Cert idea: Offhand C-4 Detonator

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Chammers, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Chammers

    I've been thinking about this for awhile: At the end of the C-4 progression, or adjacent to it, have a cert that allows you to equip a detonator which replaces your knife. Pressing your melee button detonates, without needing to switch away from your rifle/pistol.

    In the sidegrade spirit you have pros (faster C-4 detonation, less risk of getting ganked while trying to switch back to your gun), and cons (no more knife).

    Posted this in the LA sub-forum because I feel like they would benefit the most, but this could be for any class using C-4.
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  2. Perk-i

  3. air_nith

    I could defiantly see this coming in handy.
  4. anaverageguy

    Certainly could be useful. But what would you plant the C4 equipped with then?
  5. disky00

    I would just like to be able to blow them in series versus simultaneously. It seems like they don't do that anymore. If there were an option to change, like the fire select mode on our carbines I think it would be a much more versatile tool.
  6. anaverageguy

    That would be cool, but it seems a lot of people just want to use them on vehicles anyway, in which case simultaneous detonation is probably preferrable. That and.. only if they marked our C4 with numbers or something. I can already imagine blowing up the C4 on the wrong side of the building rather than the one I plant in front of enemy spawn.
  7. Perk-i

    You'd have to switch to plant, but could get the gun out afterwards. This lets you use the gun while running away from the vehicle you just planted on, or keep the the gun to defend one entrance to the cap room while the C4 holds down the other entrance for you. =)