(certable) face guard for MANA turret please

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Kid Gloves, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Kid Gloves

    The MANA turret's main problem is its total sniper bait, because it counts as a vehicle. This means you get rendered to snipers without them getting rendered in return. A sniper or even a combat medic doesn't need to see you, they only need to aim for the head-slot.

    As it stands, the MANA turret is more use as a deployable barricade, step-stool or similar than for its designed role because of this.

    Making the MANA invulnerable to small-arms fire from the front would go a long way to making it useful for its intended role. Remember, it's still vulnerable to:
    * grenades
    * larger fire
    * being flanked

    And it still has
    * crappy damage
    * a sizeable CoF
    * no ability to be upgraded for accuracy like a carried rifle

    at the moment I use my MANA turret as a decoy, a step-stool or as cover. I have more success fighting enemy infantry with it if I deploy it then pop out from behind it with my carbine.
  2. Raidin


    Snipers are by design, stealthy. They have the advantage nearly all the time. If I am on my turret, why am I given further disadvantage against the strongest infantry enemy I have when I am immobile and highly visible? Makes no sense.
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  3. TokyoShoe

    I understand where you are coming from with your suggestion, but if a face guard gets put in using the same Las Vegas Neon Sign coloring and vibrance then I will never be able to see a target. At present it is bad enough because of those stupid "wing mirrors" they've stuck on it, they block visibility and inhibit field of view because they are so bright a shimmery.

    So.. I get your point with the face guard idea in theory... but in practice it would introduce big problems unless they reduced the visuals by a large margin.
  4. RedBananaBoat

    I completely agree with this. I've lost count on how many times I've died due to my providing some covering fire and then dying within seconds because someone aimed for the head, even if they arn't even rendered for me. I also like the idea of the "Face Guard" costing maby a fair price of 200 cp or something.
  5. Raidin

    I've always hated the shimmering effect of the shield, and didn't consider the face guard's effects on this problem. I'll take this opportunity to mention something I noted long ago. That shield should be invisible or nearly invisible to the user, so they can see around them. Is there any reason we engineers need to see that crazy thing while manning the turret? At least show me the outline of the shield but faded, say 30% opacity.
  6. GTGD

    No, this is a terrible idea. All it encourages is turret spam. It's bad enough that it takes multiple rockets now. If you don't want to be killed by snipers, consider wiggling your mouse so that the shield covers your face at random intervals so at least the snipers have to time their shots.
  7. Soylad

    Or the sniper just stealths, moves 6 feet to the right or left and puts one in your ear hole. Bogus excuse for not fixing the most glaring weakness of the turret. If you can't kill a big glowing turret that has limited horizontal and vertical panning with a freakin rocket, you need to aim better.
  8. GTGD

    What are you even talking about? The only way you can one shot a turret with a rocket is to shoot it from behind. And LOL at people complaining about being killed by snipers while on the turret. If he moves 6 feet sideways, that means he was close to you and you didn't deploy in a covered position.

    The turret is great as is, and will be even better when some of the other options become available. But a facemask to guard solo bad players against snipers is laughable.
  9. clantix

    It's always been the strength of the turret that the front is a shield, in fact I actually use it to bother snipers on ridges since they are too far away to accurately hit the face slot. But why do they even have the chance to kill me through the shield? it only covers about 90 degrees effectively and the trade off is the immobility and glowing neon. It's like putting a hole in a base turret for your head to stick out of. Why do we have it?
  10. clantix

    Lol at you sir/mam, snipers shouldnt be able to do everything as long as they are safely tucked away out of effective machine gun range.
  11. Dornez

    Turret frontal shields should increase in size, strength and flank coverage after every cert spent.
  12. GTGD

    "Waaaaaaah! It's not fair that snipers can kill me from long distances! They should have to be in rifle range and not be able to headshot me!"

    You don't want to play Planetside 2, you want a virtual shooting range where targets can't move, shoot back, or damage you.
  13. Soylad

    Turret is crap. The only thing it's good for is spawn-camping which is lame to begin with. You're just a sniper that doesn't want to have to work for a kill. The turret is a giant bull's eye and you know it.
  14. Riftmaster

    I've been using my turret mostly as a decoy lately.
    Occasionally I'll throw one down in the rare node cap that allows me to have rear protection and coverage of most entrances with it.

    Thing is, battles I'm in tend to move fast enough that being stationary is kinda useless, and you rarely have the time to reposition it when it's position is unnecessary any longer.
    Either that or it's an all-out slugging match, and turrets suck in those situations because of the big glowing "shoot me" shield.

    While I would kinda like to see a head guard, I don't think it will improve much beyond the ability to not be headshotted whenever in a turret.
    Hell even if you can barely make out a turret at range, you can still see the nice aimpoint gap in the shield where the enemies head will surely be. :eek:

    But...at the same time, if an engineer sets up his turret well, AND had a shield that covered the entire front, it'd be kinda impossible to kill him...apart from grenades, rockets, flanking, or vehicle fire. A well-positioned turret cancles out the flanking bit, possibly the vehicle fire if inside a building...
  15. DeadlyShoe

    its a lot harder to get shot if you are above the enemy. the turret will take most of the hits.

    ps the hole is there to enable snipers to headshot you while you're on the turret. 90% sure. sorry guys. :p

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