Change to breath holding mechanic?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by SGTTEMPEST, Nov 22, 2012.


    1) I love being able to press shift and steady the weapon as the scope is all over the place otherwise. I would just like to see some sort of visual indication of how much longer I have left with the breath hold. There is no physical feedback so a visual feedback would replace that sensation. I can't think of the games off the top of my head but I know I have played FPS games that give this feedback.

    2) When I press shift to hold my breath and decide to refocus it's annoying that it "uses up" your entire breath. I think it would make more sense to have a bar that drains over time while shift is being held down and if you don't take the entire breath you can use what is left over when you readjust.
  2. Skaylay

    We play smoke-addicted snipers of the future who can't hold breath for more than 3 secs : D no bipods sux

    We can unlock torchlight on our sniper rifles : D
  3. Ymaros

    Yeah Forward grip is cool with the bolt action sniper too....

    for the OP :

    1) Play more, this timer will be in your head soon ;) I would rather have a timer on "when can I shift again" than how long can I shift ATM.

    2) No. If you press shift for something less than a second, then you decide not to shoot, you didn't used all your breath, you can shift again. It's quite good with bolt action, you want to aim, the guy is moving behind a rock, you stop aiming, you wait he comes back.. For semi-automatic it's less effective since you don't need to really aim before taking a first shoot.

    And if you put a bar that drains over time it would be a little overpowered, since you just need in many cases a fraction of second to aim good.

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