Cert prices are WAY out of line for a F2P game.

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  1. MrLee.NO

    Assuming the Free2Play guy has also played since launch, he has also gotten the benefit of those same double XP days...

    Getting 100 certs a day is what, an hour or so of productive gameplay for me. You've got to factor in offline cert gain too. I'd say that is realistic in my case. So if you go completely free to play, 2 hours a day for ~100 certs?

    That's nowhere near 15 hours a day...even for a F2Per
  2. whitupiggu

    What is your point? We argue that the base cert gain is too low.
    Nobody just starting out is going to get anywhere near 100 certs an hour. You are comparing someone just starting to someone that has made extensive use of 2x xp and already has everything they want certed out.
  3. Zeek

    Oh I know I'm not, but we've got people in this thread talking about getting thousands of certs an hour as if it's the norm and if you're not doing that then you fail and nothing is wrong with the system. Well that's simply not the case. I consider myself a casual player, I have maybe an hour of play time a day, if that. For me and those like me, the system is not any fun.
  4. MrLee.NO

    My point is, that it's easily possible to get more than the ~3600 or so certs in 6 days you said wasn't possible, even for a F2Per. It's all about how effective you are. Your cert/hour is what you yourself make it.
  5. VodkaGR

    What numbers.Do you know anyone that plays PS2? Not to mention pay for it.I knew 2-3 people that tried it and immediately uninstalled when they saw 7 euros for a gun.They might as well play TF2 where you can buy a gun for as low as 30 cents and as high as 3-4 euro.And i'm talking about guns that actually change gameplay,not having minor differences.Or they could just buy a new game with single player,multiplayer and all the weapons and whatnot in it for the price of 7-8 PS2 "weapons"

    Time consuming is not hard.It's expensive.Time is money.It does not require talent to play all the time,just a lot of free time and no social life/job
  6. whitupiggu

    You find me a newbie just starting out making 100 certs in an hour and I will shut up.
  7. Ronin Oni

    XP per hour is irrelevant to how many hours you can play.......

    I have less than an hour a day of game time since launch, I do 6000 xp /hr (low estimate rounding) and only recently that's actually jumped up a good bit cause the Alpha Squad change... but I've only got maybe 3-4 hours online since then...

    Like you... I've been busy.
  8. Zeek

    So what do you do to get 6000/hour (how many certs is that?)? I don't want to be grinding XP, I want to play the game without feeling like I'm grinding.
  9. MrBloodworth

    Performance based.
  10. Tarrick

    The game is only as grindy as you make it. Just ignore the certs and play the game and get upgrades when you can. The game is perfectly playable with only the first couple of cheap armor upgrades and iron sights. The certs come as they come.
  11. whitupiggu

    You find me a newbie just starting out making 100 certs in an hour and I will shut up.

    Perhaps an easier solution would be to just give everyone 500-1000 certs when they create a character. This would at least give people some variety to make the grind less tedious.
  12. MrBloodworth

  13. Zeek

    That's the whole point, they accumulate too slowly.

    I want to share in the fun of tank mines, C4 traps, night vision scopes, flares and better moving aircraft, etc. I don't want to grind for them, there's no sense of accomplishment for me, I just want to participate in the battles and use the fun toys that everyone around me has. The only grind in this game I want/enjoy is the war for territory.

    Maybe it's cause I'm an old school FPS'er so I'm used to having all the gear available and not having to deal with stupid Call of Duty style grinding. It's sad that many players would stop playing this game if they didn't have achievements/weapons to grind towards.
  14. Ronin Oni

    Having fun?

    I fly a moss, drive a prowler, drive a lightning, take part in large infantry assaults on facilities, fly and occasionally gun a lib, play support (medic, ammo, ammo sundy)...

    whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. Depends on where the battles are and how they're being fought

    Sometimes it's really slow :(

    Sometimes I have crazy fast XP.

    Honestly I never play to 'grind for certs'. I just play, and every once in a while I'll drop a payload of accumulated certs (usually from more than 1 play session) into some class or vehicle.

    FINALLY got my ATM's for engy :D

    The large infantry fights are usually my highest XP rates. Depending on enemy air... my dogfighting Mossie can really rake in the points too (I use AB fuel and rotary). Tank driving is kinda hit/miss... far too often I don't have enough to shoot at (or worse... too much to handle :p ).
  15. MasterCheef

    whatever your self righteous opinion may be- im sure the devs care MORE about people playing this game than you or me.

    If they feel prices are too high they will lower them. No amount of exaggerated anecdotal evidence from you will convince them of anything.
  16. MrBloodworth

    Then pay for the game.
  17. Bucketnate

    Well man, i should tell you that the cert amount for weapons wasn't always so high. In the beta it was pretty reasonable. Players felt they were earning certs too quickly and that a lot of the unlocks cost to little. So from player feedback, they increased both. Not every weapon is 1000 certs either, there are a bunch of infantry and vehicle weapons that are even less than 500. Also, I just spent 1000 certs on the new engineer AV turret, I want to be able to get the new Empire launchers when they come out and I have about 700 so far and I haven't put more than 3 hours per day into the game since the AV turret came out.
  18. whitupiggu

  19. Elack

    I have seen a few people mention that, how do you get a trial ? the first time I got a few hundred points it let me try a burst version of an existing weapon (it sucked) but I have not seen it since.

    I have to agree certs are kind of sitting at that point where it makes you think to yourself F%^& IT! Im just going to spend some money to get x but on double XP weekends it actually feels enjoyable / achievable to unlock stuff.

    Imo they should balance certs around unlocking weapons at a good pace and put effort into adding more cosmetics.
  20. Zeek

    I do! I'm asking to let me pay for stuff like sights and scopes and whatnot. I understanding having some things be cert only, I just feel too many things are cert only.