Cert costs are to high

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  1. Snootch

    Nope not NC, I play TR. Sorry but I have no issues using the starter rifle for an Infil, so bringing up statistics wasn't necessary. The point is just because you think it's bad doesn't actually make it bad. I do just fine playing infil with the basic starting gear, what I meant was that it is not necessary to buy a new gun straight off the jump when you should be focusing more on your abilities or tools. Half of the guns pretty much have the same stats anyway, there isn't anything better or worse it just comes down to "Do I want a bolt action or a semi-auto". Or for pistols "Do I want a single shot high dps or a rapid fire tmp".
  2. zaspacer


    I was just showing that BR100 players choose to play better guns.

    You can play whatever gun you want. But I suggest to to Infiltrators and ESF pilots that they get a new gun, depending on their preferred playstyle.

    I think the 99SV is bad (to be specific, inferior across most engagements). You think it's fine. Stats show most high level players use better weapons. Even Wrel advises getting a new Weapon: @4:13

    That's advice from all angles, I'll let new players figure out what's right for them. Experienced players can make up their own minds.

    When I started 5 new characters and Certed them up, I made sure my Infils had new guns. SMGs (small Mag versions or PDW), a Bolt Action for TR/VS, and a sidearm for Stalker Cloak if you want it. These are not sidegrades. They open up different playstyles.

    But if you disagree, then that's cool too. To each their own.
  3. MrMinistry30

    At the moment, new players are in a VERY convenient place compared to what new players had a few years ago. With the 1.500 certs you get free at BR15 you should be able to buy all that neccessary stuff you need to einter make ALL classes work quite well or - if you prefer that - specialize in 1 class up to quite a nice degree.

    Although i share the opinion of A2G Lock-Ons should be free, i think the rest of the cert economy in PS2 is actually a very good example of how XP-to-Item-purchase should work!

    In fact, before you buy a weapon, most people aurax what they have instead of auraxing 5 LMGs at the same time so this is what do you get while auraxing 1 weapon only from that weapon:

    2 Certs @10 Kills
    10 Certs @60 Kills
    20 Certs @160 Kills
    200 Certs @1160 Kills

    1.160 Kills x 100 XP/Kill = 116000 XP = 464 Certs
    (with 25% Bonus XP, which is in my opinion very easy to have and quite realistic) = 580 Certs

    1160 Kills / 10 Kills = 116 Ribbons wit 1 Cert each and 25% Bonus XP = 145 Certs

    Total: 957 Certs

    So if you add all those passively earned ribbons (scout, marksman, killstreak, saviour etc.) and the XP from assists, by the time you auraxiumized 1 weapon, you have definitively earned the Certs needet to buy the next one including attachments (even if it is a 1.000 certs purchase...), even if you concentrate on playing ONLY this class and ONLY this gun.

    Furthermore, certs are VERY easy to earn in PS2. There are even enough ways to do that without enemies or actually fighting. Even in the early morning when you are almost alone on some maps/servers you can easily earn a few hundred certs within some hours.
  4. Kristan

    It was improved and video is outdated. In my opinion 99SV works way better now.
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  5. zaspacer

    I'm wondering why there are no BR100 players using 99SV? 19 Uniques per day. Average playtime 8.4 hours. That's across all Servers. And their Kills-Per-Hour are below all other Infil Sniper and Scout guns.

    Are these all the improvements? Which one(s) made the big difference?
    Ballistics Computer added
    RPM from 230 to 231
    Recoil recovery delay from 0ms to -130ms

    Do you prefer it with the Ballistics Computer or the Forward Grip? What type of engagements do you use it in, and how do you use it?

    I will try it again and see how it feels. But I want to make sure I am trying it how you suggest and in the role you suggest.
  6. Kristan

    I guess it's all about reputation. People are still sore about this gun or got used to other sniper rifles.

    Recoil recovery is the change that made it easier to handle.

    I prefer x6 (or is it 8x?) scope with forward grip. Since I'm terrible at sniping I just use it to land bodyshots on moving targets at mid to far ranges. Also works well as suppressive fire in order to keep enemy heads down.

    To be honest it's still my favorite "sniper" rifle since beta because I just can't stand bolt action rifles. I'm too neurotic to be effective at them.
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  7. YouWannaGetHigh

    Flying an ESF? :D Sure. Let me give you the lifespam of a new player in an ESF. 1 minute, top. Kill count? 0-1.
    A new infil weapon, yeah, I said they can buy the pump action sniper rifles. And maybe an SMG if they really enjoy the class. Other than that, suit/ability slots are the preferable option.
  8. Eternaloptimist

    SASRs on VS and TR are awesome since the buff which gave them the ballistic computer and the subsequent buff that reduced recoil recovery time.

    I have a relatively new F2P account for messing around (I've had a subscription for quite a bit longer). I get great results with the SASRs and I also remember what the old ones were like, so I can see how much better they are. I don't think the bolt driver is low quality either, although it is better to use with the straight pull bolt.

    When I started playing cert gain was better for F2P (you got certs for logging in, for one thing) and stuff was cheaper. But there are so many things you can get xp for nowadays that I don't notice the grind.
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  9. LaughingDead

    I actually like the semis on the TR and VS (inb4 you're an NC main that hates TR and VS so we shouldn't trust you!).

    Like in med to long engagements it's still viable, in fact the bolt kinda sticks to the NC's weapons trait of "if you miss, you're ******" while TR and VS prefer more versatile over simple power. A bolt is just another bolt, there's 4 of them and I only need one, unfortunately semis are kinda the same way but they have some dissimilarities that make me think for 2 seconds between picking them.

    Over all I think snipers or just the infils arsenal in general need a look at.
  10. Titanshells

    I always thought all primary's should pretty much cost the same as well as side arms. But since some weapons cost more than others, it leads me to believe the highest cost ones are the best. Thus throwing weapon balance out the window.
  11. zaspacer

    Most of us who fly ESFs now were in that new pilot hell at one time.

    Outside of Gank Squads, new ESF pilots are generally better suited to G2A than they are A2A. And for G2A, their best bet is Rocket Pods, Hornets, and/or AI Nosegun. None of which is unlocked for new ESF pilots by default.

    I will defer to you and the rest of the posters on Infil advice for new players. I think my preferences are too warped to my own niche playstyle and personal skill limitations, and also my experience with many other playstyles and guns is out of date.

    Thanks, I will give it a shot.

    I used to Snipe a lot, and did well. I always preferred the higher Velocity Bolt Actions due to lower bullet drop and faster travel to target. I found the lower Cert ones functional, just less proficient for my needs.

    I stopped Sniping largely because gameplay shifted to Vehicles controlling the spaces between bases more, and I just wasn't finding either (1) as many targets, or (2) as much strategic need for Sniping. Things like Kill Cam, Motion Spotter, and Darklight also killed things I used to do like enemy Tower camping Sniping. Also, Stalker with Blackhand seems to work better for me (and my skill limits) in enemy Towers than Hunter with any Main Weapon option.

    Most my Range targets and strategic work is AV based now. Though once in a while a situation will call for Sniping and I'll bust it out and get to work.
  12. zaspacer

    I retried the Spectre after the Ballistic Computer, but before the Recoil change. I will give it a shot again. (if/when I can get my Launchpad to connect)