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  1. Garflow

    Genocidal Rampage (Don’t ask, long story) [CASH] is now recruiting! CASH was formed during Planetside 2’s beta, and we originally started on the Helios server before the merge into Connery. We are a semi-competitive outfit that caters to various types of players. We aim to maintain a tight-knit community of players who are both casual yet competitive in nature.

    Who are we looking for?
    Currently, we are seeking members who are above the age of 18 in MATURITY. This does not mean you have to be above 18 (although it is preferable), but you need to act and carry yourself with the maturity level of such.
    CASH runs both a casual aspect and a competitive aspect. We are recruiting members who either want to run casually with a fun group of people who work cohesively as a unit, or members who wish to join our currently-forming MLG squad. We run both a casual and hard-core channel on our teamspeak which members can switch in-between to cater to their different wants on normal days.

    How to join
    You can head over to our website to submit an application as well as find out more information about us. Alternatively, you can join any of our recruitment squads when they’re running (which would be most nights) and/or contact any of our officers to inquire about us J
    A list of our officers: Magnmstallion (Outfit lead), Grovzny (MLG Lead), Garflow, HendrickFalcon, JackMorgan, RaptorM2, BlackhawkM1, Friskay

    After applying you will be invited for a 2 week trial period where we’ll assess you based on your ability to follow orders, as well as gel with the rest of our members. It’s important to note that we currently have no hard skill requirements, and are more than willing to train anyone who is willing to learn. Our assessment is based mainly off of how well you get along with everyone else, as CASH is first and foremost a community of friends, and will only accept members who get along with everyone else.
  2. Garflow

    Bumpedy bump!
  3. Garflow

    Edited with our new logo :)!
  4. Ice

    Dolla dolla bills, y'all!

  5. Garflow

    Still recruiting:)!
  6. Garflow

  7. Garflow

    We're still recruiting! Check us out on youtube and twitch as well!
  8. Garflow

    Hey guys, bump for recruitment! You can see us at work with our scrim against dread legion yesterday which Kidriot casted!
  9. OdinsPride

    Amazing fight last night gentlemen. CASH proved yet again why they are one of the best around.

    Take it from someone who has had to go against them twice now. If you are looking for a good group of guys who know how to take it to the enemy, look no further than Genocidal Rampage!

    /salute guys. GG
  10. McVolker

    Recently joined up with CASH. Gotta say, loving it. Very well collected group of people, and always attentive to the squad. This is my recommend/bump, I guess. :3
  11. DarkAlloy

    Bump in the name of CASH!

    We now have a recruitment video.

  12. Synister

    If you're looking for a group of people that can switch from uber casual, to uber hardcore (when needed) then CASH is your group. Everyone here is willing to teach and help anyone get into the game more.
  13. Dark Alloy

  14. A Crispy Taco

    Nice flying with you guys tonight against the Briggs server TR :) GL