level. If there is any one thing I'd have the developers focus on it would be optimizing the game client.
  3. Ninjilla

    Ah yes, I forgot about the + icon! What I had in mind to couple it was an icon that popped up on your HUD when they call Medic from off screen and indicated the direction the call came from, but that may be there too lol.
  4. Accuser

    I was really hoping the applicator would be more of a "nanite healing paintball pistol". Just aim at the person you want to heal and pop off healing shots until he's fixed up... with an alt-fire that rezzes just like it does now.

    That would fix the problem of the applicator healing topped-off people instead of injured ones. It could have a little more range, and it would require a little more thought than the current system.
  5. Vreki

    I disagree on number 3. We dont want the game to play itself, at little skill required from the medics is fine.

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