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  1. Weterman

    atm, the game isn't much of a game. You know exactly where someone is, just because someone else saw them. This makes the game not fun. Since you know where any player is at any time, the game is a simple "better aim and reflexes win" but there's more to a game than that. A shooter is all about knowing where the enemy is. If you already know that, it's not much of a game. The "game" in a shooter, is to try to get behind your enemy - to outsmart him. You can't do that if he knows exactly where you are.

    The game would be so more dynamic if only we didn't know where everyone always is!

    For example, if I'm in a harasser, running from another harasser, I would use a smoke before I change direction. Doing this in the trenches, I could get away, and stay out of the guy's sight. But he already spotted me, so he goes the same way I do without even seeing me turn.

    A better way for spotting to be in the game:

    When you spot someone, it only makes them show up as a red dot on the map - so the same as if they just shot.

    Most people probably aren't using the map much anyways for the purpose, but in the situations they do, it makes the game predictable and just plain cheap. Hiding behind a bush won't save you, even if you can't be seen through it.

    Most of the problems with the spotting system has to do with vehicles. Most of the time, it's one vehicle on one side of a rock, another on the other side. In a harasser, you can easily avoid a vanguard just by driving around a rock, he'll never be able to catch you. If you can't see him though, you can't drive around the rock like that.

    Also, make it so allies ALWAYS have a blue triangle on top of them. It's a pain when I can't shoot an enemy cause I can't tell if he's friendly or not.
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  2. HadesR

    That would defeat the purpose of your first idea ..

    You wouldn't need the spot dorito of an enemy because everyone without one WOULD be an enemy ..

    Where as now you are not always 100% sure at distance until they are spotted
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  3. Jubikus

    Its a team game getting small bits of info from your allies through spotting is to tsudo simulate communication. its futuristic its less far fetched for someone to be like i see someone and it to be on allys hud your wearing helmets and goggles that can display all sorts of info with eachother than to have traveled through a wormhole have cloning ect. Hell its even close to todays technology an AI that can notice you saying theres an enemy (why you always say outloud when you spot somone) your "google glass" marks whoever is in the middle of your goggles using gps and their electrical signal from their electronics to track their position for a while and relay this info to your allys.
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  4. OldCuban

    Sorry but in general I totally disagree, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the current spotting system imho

    Pretty much everything you complained about in your rant can be circumvented with experience.
  5. Taemien

    You'd be surprised how often you are gunned down without ever being spotted (newbies don't know how to spot, vets avoid giving postions away from spotting).

    Majority of the time its because of:

    1. The camo you are wearing.
    2. Not using flash suppressor or suppressor
    3. Following a predictable route.
    4. Sensor dart, Motion spotter, Scout radar.

    Think I'm off my rocker? Try running the Counter-Intelligence implant. You'll see how little people actually spot. The exception is of course if you're running in a zerg. But then you're likely to get group spotted, where someone q's on a group and it highlights everyone.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I think the spotted player marker on the mini map only lasts for a while, so (if I'm right) I don't have a problem with the current system...........or with getting a spot bonus if someone kills a player I spotted within a certain amount of time.
  7. Azawarau

    You could just avoid being spotted

    I mean thats part of it too and its not always easy but its rewarding
  8. Pikachu

    Something to change about spotting:
    Players don't speak if the target is already spotted. It's annoying when 5 people spot the same guy in 5 seconds. "Enemy heavy spotted!" "Enemy heavy spotted!" "Enemy heavy spotted!" "Enemy heavy spotted!" Or some tank guy continuously spotting the same guy far away to keep him highlighted while he's trying to get the aim right.
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  9. Weterman

    I meant on the map, but it would actually be better if enemies didn't have any triangle on top of them. But they would hopefully make camo exclusive to each faction. An nc shouldn't have any purple or green on him, atm, the camo allows this.
  10. Weterman

    This is a game, not real life. It's not even practical to know where 100's of different enemies are at once.

    It's just so cheap knowing where everyone is at once. You can be shooting at the enemy, a guy sneaks up behind you, but he's spotted so you turn around and kill him..
  11. Weterman

    I believe you, if people are rarely spotted before they are killed, then the current system isn't even needed, all it does is add cheap gameplay.
  12. Weterman

    No, it can't be. Getting killed is not the problem. The problem is cheap gameplay. If I were the best player, I would still complain about this. Even if I never ever died. I want the game to be fun, not easy.

    If I run with a harasser, I could hide behind a rock. But not with the current system, I would have to just drive far enough away.

    And it's actually very easy to run away like that, but you only have that one choice. And just being good at the game is not going to make you any better at getting away from impossible situations. Imagine if there were a bunch of tanks in my only exit path. I would be screwed, unless everyone doesn't know my exact position, then I can get out of sight, then hide behind a rock and not suicide into the pack of tanks.
  13. Drag0

    The game would be so more dynamic if only we didn't know where everyone always is!
    Nope, everyone would simply run an ESP program.

    This is the best reason to leave spotting alone...
  14. Taemien

    No one is suggesting you have to use it. You can unmap the key and go along your merry way.
  15. Weterman

    Please get some sense man. It's not even worth explaining what's wrong with your statement.
  16. Weterman

    Please dont use abreviations so much. Most people wont know what that means. an esp program? Not everyone is familiar with hacking, if that's what your talking about.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    Is forumside trying to nerf Teamwork?
  18. Taemien

    So you have nothing to comeback with? Ok.
  19. Weterman

    The problem isn't with ME using it, the problem is with OTHERS using it.


    And, before you say something stupid like "your not the only one in the game"

    This suggestion is for everyone. No one should know the exact position of an enemy just because you saw him a second earlier. It's cheap, and the game is simply a "more numbers and better aim wins" And it shouldn't be that way.
  20. Taemien

    I'm happy with using it and happy with other's using it. How's that hard to understand?