[Suggestion] Change BR 15 Recertification for New Players

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ketenks, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Ketenks

    Hello, I am a new player to Planetside and also to fps pc pvp in general. So this is a fresh experience of Planetside's gameplay. I played Halo multiplayer on the console and controller but pc pvp is a totally different skill. That being said, I had no idea what certs were when I started playing this game and whether they mattered at all or not. I had no indication of their nature. So once I found out how slow you get them which was battle rank 20 I realized how many terrible mistakes I've made in purchasing gear when on top of that, I missed the one time recertification!

    So all I am pointing out to the Planetside developer team is simply that BR 15 was just way too soon to initiate this one time recertification. I had no idea what certs were at the time. But by around rank 20, after asking around and people telling me what was up, I realized my grind just started all over again. So if you could please consider making it a BR 25 or 30 recertification that will ensure that you can play the game enough to understand what you've done wrong and how important the Training Room is to test out new weapons before you buy them!

    Honestly when you start up a new game you're not thinking about how to play the most efficiently for your character growth. You just want to play the game and see whether you like it. So the BR 15 recertification is the perfect answer for new players to make their mistakes in the beginning and then get a fresh start AFTER they've learned how to start. So all I'm saying is that I am a fresh new player and that BR 15 recertification came way too soon before I knew what anything was. If you did a second recertificatoin at BR 30 or if you just did a one time recertification but later around BR 25 then that would ensure that us new players have learned enough about this complicated game (every individual class and vehicle abilities and weapons...its a lot to learn to know how to spend your certs) so that we can not make NEW mistakes immediately after. (or as many mistakes)

    It would soften the blow of this steep learning curve of this game.

    Finally, the Planetside team needs to have a quick tutorial where you explain the nature of certs and character growth just like most games do so that you can jump right into it. Since, that is what we are going to do with or without a tutorial but without a tutorial we jump right into a mess. And I didn't think I needed to think there would be a problem with my character. I honestly have thought about restarting my character but I know that it wouldn't be any different from where I am now! I just wouldn't have the dumb weapons I had bought which would still be further behind anyway.

    So there in lies the dilemma. Thanks for listening and please consider doing a second recertification later on or just making it later on in the first place.
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  2. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Which dumb weapons just out of curiosity? Might regret restarting your character a little if you happen to rediscover them on the next toon.
  3. JibbaJabba

    You make a good case.

    I could see bumping it to like 20.

    Really though if you did a reroll at 15 then made lots of goof ups on the way from 15-20 it's not a big deal. 20, even br 30 is just really not that far along at all. You'll need that same amount of XP to move even a single BR later on.

    Just remember, it's the raw cert that you are after. Your battle rank doesn't earn you anything at all until you reach 100/ASP.

    Focus hard just on playing. Like **stop spending certs** altogether. Just roll with what you have for a bit. What happens to me when I do this is I lose track of the cert stuff, stop paying attention and have a blast. Next thing I know when I look down there is some big pile of certs I've accumulated.
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  4. adamts01

    Don't stress about the grind, it'll burn you out. Find something fun to focus on instead of counting certs till the next upgrade.
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  5. Ketenks

    I bought the L blackhand for its power but found that its only good as a stalker. It doesn't have nearly enough rounds for my experience to get any kills with it.

    I understand now how this game is a long term game. But my concern is that for new players we are thinking about the short term because we want to know whether this is a game we would play long term or not. We determine that in the short term time frame. So the BR recert is not actually accomplishing what it's designed for because it is too early for us to determine what we need to do with the certs.

    As for me I'm going to keep playing and see what it has to offer. I really can't say whether I will like the game long term until I get my settings right and understand how the bullets fly. But so far this game has been great and gives me plenty of reason to find out.

    I hope they implement these changes for the recert for future players. It will help for new player retention in the long run.
  6. DeadlyOmen

    Wall of text. Get to the point quickly if you want your message to be understood.
  7. Ketenks

    Look dude, I am going to get straight to the point with you: you have no place in a forum if you can't read.

    AND, if that's what you really think then don't post on this thread. Keep it to yourself because no one else cares you have the patience of a child.
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  8. frozen north

    Not gonna lie, it's still hard for me to get used to that exact thing.

    Eventually, you learn to just ignore the issues of equipment to some extent. I won't lie, it's not easy, and I do often wish cert earning rate's were higher then they are, but you eventually get sort of used to things.
  9. Ketenks

    Not one time did I ever ask for faster certification gain or more rewards.

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