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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by veselie, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. veselie

    Since the EU servers maintanance 2 days ago, after 6 PM when most of the players are online , I encounter delay in activating abilities ,the medic kits don't work and even the medic tool cant properly heal me. I suggest to undo whatever settings the maintance has changed because I never had this kind of lag on Ceres. Sometimes I play on Woodman and I experience the same thing, but I know that's because the server can't handle the amount of players on it.
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  2. GumboEU

    Healing and repairing doesn't work properly.
    Vehicles (mostly aircraft) are warping around.
    Lockons hit before the lock-on warning shows up.

    A restart might be in order...
  3. ZillFattak

    Same issues here. It's definitely the server.
  4. Jur270

  5. GlueHead

    Indeed, never had a problem...until two days ago.
  6. Mut0mb0

    indar is unplayable ATM. everybody has this problems. please fix this!
  7. Korban

    I've just felt the lag 30 minutes ago and also recon darts aren't resupplying from ammo packs as usual.
  8. MrMurdok

    Bumping for ultimate justice. It's somewhat okay on Esamir and Amerish but Indar is a total mess
  9. pmurgs

    Yep, server lag has been horrible last couple days on Ceres. Please fix asap. Game becomes unplayable at times.
  10. BugPowderDust

    Seeing weird stuff today on Ceres- drop pods not disappearing after they've dropped, grenades not going off (just sitting there looking menacing) and healing/ repping not working properly.
  11. pmurgs

    I just tried to lead a full outfit platoon on a monthly outfit event. European players having trouble with ammo, darts, healing and so on. Player futhur afield like South Africa are seeing constant teleporting of everyone around them. Game is unplayable for me. Hard to lead a 150 man outfit when you can't play the game with them.
  12. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    It is insane really. Close combat sniping is hard mode with 0.5-1sec delay on de-cloak/cloak

    cloak timer ends - you "seem" cloaked for another several seconds

    Use as many med kits as you like - after few seconds your hp goes down to what it was before (wasted 30+ kits like a moron...)

    people shoot more than 90 degree angle - still headshot you.

    Ceres never lagged for me, even if there was a lot of stuff running in the background.

    WTB restart pls.
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  13. TheAntiFish

    Agreed, this new cloak lag is ruining my playstyle.

    Sort it out fam. Me and me homies will brap you up you get me bruv.
  14. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    2-0 :rolleyes:
  15. Robyn

    Jep lag is ruining my EM4 Longshot sniping style like hell. I cloak, aim, decloak, shoot , clo- lag what the ... pls devs fix it fast
  16. Tragachinos

    ProsiebenSat at it's best. Btw, you guys should post on planetside2.eu forums, as EU servers are managed by ProsiebenSat, not SOE.
  17. GlueHead

  18. TheAntiFish

    We'll see ;)
  19. veselie