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  1. Ghostloadout

    So from the title of this thread you probably already figured out it was to give some much needed love to the LA.
    You would be right in thinking that. This is basically a MASSIVE idea dump, to get some opinions on them and what us LAs actually want implemented, besides just me.


    I'm going to try to do this in an organized fashion, with additions in yellow, and buffs in red.
    Time to start. First up... Buffs

    10 sec capacity to JumpJets - Simple enough, we had a nice balance in beta, but was nerfed from all the whining about LA being too mobile. (Exactly the point of the class.)
    *Currently we have 6 sec jumps.*

    Add back our momentum to JumpJets - Another easy change, allow our sprinting and jumping speed to add to our jetpack speed. (Not sure why this was nerfed in the first place.)
    *Currently we inherit only the base velocity of the JumpJets.*

    Remove the Res cost on Smoke Grenades - A simple enough change, additionally allow us to resupply them at ammo packs. Remove spotting through the smoke and spotting doritos from allies inside, allow it to break locks on vehicles so we can have another teamplay aspect.
    *Give them instant detonation on impact. Does not effect UBSL.*
    This gives LAs a use in large scale open field combat, where they can be used to keep vehicles alive and use smoke as cover to advance to where their weapons are effective.

    Making Adrenaline Pump a passive ability - Remove adrenaline pump as a suit slot and add it as a passive, This would do different things at different levels. Call it bionics, cause why not.
    Level 1 (150 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 25% and walk speed by 15%.
    Level 2 (200 CP) - Increases jump height by 50%.
    Level 3 (400 CP) - Increases Weapon ready speed by 50%. (This is weapon swapping as well as ready time after sprinting.)
    Level 4 (500 CP) - Increases ADS speed by 50%.
    Level 5 (1000 CP) - Increases reload speed by 25%.

    Now for the Additions. (They get a little outlandish towards the end)

    Allow us to use ARs - Another rather simple change that would help with the open field performance of LAs.
    *As a slight addition it'd be kinda badass to run around with a TAR/GR-22 on my LA, not to mention the weapons are basically MADE for LAs.*
    Iridar51 made me into a convert after realizing how cool the GR-22 looked on an LA.

    Changes to Medical/Restoration Kits - Add a 5th level (1000CP) to kits, that allow them to be resupplied for free at ammo packs. (No other class gets them for free, but can still resupply) Additionally right clicking will heal a target in front of you for the same amount as normal, but will consume the kit.
    *This could help LAs working in small packs, as they wouldn't have to seek out medics.*
    I'm honestly not too sure about this one myself, just pooling ideas.

    Extra cert lines for C4 - Add a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th level, each doing different things.
    Level 1 (100 CP) - 1 C4 (Solo Flashes/Harassers/ESFs
    Level 2 (200 CP) - 2 C4 (Solo lightnings/MBTs/Composite Armor harassers/ Flak armor MAXes
    Level 3 (400 CP) - 3 C4 (Solo Libs/Sundies)
    Level 4 (500 CP) - 4 C4 (Solo blockade armor sundies)
    Level 5 (1000 CP) - Can be used in replacement of the tool slot and can be resupplied at ammo packs while still keeping res costs. (With C4 as tool, can only equip SMGs on any class with C4 available.) *Frees utility up.*
    Level 6 (10000CP) - Removes the res cost (100% overpriced and unnecessary, but gotta do something to keep the tankers from ******** amirite?) *Free C4 gives me wet dreams*

    Second primary weapon slot - Allow the use of a second primary weapon in the tool slot, with halved ammo reserve. (rounding up^) Equipping ammunition belt would remove the reserve ammo nerf. Having the ability to equip a long-range primary and a short-range primary at the same time would make LA great at transitioning to different environments.

    Beta spawn beacons - Allow us to use spawn beacons even when not squad leaders as a utility. Additionally add more cooldown reduction on the spawn beacon. Cooldown reduction from utility and squad leadership stack. Switching classes will remove your spawn beacon if not squad leader, if squad leader, will remove the extra cooldown reduction.
    Level 1 (30CP) - Unlocks spawn beacon Utility.
    Level 2 (100CP) - Reduces cooldown by 15s.
    Level 3 (150CP) - Reduces cooldown by 30s.
    Level 4 (200CP) - Reduces cooldown by 45s.
    Level 5 (500CP) - Reduces cooldown by 60s (When combined with max level SL spawn beacon, gives 60s CD on spawn.)

    Climbing Gear - An activated "F" ability that allows us to stick to certain surfaces and recharge our jetpacks without falling off of that cliff ledge. This works wonders for drifters as your can move vertically as well horizontally and will most likely increases their usage. Effectively you could use this to hitchhike on vehicles, and scale extremely steep cliff facings. Alternatively you could crawl on the ceilings and hiss at your allies below you. *lasts indefinitely*
    Level 1 (100 CP) - Unlocks "F" ability, Allows you to stick to terrain.
    Level 2 (200 CP) - Allows sticking to vehicles.
    Level 3 (400 CP) - Allows the ability to fire while stuck to an object. (Hip-fire only)
    Level 4 (500 CP) - Allows movement while stuck to an object.
    Level 5 (1000 CP) - Double the movement speed while attached.

    There if you got all the way through that, I salute you.
    What do you people think about the things mentioned?
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  2. Cromell

    I love playing LA, and I like SOME of your ideas here. Let me break it down:

    Ideas I like:
    -return of momentum inheritance for jumpjets
    -smoke nades buff
    -buffing the adrenaline pump (maybe make it a "tool slot" cert line?) Though I'd say the suggested benefits are way too high, I would reduce them by half at least. It would still emphasize the LA as THE fastest class on the field without making it riddiculously OP. Subject for further discussion and stat tweaking.
    -Climbing gear. This sounds fun and I'd like to see how it turns out in the game, nice idea!

    The rest of them... not so much.
    -Med kits are only to substitute the medic when he's not around, and they are perfectly fine the way they are now.
    -big NO for C4 certs. Right now, having two bricks of C4 makes LA extremely deadly against all sorts of targets. It's a lot of firepower for such a mobile unit, and I don't think it's a good idea to make it even more powerful. I would actually buff Sunderers against C4 so it takes more than one LA to blow it up. Promoting team work and all that.
    -second primary... not a good idea. It sounds cool and stuff but also sings OP in high voice. Completely removes the need for different loadouts and specializing in long range/cqc/versatility. For a LIGHT, mobile unit carrying two rather heavy weapons is also kinda counter-intuitive. It would fit the heavy assault more, and it would be even more broken idea on them :p THE HORROR.

    Things I'm not sure about:
    -JumpJets flight time is okay, maxing it out makes a lot of difference. Not really sure if that needs a buff.
    -While I think it's kinda silly that ARs are exclusive to medics, LA already has a nice variety of weaponry (dat T5 AMC, gotta love it ;) ) overall, I have nothing against that idea, but I don't think it's necessary.
    -not sure about spawn beacons and how would they impact the game... never played in the beta. I'll hold my judgement on that.

    A+ for effort to bring this thread in a comprehensible way, hopefully LA will get something cool when they revamp it ;)
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  3. Suiradezza

    10 sec JJ - Yes

    JJ momentum - Yes

    Free smoke - No, but we could revisit it when the resource revamp hits. It's a possible spamfest.

    Adrenaline pump - Too good as a passive. Could be made an active, toggleable "F" ability?

    AR's - No. I don't think we need those. "Light Assault, Assault rifle" isn't an argument.

    Medpacks - I like it. It's heal xp medics wouldn't be getting anyway, so it doesn't encroach on their territory.

    C4 - No. As much as I LOVE my C4, I think having more of it with the ability to fly will just get either us or the C4 nerfed, which isn't a good thing. Having only two fairly pricy blocks means you'll have to pick your targets carefully and makes that one time where you killed four tanks with two blocks feel so much better. We shouldn't move towards being explosive seagulls, we should be moving towards being a highly mobile breach class.

    Second primary - I'm right there with you, baby. Although most likely we'll get a dual wield feature that will shoehorn every single LA into using it or will be as easily applied to a combat situation as the MAX Lockdown.

    Beta spawn beacon - I like the current system, really. I fear there will be too many beacons and taking them out will be somewhat pointless.

    Climbing gear - Well.. I don't know. It does help drifters, but for JJ's it's kind of pointless. Still, I like it. It has plenty of potential.
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  4. Kayth

    JJ duration and speed - I agree because I think any nerfs that have occured recently are unwarranted. Any buffs beyond that, I'm not sure if we actually need.

    I think smoke nades should be cheaper (35 or 40) but not free, this goes for flashes as well. And I completely disagree with making them resupply at ammo packs. Some things are meant to be one use. These things you need to manage during your life.

    I completely agree that Adrenaline pump should be passive (or atleast buffed), but no were near what you suggest. I think it should effect sprint speed (25 or 30% at max) and maybe, maybe, maybe, walk speed and jump height. Anything else I don't think is either flavorful or balanced. What is suggested would make use combat beasts.

    As for ARs: Suiradezza said it well. We have mid range carbines for those roles and spreading weapons types to more and more classes takes away diversity.

    I don't think any change to med kits is needed or desirable. Medics should hold the niche for healing except under very elaborate designed situations (which have not been introduced). They are a viable option currently and as a universal utility, do a good job.

    Two primaries - I wouldn't ***** about it, but I think it would be OP to allow a class to perform at all ranges effectively.

    C4 needs no buffs (and no nerfs while we are at it) and should never be free or resupplied by ammo packs. Far too powerful I think.
    What I would like instead is a side-grade class-specific item that could be taken instead of C4. Not mines, another explosive though.

    Oh, and I don't like climbing gear conceptually. I would have to see how it is implemented before outright shooting the idea down though.

    No opinion on spawn beacons.

    Sorry if I sounded like a negative nancy for most of this.

    Some thing I would like to see implemented would be:

    Fixing smoke and flash nades - gives us more viable options.
    Another versatile or mid-range carbine.
    Suit slot that resupplies small amounts of ammo from enemies
    Side-grade for C4
    More map design that supports the class (more remote objectives)
    Mini nade launcher secondary
    "Burst jets" - quick burst in a direction, used for dodging fire, breaching, reaching cover, etc.
  5. Ruar

    10 sec capacity to JumpJets - Yes. This change makes sense.

    Add back our momentum to JumpJets - Maybe. This sounds pretty good as well, might need some tweaking to something like 50% momentum but that could be worked out in testing. Biggest problem is not letting JJ's become a way to "dolphin dive" to desync with opponents and prevent them from getting accurate hit detection.

    Remove the Res cost on Smoke Grenades - Alternate suggestion. I think instead of removing res cost it would make more sense to simply increase the base amount of smoke carried. Have two levels for a max of 4 grenades. Reduce the resource cost to 15 per grenade or so.

    Making Adrenaline Pump a passive ability - Alternate suggestion. I like the idea of the increased sprint speed, but no to the rest. This goes back to the problems with hit detection I mentioned before. Speeding up the class too much makes it impossible for someone to hit due to game mechanics. While the other options you present are interesting I think they would make the LA too powerful.

    Allow us to use ARs - No. ARs are very powerful and should not be used by a very mobile class. At the most I'd try giving LA access to the semi-auto marksman rifle HA can use. This would allow for ranged engagement without the additional power of close in full auto fire.

    Changes to Medical/Restoration Kits - No. This is a team game and if you want to go solo behind enemy lines then you have to plan to run out of supplies.

    Extra cert lines for C4 - No. LA should stick to the current 2 bricks of C4 but that is all. I made a post about a dedicated AV class which explains ways to make C4 balanced and ensure each class has a dedicated role.

    Second primary weapon slot - No. This was sort of available in PS1 with the ability to carry a different primary weapon in backpacks. I think it will give too much versatility to LA though. Mobility is the hallmark of LA, not firepower.

    Beta spawn beacons - No. Team game and need to work within the same rules the other classes do. Besides this would make more sense for infiltrators than any other class, but as long as infil can use SMG it would make them too powerful.

    Climbing Gear - Yes if it can be coded. I like the idea of additional mobility and being able to get to all vertical areas possible. Plus if this could be coded then it would present a great opportunity for ladders which could be deployed by LA or engineers.
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  6. Ghostloadout

    That mini grenade launcher gave me an idea.

    Multi-class Secondary depending on how balance works out.
    • Can equip multiple types of ammunition.
      • Jammer Grenades - EMP type grenade that effects both vehicles and infantry. Vehicles lose 50% mobility and aiming reticule for 10 seconds. (disables nanite auto repair and vehicle utilities.)
      • HE Grenades - Standard UBGL ammo type, but with increased splash damage. (slight damage to vehicles)
      • Kinetic Warheads - A fast flying, low drop high-caliber guass style weapon with high anti-vehicle damage.
      • Sensor Grenades - Very similar to the infiltrator IFF dart, but with an infinite supply of ammo, when launched the radar lasts 60s, if you fire another sensor round, it removes the previous one, 50m-100m detect range. (Miniscule damage vs vehicles.)
    • With a certain rail attachment can be fitted onto the underbarrel of your primary.
      • The model inherits the faction of your weapon.
    • Starts with 5 ammo, but can be bumped up to 9 with ammunition pack, 11 with grenade bandolier.
    • Single-shot fast-reload grenade launcher.
    • When fired does not show up on minimap.
    • Has a full selection of attachments.
      • Ammo types
      • Rail
        • Underbarrel Adaptor - Attaches weapon to your primary.
      • Barrel
        • Magnetic Rail - Increases velocity and reduces drop of the projectile.
        • Couldn't think of any others right now.
      • Optics
        • Trajectory module - Shows the arc of your grenade with a subtle yellow/red/teal/white line, when right clicking.
    Those burst jets you spoke about could be a replacement to the "F" ability I mentioned, or just jets in their normal nature. My jumpjet idea goes as follows. Obviously we want our Icarus Jets back as well.

    Launch jets - Removes fall damage, but more importantly when activated sends the LA flying the direction you're currently facing. Likely will shoot you about 100 meters in one direction, inheritance included. A great open field option, but absolutely terrible indoors. You can semi-steer your trajectory by using the movement keys. Uses the nerfed jetpack activation sound aka the thing that makes people go deaf. maybe a 20 second cooldown at max level. (Can only equip SMGs, it's heavy after all. as a side-note it'd be cool if for the different jetpacks they made different 3rd person viewmodels.) Oh yeah, you can splatter yourself with this, which could lead to some hilarious moments/deaths.

    Now, the C4 side-grade you can get creative with that.

    High-Density Blast Tubes - Thrown like a grenade and sticks to surfaces.
    • Essentially someone stuck some C4 into a sticky grenade.
    • Uses the same detonation system as C4, but is better for moving targets.
    • 4 tubes total at max cert.
    • 50 res each.
    • Tiny inner blast radius (0.5m)
    • Two-shots MBTs
    • Can be equipped as a tool at max rank to free up the utility slot.
    Deconstructor Tube - Another sticky type grenade that after 10-15 seconds of being attached to an object, will deconstruct it. (Does not work on infy, with the exception of MAXes) *Utility slot*
    • Can only equip 1 Deconstructor
    • Starts timer as soon as it is activated (left-click)
    • 5 consecutive seconds of putting a repair tool onto it will remove it. (has to be aimed at the deconstructor, not just anywhere)
    • When stuck to an object, will signal the owner with an alert telling them that one is stuck to them.
    • Can potentially one-shot every vehicle in the game.
    • Nanite auto repair/fire supression are great counters, when it engages it removes the Deconstructor. (luckily no one uses them.)
    • Res cost goes as follows. 200-level1 (200 CP) 150-level 2 (250 CP) 100-level 3 (400 CP) 50-level 4 (500 CP) 0-Level 5 (1000 CP)
    • At rank 5 allows use as a tool slot and can be resupplied. (Only permits SMG as primary when equipped in tool slot.)
    • If during any time of the 10 second timer the LA dies, he will lose the res from the deconstructor and it will destroy itself.
    • Will send back the resources to the owner of the object when it is deconstructed.
    Opinions on these?
  7. Kayth

    Really like da launcher. Thought multiple ammo types would be great. Trajectory optic sounds pretty awesome, but might take some skill out of the weapon. Don't like the underbarrel attachment. A secondary is suppose to be separate.

    The tubes sound like a combo between AV and sticky nades. Would be good, but maybe too good. It sounds like it would effectively outclass the other said grenades completely, which isn't fair.

    I can't conceptualize a deconstructor, therefore I don't like it. It's just a pep peeve of mine.
  8. Joe_da_cro

    easiest fix - delete the class and on engies allow them the replace a turret with a jump jet or drifter jet.

    this way the light assault/engie can
    - repair things while being able to fly.
    - drop ammo (at the cost of c4)
    - use a turret (at the cost of flying)
    - lay land mines tank and personnel

    this way the LA can take the roof while still jumping down to repair maxes. (the LA tool)

    after coming back to the game after a month off i have found that the jump jets on the light assault are very poorly implemented and the light assault class offers nothing to the battlefield at all. light assaults are so slow that a ******** monkey can land a hit on a light assault while they moving which is very bad for a mobile class yet the class offers nothing else in return. the solution posted above caters to all players without leaving out players who like a particular play style.

    another alternative would be to delete class and merge with heavy assault.

    choice of over-shield or jump jets.
    the choice determines weapons i.e over shield gives you lmg and JJ gives carbines

    this gives the LA some true antitank capability.

    I am more partial with a merge with engineer as they can work together better as they share the same gun.

    the light assault fills a very small niche in most tactics utilized by teamwork orientated gaming. the only way they are effective is if a large number of the teamwork orientated people use the class.

    the reasoning with my rash idea here is because how badly the LA class performs in the game atm.
  9. Regpuppy

    While I agree with you completely on most of your points, even the ones about C4 and spawn beacons. I'm just going to give my reasons as to why I don't agree with these I quoted.

    -second primary: The thing is this would hardly imbalance it against other classes. Heavy assault already carries two primaries, it's just one is a rocket launcher. All this would do is allow the light assault to carry two, likely entirely different sidegrades, that they already have access to. It's not giving them the HA's shield that makes them durable or the infiltrators cloak that makes them hard to spot. It's merely making them more flexible. Because let's get real, all this would do is require a few less seconds at a terminal, respawn screen, or deployed sundy but it'd make a huge difference for some people and how they feel about the class. It would go from a bland class where it's only fun is in the mobility to a well rounded assault class.

    Hell, allow the heavy assault to replace it's rocket launcher with a second weapon and I wouldn't mind. It would mean sacrificing some of their AT ability in the process. Not like we don't have some players spamming rockets in infantry fights already.

    - Jumpjet flight times: Well, we could live without the extra flight time but it would be awesome to get it back. It doesn't really break anything on it's own. The only thing that can be argued about is C4 bombing, which I really wouldn't mind if they got rid of C4 so that people can't use it as an excuse not to add anything neat to the LA.

    - Assault rifles on LA would at least let it somewhat compete with medic and mid range as an assault class. The medic is already more durable and self sufficient than most other classes, so this wouldn't exactly break it.


    -Second Primary: I'd say that giving the light assault an AR primary and a second primary that can be any of the carbines/SMG's LA can access already would be awesome and help make it a very flexible assault class. It would also make the transition easier and makes more sense. I also think we should add scout rifles and the battle rifle to the LA's list of weapons. My idea on how it would be setup and where what weapon type would go where looks like this.

    First Primary: Assault rifle/Shotgun/battle rifle
    Second Primary: SMG/Carbine/scout rifle

    This sort of setup would mean the second primary slot wouldn't just be empty or just contain a second mercenary, or mean SOE giving the LA a free second gun. It'd just move the Mercenary to the second primary slot and throw the Gauss Assault rifle to the first slot as our main gun. This also would help balance the power of the possible long range AR/shotgun combo forcing you to choose one or the other. Would create some interesting combos and force some choices. Pure close range with a choice of SMG and shotgun? Or do you find that pointless and use your second one to salve the weakness of your primary? I'd personally favor a bullet hose AR and a scout rifle.
  10. Ghostloadout

    This is supposed to be a constructive thread, not a remove LA thread. Thanks.
  11. Ghostloadout

    I should have said that the tubes would be a utility item, not a grenade, oh well.
    As to the mini-grenade launcher with the underbarrel rail attachement, it would still function exactly like the secondary, save for the fact that you would switch to it much faster. You wouldn't have to sacrifice a rail slot on your primary to use it, thus making it much more suited to complementing your primary. Unfortunately this way, you wouldn't have access to a finisher weapon if it is needed.
    Also this is why I want the underbarrel mount...

  12. Shiaari

    Ok, I like the idea of having assault rifles, I also like the climbing gear idea, the jump jet velocity reversion, and the proposed changes to Adrenaline pump (useless waste of a slot) but everything else is a no no.

    It's already too easy to swap squad leaders to get around the squad spawn beacon cooldown. Frankly I think that cooldown needs to be squad wide.

    Smoke grenades are already spammed from UGLs.

    No class should be able to carry more than one primary weapon.

    And people are already complaining about C4 being OP. I have been arguing against a C4 nerf for a long time, and having Light Assault players wishing for MORE C4 is a huge red flag. Stop asking for it.
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  13. DocteurVK



    --- See commented inside quote ---
    I'd see more :

    Level 1 (50 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 10% and walk speed by 5%.
    Level 2 (100 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 12.5% and walk speed by 7.5%.
    Level 3 (200 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 15%, walk speed by 10%, Weapon ready speed by 17.5%. (This is weapon swapping as well as ready time after sprinting.)
    Level 4 (400 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 17.5%, walk speed by 15%, Weapon ready speed by 20%, ADS speed by 10%
    Level 5 (1000 CP) - Increases Sprint speed by 20%, walk speed by 20%, Weapon ready speed by 22.5%, ADS speed by 15%, reload speed by 20%.

    Giving to low-certed LAs a cheap but valuable ability

    --- Don't see the whole point of having larger weapons messing up with the LA mobility, but Why not ---
    --- I don't think Medkits need to be changed, especially with the incoming resource revamps ---
    --- Big NO-GO as it will probably result into C4 spam and Nerf / revert... C4 is fine as it is now ---
    --- Why Not, but I still belive LAs are a close range assault class ---

    --- Interesting idea, but very hard to balance IMO ---
    --- Yes if can't fire while in motion when stuck to an object ---
  14. Iridar51

    I also believe that, but the problem is - all our close-range weaponry is also available to other classes in one form or another.
    We're lacking something unique.
    Carbines need to stand out more, they should be a lot more effective up to 20m, and ARs and LMG should be less effective up to 20m, but more effective past that range.
    Game is too bland right now, and all classes can choose between close range, all-rounder or long-range versions of their guns.
    So LA with long-range carbine will be immediately outclassed by close-range LMG or AR in close quarters. This should not be so.

    ARs should be reworked to have less DPS than a carbine within 20m, but more DPS past that range. They also should be significantly more accurate than carbines while ADSing.

    LMGs should be reworked to feel "heavy".
    LMGs have really long and heavy barrels and bipods. It's not a weapon to be fired on the move. RPK-74 weighs 5.5 kilos with 45 round magazine, and is over a meter long. That's a low caliber LMG (5.45mm). The TR version, if you will.
    The NC version would be RPK-47, is around 7 kilos. Most modern ARs weigh around 3-3.5 kilos.
    My point is, LMG is a heavy weapon, and should be handled as such.
    That's why ARs should be also available to heavies.
    LMGs should have worse accuracy than ARs, and have absolutely horrible hip-fire, and around the same DPS. LMG is a fire support and suppression weapon. Certainly not for close quarters or building breaching.

    Carbines need to have a lot more DPS in close quarters. When LA manages to get close to heavy, heavy should be screwed.

    TL, DR: LA is a close range engagement class, but carbines are outclassed by every other weapon out there.
  15. Joe_da_cro

    it is constructive. if they merged the engineer class with LA its the best of both worlds. how about you read a post to its entirety instead of responding to a negative section of a post without context. seeing as the engineer has more to offer than the light assault it would effectively mean deleting the name light assault but not its capabilities.

    i apologize for responding in response to a pointless post. i guess common sense can be difficult to some.
  16. Iridar51

    The engie's part of the world is the part where we don't wanna be. Because, otherwise, we would all play engies, right?
    We don't want class deleted, removed, merged or renamed. If you propose this, there is a neighbouring thread for that.

    What we want is a normal, competitive class, and not half a class we currently have, and this is what this thread is about, which Ghostloadout kindly pointed out to you.
  17. DocteurVK

    Other problem is that the relative smaller carbines don't benefit the user by granting him better mobility than heavier ARs or LMGs.

    Implementing a mobility factor to all weapons would probably help differentiating classes and loadouts, introducing a new factor for selecting weapons (More tactics, less binary selection of overall weapon perfs)
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  18. Kyouki

    This could be a interesting mechanic but I can already hear the cries of OP. Scout rifles seem like they would still be heavy. (At least the semi auto one does)
  19. Corezer

    After thinking about the suggestions in the OP for a time, I have come up with some ideas based on them.

    Give smoke an AOE from the grenade that removes doritos and prevents them from being placed on players in the area.

    Allow double smoke to be certed into without the need for grenade bando, as in most occurrences a single smoke can not conceal enough of a route to have any meaningful effect.

    Make smoke more effective against players on low settings.

    I think the current 6 seconds is fine (well maybe one more) as long as they implement other changes such as inheriting our momentum and allowing us to change our momentum using the directional keys faster, make JJ less floaty, more flyey.

    I don't like the idea of ARs, not because of class balance, but rather faction balance. TR get the TAR and the SABR-13. GR22/HV-45 and Reaper/Corvus just doesn't compare.

    Adrenaline pump and the Nanite regenerator from another topic (cept they called it combat drugs, needs to be more PC for the kiddies) as passives.

    Make C4 exclusive to LA, engies podding with 3 are what sundy drivers are really complaining about, they just think it's an LA thing. Engies can still use mines and AV turrets to great effect against many types of sundies.

    LA tool: Anti-Nanite Grenade Launcher. This does the opposite of smoke, it restricts the movements of your enemies. I'm thinking a 5m radius of effect. Direct damage of the UBGL (not the explosion, the actual hit) and splash of 500 damage for 0.5m that fades to 1 at the edge of it's radius (5m) It would leave a DOT effect on the area for about 15 seconds that would do about 700 damage to an infantry player or max that chooses to sprint through it's entire length. that means, presuming the player moves immediately, it will do 850 damage after all from a direct impact. It wont do damage to anything not actually touching it, allowing LA to circumvent the threat with their jump jets. This combined with the ability to survive a run through it and with significant health by maxes, keeps it from allowing a team to not have to check it.

    Additionally, if a vehicle or max is hit by the splash damage, they take an armor softening effect for 15 seconds increasing damage against the vehicle or max by 15% (before resistances) that does not stack with other damage increasing effects (meaning ZOE would be immune, as that would be too much IMO)

    Comes with 2 Anti-Nanite Grenades, additionally, another 2 shot Anti-Nanite Grenade Launcher can be mounted to the rail of your weapon, trading your rail attachment for 4 Anti-Nanite Grenades (2 additional, 4 total). These do not cost resources but can only be resupplied at a terminal. I decided to go with Anti-Nanite instead of Thermite because animating thermite all over a tower would cause some killer lag....
  20. Mugze

    ... 10000 CP for free C4, that is insane. You can earn that many certs in a 2x XP weekend with a boost! Can I have no resources on my max then?!

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