Changing class/redeploying shouldn't restart MAX timer.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Hoki, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hoki

    That is all I have to say on this.
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  2. DJSEAN00

    100% agree
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  8. Prinsn

    If you die while selecting a MAX (and I'm assuming anything else), you'll use up the resources and start the cooldown.

    Pro coding.
  9. Fafnir

    Disagree. This would lead to situations, when a Sunderer is attacked by an aircraft, driver deploys it, jumps out, switches to dual burster MAX, destroys or forces that aircraft to retreat, then he switches back to engineer and continues driving.
  10. Cryptek

    you're making it sound like that doesn't already happen, and actually the only difference would be about a minutes cooldown or however long he was in the MAX, since usually it isn't very long. Sure he won't pull the stunt immediately afterwards, but if there's that many aircraft he's better off stayin as MAX anyway
  11. Deschain

    The whole mechanic of timers and travel is utter tripe, why they didnt add in warpgates to other continents is a joke. No rhyme or reason why anybody woudl travel to another continent only to be penalised with a 20minute timer on preferred Vehicle.
  12. Vonluckner

    I think giving a half CD to change kits would be reasonable.

    That way you wouldn't have people abusing it just to get bursters or hop in and out of vehicles. In this way spawning MAXes would also be find a better middle ground between infantry and vehicles.
  13. Phoebus

    And this is why MAX shouldn't have got timers in the first place.
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