[Suggestion] Change Wraith to Class Specific Ability

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  1. Scroffel5

    I got this post from Demigan, who posted it somewhere else, so it is a big out of context. Here is is:

    "On that note, change the stealth module to an infantry class module. It takes the ability of the class that's operating it and boosts it. Heavies would get a powerful overshield ability. Infils their current cloak, LA's could get limited flight capabilities, engi's an AOE repair maybe and Medics an AOE health and shield regeneration. It gives players much better reasons to pull Flashes, and if they can be cheap enhancing units we see more of them used. Could be fun trying to take down a Flash in the middle of enemy columns because its repairing them, or seeing an LA cross large sections of dangerous terrain or climb a steep area quickly.
    Because people will be afraid of it, weapons could still be locked after use of some abilities, disallowing for example an LA to use its C4 until he lands (even after leaving the Flash) after flying over an enemy vehicle."-Demigan

    I don't agree with a weapon lock, but maybe that can be removed in time, based on reception. I like everything else, however. I will elaborate more on my thoughts if this blows up.
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  2. Scroffel5

    I was thinking that for upgrades, it would benefit each one differently. For instance, when Infiltrators ride it, it would have the same upgrades, but if a Heavy rode it, it would have been upgraded differently, for instance more health instead of a faster recharge time for Infiltrators, and the upgrades would be one for all. For instance, if you spend 200 certs on the upgrade, it would upgrade it for all classes. The upgrade would upgrade all of them, but the upgrade does a different thing based on what class you are using. It would then be more versatile that way.

    I think this update to the Wraith Flash cloak would be awesome. You can already easily get a Flash into a base, but you don't have a reason why. Picture a Heavy using his Flash as a mounted weapon. Epic! Picture a Light Assault flying up into a tree or a rooftop to wreak havoc on everyone. Picture an Infiltrator as his same old boring self, or better yet, a Light Assault flying an Infiltrator up to a higher space to snipe. Picture a Medic, riding in on his faithful steed, to heal the crowds. Imagine an Engineer riding beside MAXs and allied vehicles to repair them. Don't you think that would add to the game?

    Edit: I forgot to say "Add Air Mobility." That would be cool too.
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  3. Scrundle

    Personally I don't think the flash should have been an invisible tank assassin at all, and that's really where the whole issue stems from, that's all people use them for. Popular thought is that the flash is for running people over (While invisible) or "Sneak Attack Critting" tanks (Using invisibility to cover your approach and escape). People seem to believe there's nothing else that can possibly go in that slot other than invisibility and the simple reason for that is that invisibility is such an incredibly powerful ability. It protects you, it removes information from the enemy, it's an escape mechanism and a general use ability all rolled into one. It is a CRUTCH that softens the need for strategic movement and planning.
    Fix that issue and you've put the flash in a position where it can be fixed, currently the flash can't be made better because of the cloak, anything that benefits it in any way further benefits its current misuse. Extremely unfortunate for anyone who wants to use the flash without the cloak, they're kinda screwed.
    I'm therefore against any idea that allows and reinforces the "Drive to enemy while invisible, kill them extremely quickly, drive away while invisible" role.

    Your ideas do sound like a lot of fun though.
  4. Scroffel5

    I think people just need to be crazy enough that it just might work. If people used the Wraith Flash to get behind enemy lines to the next base when they can't get a sundy past, they'd win more in those scenarios. Using the Wraith to attack a whole group of tanks is really stupid and would get you killed, but most people don't have an Endgame in mind.
  5. Scroffel5

    I forgot to add that having the Class Specific Ability would encourage more use of the Flash.
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  6. Scrundle

    I am 100% in favour of seeing more flashes being used.
    Operative word being "seeing".
  7. Scroffel5

    I also think that Flashes should have the POTENTIAL to kill tanks, but not the guarantee or the high likelihood. It wouldn't make sense for a 1HK vehicle to be able to down a tank an easy way. I think the place that the Flash is at is good, because it can't do it alone. Maybe raise the Nanite cost to 100, and that would fix the problem, then add the Class Specific Ability. You are still a 1HK, so if you don't accomplish the mission, you have just lost 100 nanites. You could also just have to stay alive for 2 minutes instead of 1 as a support role, which if you die as an open target, you lose the 100 nanites and you have to get back to where you were, thus spending 100 more nanites or just walking. What do you think?
  8. Scroffel5

    Also, for the Wraith that is already here or then integrated with all the rest of these class specific abilities, what if the upgrades boosted the speed of the Wraith while it was in cloak? What do you guys think about that? Or maybe just a passive speed boost to the Flash altogether?
  9. Savadrin

    So as an Engi does that mean I get to have an Ammo Flash, or do I get one that can drop mines out like a Pez Dispenser? Totally cool with either.
  10. Scroffel5

    I don't know. It would really matter what the community feels should happen for an Engineer that fits into its playstyle. It would be cool that if it would release an energy wave that gives friendlies near it ammo, but it emps enemies, or it repairs vehicles and gives them ammo. I could see a Pez Mine Flash happening, but I think people would complain and the idea would be scrapped or changed. I'd like the latter, though.
  11. Scroffel5

    For Medic, an AoE healing radius would be good, but I am up to suggestions. That would help them support their allies, but at less mobility when inside a base. If it was implemented right now, they have to pay 50 nanites, drive up into a base without running over allies, activate their ability, and either sit still or drive slowly, without running over your allies. At this point, you have already gotten your nanites back, so I would suggest making the Flash 100 nanites or 75 nanites before doing this, but you would also put yourself at risk before even getting to the place where you were needed. For example, when you are trying to get your way into the base, you could easily be shot off of your Flash. Then you have done nothing to support the battle and you have died. Its really all up to how PS2 devs would want to balance it.
  12. Scroffel5

    I was thinking about it a bit, and I think an Overshield similar to the same shield for the Vanguard would be appropriate. You would ignore damage at max rank. What do you all think of this?
  13. Heini

    An ability for Flashes to transport MAXs would be really nice.
    Or ammo resupply for vehicles.
  14. Scroffel5

    I think that would have the same problem as people see with Decimator Heavies, but I really don't care about that problem. These people complained about that when you actually do have time to turn around and blow up the Flash who was destroying you. I think the ammo resupply would be for Engineers, because that would be the best fit.
  15. Savadrin

    Don't crush my dreams! I love tank mines.
  16. Scroffel5

    I really like the tank mines idea. Just imagine shooting those out as a tank is following you. Amazing.
  17. Scroffel5

    Its kind of hard to believe how this doesn't have a ton of people caring about it enough to give their opinions, due to how much the Wraith was complained about. I at least want one person to think its a bad idea, and give their reasons why, so I can make room for improvement, but the fact that nobody really cares doesn't help that one bit.
  18. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I think it's a terrible idea because:
    A) Infiltrators are UP and need every edge they get, in fact I think the first shot from a invis flash should not break cloak
    B) I don't want anyone else getting new toys
    C) New mechanics will ruin the game, best to just keep things how they are
    D) I like trains
  19. Scroffel5


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