Cert prices are WAY out of line for a F2P game.

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  1. whitupiggu

    You are full of **** or you have the alpha squad boost.

    I guess there is the possiblity that there is a couple days of 2x xp in there. In which case you are an idiot for saying prices are fine because you got 2x xp.
  2. illgot

    haha yeah I've spent over 2500 dollars there since it went live.

    But the reason I did it was weapons became permanent (and later account wide), I no longer needed to upgrade my weapons (I already owned the upgrades and switched them from weapon to weapon), and I didn't feel like grinding my way to rank 15 on any weapon (to unlock what I was buying in the cash shop).

    Though everything in their cash shop is expensive I spent a lot because it offered me a good value for my money (I was able to cut out about 3 months of grinding per weapon I purchased).

    Too bad PS2 doesn't offer that same option. Maybe a fully certed weapon for 21 dollars versus a fully uncerted weapon for 7 dollars.
  3. Fluxpod

    I told you i have not spend any money on this game.Why lie? Its really not so hard to get certs.I did play the double xp weekends yeah.And i am not even that good.
    Oh and i have nano 4 and resist 3 aswell.......
    I dont want the cosmetics.I want to play the game and have fun.
  4. EscobarJP

    Though I fully understand and agree with your logic, I would rather spend $7 dollars on an uncerted weapon, thus allowing me to enjoy the game by earning the certs to make me more effective and appreciating what I've unlocked, as apposed to $20 to $32 dollars (APB: Reloaded prices) on a fully certed weapon that I would eventually get bored of, because the excitement of unlocking the upgrades is taken out of the picture.
  5. whitupiggu

    Considering last time we got 2x xp we also got 2x xp for almost a week on kills after they turned it off so your results are skewed.
  6. Haba

    Cert prices are fine... if you can play hundreds of hours. I don't think SOE should be catering to the few that do.

    The prices will eventually come down, once the cream skimming part of the business is over. Personally I reached the point where I won't give SOE a penny anymore. I knew I was being ripped off with the current pricing, so I set a spending cap. If they'd charge less, I would've probably ended up spending more than I did.

    So yeah, whining won't help this time. Either wait for the prices to come down or stop playing all together.
  7. Fluxpod

    And exactly what are my results? That cert prices are ok? That it is fun to play for upgrades?
    Be Specific.
  8. illgot

    I think both options (fully certed and uncerted) should be available. Months down the line when new players hear about PS2 all they will hear about is how hard it is starting out with base weapons going against vets with fully certed out classes and vehicles.

    The new players may give it a try and find out they stand no chance and won't for months unless they are naturals at first person shooters.

    My brother in law picked up this game about a month ago and already quit. His major complaint was lack of actual impact on the game (no one actually won or lost) and cert gain was too slow.

    Personally i would rather pay a few thousand dollars maxing out my account and enjoying the game versus getting pissed at how slowly I gain certs if I spend time playing versus farming.
  9. whitupiggu

    You got 2000 certs in just what you listed. Now 2000 certs in 5 days of playtime is possible but you are likely not including certs you spent that weren't on weapons.
  10. Fluxpod

    I spend it all on weapons and nano 4 and resist 3.I dislike vehicles and only use the flash for transport.
    Time Played: 5d 19h 31m
    Certification Points: 3396
  11. whitupiggu

    3396 certs in almost 6 days is not possible without boosts or 2x xp.
  12. MrBloodworth

    Not true.

    Cert gain is XP gain and is performance based. Not Time or a bonus for showing up.
  13. MrLee.NO

    Sure it is. Adjusted to 100% cert point gain instead of the 160% (played very little since the 50% alpha squad) I have 8829 cert points in 9d, 5h. I was rarely a gunner in a lib back in the day, didn't farm infantry in a scythe very much, but, as my stats show, play infanty a lot. I would call myself average at FPS games.

    Unless my maths fail me completely (14127/160)*100 = 8829. That should yield what the free2play players certgain rate would be for myself.

    Stats collected from: http://www.planetside-universe.com/character.php?stats=mrlee

    edit: remember /Played is total time spent ingame, not realtime days...
  14. whitupiggu

    You'd have to be the virtual manifestation of pure **** and murder to get anywhere near that amount.

    If you've been playing since launch there was like a month of 2x xp.
  15. MrBloodworth

    Liberators are a hell of a drug.
  16. whitupiggu

    Daltons and zephers are 750/1000 certs. That adds a couple of days.

    Of course now you will be shot down pretty quickly as well.
  17. AuntLou42

    I don't know man your doing something wrong. Also you shouldn't be going out wasting certs on a bunch of guns. Make sure you trial everything,go buy a few guns you like and then spend the rest of your certs on the classes and vehicles themselves. Also there are allot of great weapons out there both infantry and vehicle that are under 500 certs. Use them!
  18. Zeek

    I have a job, GF, and real life to live so for me the cert costs are very high. However, it's mostly because class skills and weapon attachments are only obtainable with certs. Make one or the other cert only, but not both IMHO. I hate having to buy a reflex sight or rail upgrade because I would really rather put those certs into class abilities.
  19. Ronin Oni

    Then... why unlock that LMG?

    Why not just upgrade your existing LMG with all dem cert points?

    Also, there are LOTS of weapons that cost 100, 250, or 500 certs instead of 1000.

    Don't forget to use your free trials before investing as well! That way you don't regret it!

    Honestly, for a F2P game, the grind in this game is pretty bloody low comparatively.

    Please don't assume you're the only person here who has a job, gf, and "real life" to contend with.
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  20. ps2x518

    I think cert gain should be slow. I don't mind grinding away for a gun if I know I can get it for absolutely nothing. The thing they do need to change however is the real money prices. I would be much more inclined to spend money on a weapon if it were priced at 2 dollars, rather than the ridiculous 7 dollars it is at now. If they were 2 dollars a pop I would probably buy a ton of them. 7 dollars just feels like I'm being nickle and dimed.