[Suggestion] Change Map Rotation Oshur/Hossin

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  1. Touchmaballs

    At the same time. Have the option to either play on indar or hossin amerish or oshur ect...
  2. RabidIBM

    Certainly starting with these two back to back after a patch is something I've called out in the past. However, any server with enough population to open two continents will eventually have them back to back. This is because if one of two continents is an undesirable one, and a second is more desirable the players will go to the desirable continent. This will repeat until the two open continent are Oshur and Hossin.

    What needs to be addressed is why is it that all but a noisy minority hate Hossin, and basically everyone hates Oshur? And yes, the minority who like Hossin are very much a minority and they are VERY noisy.
  3. Touchmaballs

    I dont mind playing on Oshur if there is decent pop. If you have five continents you can space oshur and hossin in sequence ie oshur 2 hossin 4. I think until they fix oshur they should just have it unlock by itself and go straight to an alert. Even make it a shorter alert. I think everyone would enjoy it more that way, the annoying things don't get to you as much.

    I like playing colossus neither oshur or hossin are viable continents for colossus. Now that they let the bastion on Oshur they need to give the option to get a colossus. I like the idea of getting a colossus from a heavy anvil, once spawned anvil is refunded.
  4. Liewec123

    Changing the rotation won't really help,
    You will always end up with Hossin and Oshur,
    Because no-one wants to play Oshur.
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  5. Touchmaballs

    Not the case when there is only one or two continents open at the same time. You cant skip a continent in the sequence.