[Suggestion] Carv-S needs a balance tune.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Nomad1, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Nomad1

    My background:
    I played VS until I got an audaxium on all the LMGs for it.

    Now I'm playing on my TR character, and to be honest, the rate of fire is generally either too high or too low to be an all around weapon ( like the SVA-88, or the Pulsar LSW).

    There is a weapon that has that nice spot, yes!! it is the Carv-S.
    With the 698 RoF it makes the perfect all around weapon. However, it has fallen behind the SVA-88 in its horizontal recoil by 0.025. This in addition to lower bullet speed, slower reload, slower movement speed while ADS, and many other disadvantages to the Carv-S that do NOT make up for the extra 25 bullets per magazine the Carv-S has.
    These are the reasons why many of my friends call it the Carv-****.

    There are three types of weapons for TR: some fire too fast that in medium range they are not contenders to a decent enemy, fire so accurately but with very low RoF or the Carv-S.

    I have used the weapon on trial and in the VR and will not buy it in its current state.

    What I think should change:
    the horizontal recoil of the Carv-S should change from 0.225 to 0.2 and retains some of the other disadvantages to help counter the magazine size. An Increase to the cost of the LMG would also be appropriate as it will become more usable.

    Numbers Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...LMG&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250
  2. KnightCole

    Exactly my thoughts on tr. None of their guns have the proper comvination of stats and gizmos to really be all that. All of them r pretty much blech......

    Alot of thier guns need x2 optics.

    Carv-S could use...well all tr guns could use the removal of the gu1 225 horiz recoil nerf.

    Carv-s could also use 720rpm.

    I had thought about sc-ing the carv-s for its gizmos
  3. Nomad1

    RoF change may be too much to be honest, and really not needed. The recoil change to the Carv-S IMO is enough.
  4. Messaiga

    Nah, the Carv-S does not need a higher ROF. 698 is literally, perfect for an all around gun with 143 damage per bullet. I have used the SVA-88 and I love it almost as much as my Gauss SAW or EM6. So I went on a TR Char to test out the Carv-S, then I get to using it and it feels like rubbish. To be honest they should probably just reduce the horizontal recoil on a lot of TR weapons that have it ridiculous since back in the day, SOE thought that the accuracy of these weapons was the culprit. Much to their dismay it was not so they went back to the drawing board and found that the flinching is what was messed up and made slower firing guns feel a f*ck ton more flinch than normal. Then they fixed it and the Carv and Carv-S have kind of sucked ever since.
  5. Nomad1

    I hope this gets looked at
  6. Bennybones

    What they need to do is remove the side to side recoil. Or just copy/paste the stats on the Pulsar LSW or SVA-88. Right now the Carv-S is not a worthwhile gun. I absolutely love the Pulsar LSW, it's very close to being tied as my favorite LMG. I've heard great things about the SVA as well and looking at the stats it seems really quite awesome. So yeah, one of the two. Just make it less pointless. It's one of the few weapons in this game where I genuinely feel it's a downgrade and not a sidegrade. Or upgrade for that matter.
  7. Nomad1

    I have been trying to get high accuracy with it. I created another VS and started using the SVA-88 and the stats I obtained with it are much higher than those I obtained with the Carv-S.
  8. Wrel Developer

    Aside from the T7 Mini-Chaingun and T16 Bull, the CARV-S is the only other TR weapon, as I understand it, that can equip extended magazines for a 200 round magazine pool. This is why it's an "S" variant.

    "S" variants generally under-perform due to their array of attachment options, and role as general purpose weapons.

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with your thoughts.
    Just pointing something out you may have not thought about, given the extremely minor changes you're asking be made to the weapon.
  9. Nomad1

    I appreciate the clarification. Although I think the weapon is almost unusable in medium range without the grip. I think some of the TR weapons were designed to be more of " Spray and pray" and I dislike that. Every bullet should count. It takes 8 body hits to kill someone in medium range. That means you could possibly kill 12 guys w/o nanoweave by one magazine. Why would anyone need more?? replacing the grip with the extended mag will make you miss more and waste more ammo which is not really efficient. I think the extended mag should be removed with the horizontal recoil reduced.