certs missing after warping

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Achmed20, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Achmed20

    is this a bug or whats going on here?
    I was on amerish having 128 certs, the n i warped back to indar and only had 114.
    lost 1 cert when i was warping to amerish in the first place and i thought thats warping costs.

    does warping cost certs? is this a bug? do i have certs per contintent?
  2. Vultre9

    I had the same issue, 32 to 14
  3. Achmed20

  4. Bregor

    Have had this happen before and yet again today where I lost around 15 certs when changing continent a few minutes ago and lost more on other days. I'd like an better awnser then server lag since I never gotten the certs back and it's still a lot of time invested in getting these certs (and I don't anyone saying this is nothing since I am not you)
  5. CronN

    You will not lose them. If you relog you will be back on your original amount.
  6. Sir-Austin-Powers

    I relogged and my certs are gone, dropped from 60 to 0....
  7. Botji

    I have also lost certs, pretty much every time you warpgate BUT I have also(as far as I know) regained my certs with the first few certs I gain. I lost 20 certs, go out repair/kill/revive whatever and suddenly when I look back I have back my lost certs and some extra I just gained.
  8. VengefulGhost

    I just had the same thing happen to me.

    I had 23 certs, then I warped to a new location and had 13. They didn't come back so-far, but I'll check again later.
  9. pnkdth

    I've gain certs plenty of times as well as lost. However, the instant I gain another cert it gets back to the correct amount.
  10. phamm

    i lost 50 certs from warping today....

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