Chaingun Post-Patch

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  1. Nakar

    Unless it changed between PTS and live (haven't used it on live yet), it does bloom in hipfire, but its maximum COF while hipfiring is much tighter than other weapons reach after 50+ bullets fired. In ADS, it has fixed accuracy and will not bloom at all.

    It's a saturation weapon. It's meant to maintain its full performance over the entire length of its magazine even if fired continuously. There's no weapon quite like it, and that's cool; it's like the Lasher, a weapon that has a unique feature to it.
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  2. Llaf

    HAHA, drunk storm trooper, excellent analogy, got a good laugh. :D +1 to this.
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  3. Vearo

    The old MCG had a standing ADS CoF of 0.1, same as any other 143-damage automatic rifle/LMG.
    Its moving ADS CoF was 0.45, which was between the Carv and SAW
    It possessed 0.225-0.3 horizontal recoil, matching or much worse than the Carv.
    The MCG drops two tiers of damage, from 143 @ 10m to 112 @ 60m

    It was no more accurate than any LMG. If you were getting killed by it at range, then you would have died to anyone who knew by how much regular scopes are misaligned.

    Source (valid while the datestamp says March 10): HERE
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  4. GhostAvatar

    You lost all credibility at this point of your post..
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  5. CrashB111

    Hes just an anally annihilated VS because other factions got something other than the nerf bat.
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  6. G.O.A.T

    The MCG sucks now....It's not accurate anywhere lol.

    You literally have to be like 5 feet away now in order for the gun to be effective and be better than the previous MCG.

    The MCG is 100% ruined now....I have no idea why people say it's amazing now, they must of never tried the old MCG.
  7. TeknoBug

    MCG is fine especially with the refire attachment, but I do miss its accuracy it had about half a year ago where you could literally snipe with it from long range, I may still have the video of it floating around.
  8. Vearo

    That was when the MCG didn't fire while it spun up, had 0.1 Hrecoil, and could instantly fire at full RPM if you ADS'd and held down the trigger at the same time. I remember taking out a couple NC infils nearly instantly from about 90m with it.
  9. Stormsinger

    Eh, I was looking forward to FARTing at things, BRRT rasberries are, however, sufficient. It introduces real viability to a weapon that was previously fun to use, but never really a real threat due to the long spinup. I've taken out heavies that saw me first with a beamer.

    Yes, I said beamer.
    The MCG needed help. It's a chaingun, if someone unloads one into your face, you should no longer be able to use that particular face.
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  10. John_Aitc

    I agree that the OP is not a Forumside complainer is his posts. I also think that Llaf may have found the true cause of Jawarisin's MCG pain. It is the same as when players figured out that the Harrasser or Lib was OP or when the new Infil revamp happened. There are just more players revisiting the old weapon. I know that the next time I play, I am going to give it another try after a long time of not touching it.
  11. Iridar51

    Oh if that's how you want it. More than anything I hate people who talk about what they have no idea of.
    Alright, let's look at the numbers.

    MCG vs CARV

    Damage model:
    MCG: 143 @ 10m - 112 @ 60m.
    CARV: 143 @ 10m - 125 @ 65m.
    Right off the bat we see that MCG's bullets are weaker.

    Recoil vertical:
    MCG: 0.2
    CARV: 0.4
    As far as accuracy goes, vertical recoil is the most ignorable stat, because it remains constant on weapons with 0/0 recoil angle, like CARV and MCG.
    Here MCG has the advantage of lower vertical recoil. That said, MCG has very unstable recoil due to not constant fire rate during those first few shots. But let's assume a skilled user can adjust to that.

    Recoil horizontal:
    MCG: 0.225/0.3
    CARV: 0.225/0.225
    MCG has higher unpredictable recoil, and more that than - it is not even, so weapon will have a higher chance of *veering off* far to the left or right.

    First shot recoil multiplier:
    MCG: 3x
    CARV: 2x
    Again, MCG has worse FSRM, coupled with gradually increasing vertical recoil during first few shots, this makes infamous *sniping* with MCG harder.
    Someone could argue that due to vertical recoil numbers, CARV's first shot actually hits harder than MCG;s, and he would be right from a certain point of view. However, what matters in vertical recoil is its consistency, not its absolute strength.

    Headshot damage multiplier:
    MCG: 1.5x
    CARV: 2x
    Whoa, betcha you didn't expect that, did you?
    Not only MCG is less stable during first shots than even a CARV, even its headshots are weaker, not to mention its lower minimum damage. Apparently, MCG shoots chewed paper balls at range.

    ADS cones of fire:
    In that order: Crouch, Crouch Move, Stand, Stand Move
    MCG: 0.1 0.45 0.1 0.3
    CARV: 0.1 0.4 0.1 0.2
    MCG has wider ADS cones of fire, which makes it less accurate when ADSed than CARV.

    Thus, using the stats, I've decisively proven that MCG is inherently less accurate than CARV, which never really scored any points as super accurate LMG.

    If that isn't even for you, here's some pictures:

    Before the latest patch, MCG was one of the weakest weapons in the game, beat in most fields by default CARV, and the only thing MCG did better than CARV is hip fire and DPS after the spin up time, which is a very situational advantage to have.

    If you have been *sniped* by MCG, the enemy most likely could just as easily take you out with any other LMG, or a pistol for that matter.
    I hate to break it to you, but if you had so much trouble with the MCG it only shows how uninformed you are. *ZOMG DERP stuff kills me so it's OP* is a very unintelligent mindset to have, and I urge you to rid of it.
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  12. Jawarisin

    After looking at your stats, I'd feel ashamed to even talk about credibility here. You probably have a hard time killing the VR training target dummies.

    As a matter of a fact, I play NC more than anything nowadays.

    The beamer is an amazing gun! Don't you dare trash talk it!
    It's underrated because most peoples click too slow to make full use of it, but it's an extremely fast firing weapon.

    The chaingun is just tearing faces too quick right now. It used to be a crap weapon for average players and a god-like weapon for great players. Now, it's a semi-godlike weapon for a BR 1. It's too much of a powerhouse. Although the accuracy was changed, the fire rate is so huge that you can hit pretty much anything up to 100 meters.

    As you might of noticed, the headshot multiplier is lower. Because it would of been more than overpowered otherwise. And it doesn't work as a regular LMG. The accuracy on the spin up was nearly sniping-precision. But hey, I'm not here to talk about the old one. As I said, it was good only in very good player's hands. Those of which you are not yet part of. But hey, I'll give you that, your K/D is pretty respectable. If only your gun stats showed that you knew how to use them, you would actually have a chance of making me think twice about it.
  13. Iridar51

    I've just proven to you that it wasn't...
    The only difference from the regular LMG the MCG had was rate of fire, which is low at first and gradually increases. This in no way makes the MCG more accurate. And as far as accuracy stats go, MCG is inferior even to CARV.

    This is amusing. What my stats have to do with anything? Our argument is as simple as comparing two rows in a table to each other.
    Or you're gonna ignore my arguments and repeat the same line over and over? Because that's not how arguments are won. At least if you're older than five.

    No ****, Sherlock. I might have noticed it, since I wrote it to you. I bet you didn't even know that different weapons might have different headshot multipliers.
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  14. GhostAvatar

    When all else fails in a rebuttal, there is always ad hominem to fall back on. Just goes to prove that your view is weak and you have no idea what you're even talking about.
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  15. Dahwhatsdat???

    Seriously Jawarisin. Whether a players KDR is good, bad, or merely average is a mind boggling poor basis for establishing their credibility. That and its in bad taste.
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  16. Ikissyourface

    This kid is just a sore whiner. Grow up kid.

    This kid is a SMG infiltrator, and the MCG got better at close range, Go figure.

    Stop complaining kid. Its okay to die to MCG.
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  17. doombro

    It's the mini chaingun for christ's sake. It would be an injustice if it weren't overpowered. You seem to be oppressed. That means it's working.
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  18. Iridar51

    Alright, whatever, this guy is either stupid or trolling. Probably both.

    I'm outta here, my time is spent better elsewhere.
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  19. Titan6

    Accuracy through volume. That's the motto of the TR!
  20. Devrailis

    Found in this thread:

    VS Player makes Passive Aggressive attempt to nerf TR.
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