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  1. R3dP4nda

    Does anyone know a way to get quick cert points? It seems impossible to get 1000 certs.
  2. icesail

    How much free time do you have?
    How much money do you have?
  3. Dictatorfish

    The more I play this game, the more I think the 1000 certs could be better used in upgrading and unlocking class abilities than unlocking weapons. I think about the certs I've spent on weapons and I think to myself "gods, that was a dumb waste of a grand, wasn't it?"
  4. BalogDerStout

    Ignore them and play the game.

    Generally I try to toss out my ammo pack and repair... everything, MAX units, vehicles, turrets, generators. Killing is the best way to gain certs, so try to be around large battles. Drop your ammo pack, then pull out your weapon and assist the battle. If you can deploy a Sunder at a large battle you get a minimal bonus from having people spawn on it, but it's very small.

    Medics can also get certs from healing, but it seems hyper competitive when I try, seems like a lot of players farm medic certs, one more reason I play Engi.
  5. wrenched

    What's a vehicle gun worth?


    (I think)

    So 0.75 of a cent per certification point.


    Play the game for fun
    Buy the gun

    Best way I have found to make certs is killing people. With the 50% boost average about 100certs/hour.
  6. RayDrazon

    Agreed. Unless you really NEED another weapon to play correctly, go spend the certs on your class abilities as they benefit you much more; plus, they're cheaper. The stock weapons are efficient enough.