Cert costs are to high

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  1. Naaahhhhh

    When I started playing PS2 the air lock on launcher cost 250 certs. Similar prices had other non top tier weapons like the flare or the artemis.

    Nowadays there are less and less weapons for under 1000 certs and even the crap weapons cost 650 certs. This is crippling the game. I know that is easier to get certs nowadays. But not for a new player (beside the 1500 certs for the first 15 levels which is enough for one weapon). But a noob need much more to even get a little bit competetive. What is most needed is a hint for the noobs what they should buy through lower cert coasts for this weapons.

    Imagine a noob plays for two weaks. Save alls his certs for a weapon that maybe even fit his playstyle like the spitfire turret which is a highly specialized tool.

    It is nessecary that noobs get a better excess to weapons like the anti air oder vehicle lock on launcher or the second pounder/cycler/burster or a better pistol than the beamer.

    So reduce the cert price for the weapons that new players need!
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  2. The Shady Engineer

    Air locks should be cheaper I agree. Either that or a second free burster arm to help new players against air. Other than that though, I think the system we have right now is fine.

    Other than the free 1500 certs, new players nowadays also get a free maxed out suit slot, a free underbarrel attachment and a 1x sight. New players don't need cheaper weapons, they need better education when it comes to how to spend early game certs. They end up spending a thousand certs on some sidegrade weapon they think is OP because they were killed by it a lot instead of actual useful items like tool slots, ability slots and utility items.
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  3. adamts01

    The G2A launcher should just be free, and also have it's mechanics drugged and thrown out in to an alley to be gang ***** by some methed out hobos. Sorry, I just really hate this game's lock-on mechanics.

    I think the grind is about right though, most upgrades don't need the final slot.
  4. YouWannaGetHigh

    Newer players shouldn't buy weapons anyways. Cert your ability and suit slots first, then buy weapons. Starting weapons are fine as they are, except maybe I would suggest pump action snipers for funsies. Secondaries and C4 can also be unlocked at later levels but I don't see any weapons being a must-buy just yet.
  5. Movoza

    On the other hand, when I started cert gain was slow, incredibly slow. Vehicles gave a negligible amount of XP and only last shots were rewarded. XP for most things was generally lower and boosts/double XP were more sparse (less and no shared bonuses).
    I would agree to lower some weapons to 500, but in general I like the steep price for progress. Otherwise I would have every certification in the book.

    I would make some weapons and certification more accessible for newbs though. Light versions of some weapons like AA would be appreciated. Relatively UP but giving newbs at least a chance.
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  6. Snootch

    Why nerf something that doesn't need it? It's noones fault that you don't use Flares and would rather hover around trying to get infantry kills instead of using hit and run tactics like a normal aircraft.

    As to the cert costs, I think they are just fine. You don't need to purchase guns from the jump, the starter guns work just fine. It's the learning curve the new players have to get used to. From what I can see most new players only complain about weapons not being good, not being strong enough, or that they die easily and the always present complaint 'I shot him a million times but he didn't die, and I died in two hits'. People need to stop thinking that just because they are semi-decent at CoD or some other FPS that they can just jump right in and destroy people.

    They should be focusing on their classes abilities more than a gun for their first 1000 certs, not a gun you can work towards later down the road if you really want it. Honestly though from what I've seen playing all of the factions, half of the guns compare the same to each faction given a few slight differences due to the factions specifications. Meaning TR has slightly higher fire rate, NC has slightly higher damage (Honestly not by much), and VS have little to no bullet drop and CoF (Just from my observation not entirely certain how accurate it is).

    Also I should add, if a noob is playing for 2 weeks at an average 3 hours a day, he's earning a pretty good amount of certs depending on their play style. I can earn pretty much anywhere from 200 - 350 certs a day within my 3 - 4 hour session and that's with no boosters or membership and just playing casually without platoons or squads.

    tl;dr Cert costs are fine, OP is another whiner

    Edit: Also I forgot to mention, that this game is F2P. You didn't expect to have everything just handed to you now did you? Back in the day when PS2 first launched, yes cert gain was atrocious but now it's actually pretty good.
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  7. Liewec123


    when i started in the first year it was very slow gaining certs, you'd have to grind your butt off to afford a weapon.
    to be competitive back then first you'd have to get addons to make your starter gun competitive, then you'd have to save THOUSANDS of certs for your nanoweave, there was no handicaps or training wheels, you weren't given nanoweave 5 and perfect addons for your weapon, you weren't given a whopping 1500 certs and certs were soooo much slower, now its raining certs.
  8. Campagne

    You can thank the [GU1/19 Cert Costs Adjustments] for that. :p
  9. Calisai

    *cue old man voice*

    Back in my day, it was 500 xp per cert point, and you didn't get all this support xp you get nowadays, nor 1500 free certs, free suit slots opened for ya, nor the ability to use 2 boosts at the same time. Half the bonus xp you get for vehicles, directives, daily ribbons, bounties, etc... didn't exist. All these young wippersnappers have it easy. Suck it up buttercup and play medic or engy and soak in those certs while learning the ways of the cert farm. ;)

    *old man voice off*

    Heh, the biggest thing is to do research before spending certs on those big purchases. I did that as a youngster and was able to stretch the certs and be very judicious in their use at the time. Making a mistake of thinking a weapon is better because its 1000 certs and that the stock weapon sucks will set you back a lot. Yes, finding out a certain playstyle or weapon doesn't fit you can really suck, but that's why VR and weapon trials exist... and there is a lot of content on youtube/reddit/forums to help ya out in your decision.
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  10. FieldMarshall

    In my opinion, everyone should start off with some of the vital basics, like the AA launcher.

    Lets assume a newbie plays 4 hours a day. He would have to earn like 17 certs an hour to get 1000 certs in 2 weeks.
    You could get that and more just following the zerg and afking for the cap.

    Lets pretend that the same person looks up some tips on cert making and plays support,
    and earns 35 certs an hour (which is still pretty low even for a newbie) and plays 7 hours a day.
    He would have about 1000 certs in 4 days.

    The insane amounts of bonuses to xp (ribbons, bonuses, alerts etc etc.) that they added makes it extremely easy/fast to earn certs compared to before.
    Which is probably why things are priced at 1000 certs now instead of 100/250/500 like back in the day.
    (I believe they said that it was their reasoning for the cert cost adjustments a while back. People were just making certs too fast.)
  11. ZEUTHMK0

    On the topic of new players.

    Some things are obvious traps, others offer veeeeeery long term returns.

    I have simply come to accept that if there happens to be something new players can do for certs outside of Koltyr without getting smurfed we will probably not be told such.

    Good thing I didn't care about my K/D to begin with.
  12. zaspacer

    If a new player wants to play an Infiltrator, they probably want to buy a new Weapon. Same thing if they want to fly ESF.
  13. ZEUTHMK0

    How crazy am I if I'm thinking about using the va39 as a shotgun?
  14. customer548

    A new weapon will not help you to survive.
    Better spend your Certs at first in your Ability, Suit, Tool Slots, and Medical kits.
    Those will help you to survive and to gain Certs / help your teammates.

    And if you REALLY need any weapon Asap...There's a cash shop (buy the weapon or an XP bonus). DBG gives us a free access to their game.
  15. adamts01

    I never said nerf, I want the mechanics changed. I've been arguing for a one-hit-kill lock-on missile for a while now, but something that the shooter has to fire at the right moment, in order to lessen the chance the target is able to dodge it.
  16. Snootch

    Umm, they really don't. The starter weapons are fine for an infil, I use them all the time. The only weapon I bought for my Infil was a new automatic pistol, and that's only for stalker play when I'm not knifing. A new weapon isn't needed at all for any new players, focus on the abilities more. Just because 'you' suck with the starter weapons doesn't mean others do.
  17. Snootch

    Yeah, there will never be any 'one-hit-kill' anything other than a sniper's head shot, a direct missle hit to infantry ,a face full of shotgun, or the activated knives. It would make the G2A way overpowered and many of the pilots will just give up because then every single person will invest in that launcher. Won't be fun when you fly around and get 20 different lock on signals from a one hit kill weapon.
  18. Kristan

    That's because they want players to buy weapons with DBC.

    Simple logic of F2P games. You want comfort and shortcuts - you pay. Don't want to pay? You grind.
  19. adamts01

    That's why I personally feel rockets should cost nanites. They're weak because they're free and spammable. If they cost nanites like C4, then they could transform in to the room clearing, tank busting, aircraft dropping rockets they should be. But if they're free, and OHK against planes, they should have a very long reload, and only work against air with a lock, no dumbfire. I think they'd still see a ton of use, but not be OP. And there's already a few things that OHK ESF: Dalton, Decimator, AP guns... and not many people complain about those because they require considerable skill to use. As an aircraft, I'd much rather fight weapons like that than what we have. Add a middle tier to OHK weapons like G2A lock-ons, so average players can stand a chance, and balance things by making it possible to dodge them. It would all be so much better than what we have. Anyone who disagrees should look at past air to air games with real missiles. They're not fire and forget "I win" weapons, they take skill to use and evade. It really could be great.
  20. zaspacer

    Are you NC by chance? At least NC starts with a low quality OHK Bolt Action. VS and TR start with a Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle that struggles to be relevant in almost any engagement. Though at least the VS one has "no drop". The TR one is even worse.

    Infiltrator Starting Weapons for TR and VS: Average Uniques (BR100)
    99SV (TR).........................................18.7
    VA39 Spectre (VS).............................21

    The starting TR and VS Infiltrator Weapons are so bad, that the daily sum of BR100's using these weapons each day to make a kill is 18-20. And keep in mind that EVERY BR100 on TR and VS has access to these Weapons by default.

    It doesn't matter who "sucks" with these guns, and who is great with them. Everyone can do much better for themselves by switching to a new gun. Including the NC Starter, which is the bottom barrel of NC Long Range Bolt Actions. And, if the Infiltrator wants to do something like CQC (SMG, ASR, close range Bolt Action, etc.) or Stalker, they are better off upgrading to new Weapons, depending on what they want to do.

    Weapons are a major upgrade to Infiltrators, especially non-NC. Just as Rocket Pods OR Hornets are a major upgrade to A2G ESFs.
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