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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cosmic1978, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Cosmic1978

    I have simple question.
    Can i change loadouts in combat?
  2. the pestimist

  3. Vreki

    No, I dont really see how that would work? Just push a transformation button and emerge as a Hacksaw MAX?
    But you can do it at the nearest terminal, including deployed AMS Sunderers
  4. Cosmic1978

    No,i was thinking on same class not to pick a new class,well thx for answer but im not gettin why there is loadout at first palce if you need to go on nearest terminal or Sunderer
  5. xMihr

    Ease of swapping to different kits for different fights. Some MAXs will have a shotgun load out and a burster load out that saves them time from swapping two weapons and equipping each with extended magazines. Much simpler to just click and go.

    Same with vehicles, pulling a lib you may want a dalton or zephyr and its quick and painless to make it a load out option rather than adjusting scopes, ammo, reload time for each.
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  6. Vreki

    The loadouts are useful for classes where you want to quickly switch between roles in the spawn screen
    • I have a Day and Night loadout on most of my classes with either Red Dot or IRNV
    • AT mines versus AI mines for Engineers
    • Different Launchers for the Heavy Assault, depending on the situation
    • Different MAX builds
    And it is even more useful for vehicles.
  7. Gavyne

    My heavy assault loadout:

    1. Standard, general layout for every day use
    2. Anti Air, has the anti air rocket launcher loaded
    3. CQC, has a CQC weapon with the right attachment loaded

    Before this setup I was using a setup for grenade belt for when I need to break up a large crowd.

    My Vanguard loadout:

    1. AP, has the armor piercing anti tank rounds loaded
    2. HE, has the HE rounds loaded
    3. AP + Anti Air, has the AP rounds loaded + Walker (lol)

    Anyways loadouts are awesome so you don't stand at a terminal and get ganked while taking your time picking out what you want to use. Just setup 3 loadouts that you most commonly use for different situations, so you can get it done quickly.
  8. Cosmic1978

    So basicly everything is about speed like Gavyne said,not to get ganked whil choosing stuff.Thx
  9. Vreki

    Well, not only speed.
    There can be a lot of customization to do when you are switching a gun. So it could be easy to spawn with the wrong sight, or forget the extended mag and so on.

    The loadouts make sure that you remember everything.
  10. Ummon

    Because you might play the same class in slightly different ways and want to be able to switch quickly? Such as using a silenced gun with HS/NV for infiltrator hunting, the same gun with reflex scope for normal situations and a shotgun for CQC. It's a convenience thing that you use more if you prefer playing a single class and spend most of your certs there.
  11. Dubious

    Cause on all classes i have 3 different guns

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