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  1. Azord

    Just thought I'd update our information. CASH is one of the largest, most active outfits on Helios. Although we are most active in the evenings starting about 5 p.m central time, we are constantly looking for players to fill our shoes in the morning.We are a supportive community playing multiple games, and attract multiple play styles, from those who are just looking to have fun to those who desire to see the map turn blue.

    We have few requirements, as we don't want to alienate new players.
    1. Don't be a dick
      We think this covers everything like teamkilling, chatting, etc.
    2. Register on our forums.
      This gives you access to our events, teamspeak info, interesting links, lots of help, and cat pictures.
    3. get on teamspeak.
      This is how we organize and communicate. You will be missing out if you don't get on. I promise these guys are hilarious too.*

      In game, contact anyone with a CASH tag and we should direct you to someone who can walk you through everything, and feel free to ask plenty of questions. We like getting new people interested in the game, and its much more fun in an outfit, feel free to bring your friends along. We truly believe this is a great game and we work to make it better for everyone.**

      *Hilarious is also interchangeable with drunk
      ** Also, don't listen to gauldric. He's a sourpuss :p

      Our forum
      Other honorable mentions
      One of our streamers
      Planetside-Universe post
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  2. Escorge

    EXE Drunk division here. Always glad to see you on the battlefield. In a "oh crap we've got a fight on our hands" kind of way.
  3. JaxsonFive

    If I ever get back into the game I can see myself playing a NC character for a bit.
  4. Garflow

    Bumpedy Bump, always looking for more like-minded people to join :)
  5. Oakwalker

    Bump in the name of CASH
  6. Garflow

  7. Garflow

  8. Gryphindor

    This outfit is terrible. They are mostly younger men, rather immature, and don't encourage group play. They prefer to make "high school cliques".
  9. NC_Edacyn

    I like your #1 rule, sounds like ours ;)

    It's a great rule, and good seeing CASH on the battlefield.
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    If you're going to say something, at least man up and say it with normal font. I mean cmon, this is the internet, it's not like anyone is actually going to hit you over the head.

    That being said, I disagree. While the leadership of CASH may be younger than most, they are still effective and willing to teach and learn. Youthful leadership tends to invite new ideas, and personally I'm glad to see CASH back in force after being on the verge of dying for so long.
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  11. DarkAlloy

    [quote="Gryphindor, post: 1692429, member: 154446"]This outfit is terrible. They are mostly younger men, rather immature, and don't encourage group play. They prefer to make "high school cliques".[/quote]

    It is true that we have a lot of younger people in our outfit but I don't see it as a problem because they are mature. It sure beats adults who act like little children who laugh at crude jokes or whine when they die. Our outfit has a younger demograph because of chance, not because we only recruit a specific age group. Our outfit also goes for more strategic points when we play and avoid bases where a platoon/platoons already exists. We may ask you to pull out from a base because we would be more useful somewhere else -- we are not trying to alienate you or ruin your fun -- however, we are also open to suggestions from squad members on where to go.

    If you first saw our outfit as you said, we are sorry for giving a bad first impression. We are serious players who like to joke from time time because it IS a game and people play games to have fun. Also, if you need to say something, be mature and say it up front instead of hiding it. We'd love to learn what we're doing wrong and improve on it.

    Also if you guys haven't heard yet.... [CASH] IS RECRUITING AGAIN. We are doing our best to return and become a known force on the battlefield again.
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  12. ItsDangerous

    Be my friend preezeeeeeee!
  13. DarkAlloy

    Because of the upcoming NCpocalypse merge, I'm bumping this thread in the name of [CASH]. (Although we may need to remake this if our server becomes Connery.)

    We are a decently-sized outfit of casual players. We do OPs nights in which we play strategically in order to capture key objectives. As of recent, we have also been teaching our new recruits about certain aspects of the game (classes, vehicles, etc.) and useful tactics.

    The rules have not changed much since the making of this thread. Here they are:
    1.) Be a mature player and respect other players.
    2.) Once recruited, please register on our forums and join our TeamSpeak server.
    3.) Please follow orders. We want to make the most use of our numbers. There's always a reason for our orders
    4.) Lastly, have fun, guys. This is a game after all.

    If you want to join, feel free to pm one of our various leaders -- Trudeus, MagnumStallion, RaptorM2, and Garflow -- when you see them ingame.