Carbines vs Shotguns

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by GZA, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Sabot

    No use for a shotgun with TTK being as low as it is. HS, HS, HS... in melee range? Two bullets and knife. That is all.
  2. DrTeeth

    If you know you're going to be doing close range work (like storming a tower) the shotguns are the way to go. You're guaranteed to win every "fair" fight at close range if the other guy doesn't have one. TTKs are in the 200-240ms range, no other infantry weapon can compete with that.
  3. FluffyM

    I bought the shotgun first thing never having tried it before and my mind is blown.
    Over medium range it ain't great and is easily surpassed by carbines, but in close see an enemy means to get free xp.
    It's like a backstab with the fast refire rate. Feels like OHKs.

    Can't wait to see what slug ammo does.
  4. Ghoest

    You are deluded.

    For many people including me the shotgun is MUCH easier to kill with assuming you are really close.
  5. Romalic

    i use the VS thanatos with slugs and extended ammo(10 rounds total in the mag)and a x2 reflex and its a superb weapon, shotgun sniper is a good way to describe it, medium range its very effective, but i play an engineer almost exclusivly so i dont have any ammo concerns, extending the mag does not increase the overall ammo you carry, so i have 6/30(without extended mag) or 10/26(with) would be nice if ammo caps gave you the same number of reloads, but other than that its great
  6. Grotpar

    I guess it depends on your playstyle as LA and the location.

    If it's a location with a lot of different elevation levels and open area, you'll want to use the carbine.
    If it's a location that's mostly indoors, the shotgun will be the better choice.

    The VS Solstice is a fantastic weapon for the versatile LA.
    I tried the supposed "superior" fast fire alternative and decided to just stick with the Solstice because I was having trouble with ammo.
  7. Grimtou

    Shotguns are very useful for LA's because they basically have no bloom. This means you can do things like jump/fly and shoot with reasonable accuracy allowing you to pop over a ledge and destroy people. A lot of people have issues aiming at a flying LA, for some reason.
  8. Witchkrapht

    Shotgun + LA = awesome! People say the shottie is "situational"...but that is only because the put themselves in bad situations. Learn to effectively close distances while eliminating Line of Sight and you can do wonderous things!
  9. Bigperm

    Are slugs and all around upgrade, or do they sacrifice some up close kick for medium ranged versatility?

    Asking because I've just started using the Piston on my LA, and not sure if I want to spend money on slugs, or just save it for when I know I'll be in doors.
  10. Sobieski14

    I am also curious if I should invest into it as-well.
    * Atm my shotty is quite effective, if it could be even better? lol
  11. FluffyM

    You will still kill in as many shots as before in close range, but the refire-time is increased, raising effective TTK a bit. It's still just as devastating in most situations in my experience. Plus, you get the extra kick over medium range. So, for me personally, it's a no-brainer. The increased re-fire time has yet to get me killed.

    ^At least that was yesterday. Today 99% of my shots over medium range just missed, but I guess that's down to the servers running like HIV-infested donkeys moreso than a shotgun stealth-nerf.
  12. Ghoest

    Slugs are significantly worse up close.

    Ive been primarily a shotgun user since beta. Last night I upgraded to slugs to and tried and testd them a lot.

    -At medium range for aimed shots slugs are really nice.

    -Up close they have serious draw backs.
    1 they shoot slower - this is a big deal because you need to deal damage fast up close - plus it puts off your timing.
    2 If you hip fire them while moving they will often miss even up close - shot guns with the normal pellets essentially always hit in these cases.
  13. Trysaeder

    The loss of effective range by using the shotgun is a bit too much for me to truly enjoy using them. They're pretty much auto-win within 5 metres, but a CQC carbine and some skill with aiming achieves the same thing. I like the power of the buckshot, but the range is ridiculous. I landed four clear chest-neck-head shots with hit markers while aiming down sights from the distance of an elevator gap in an amp station tower and didn't get the kill. It must have been about 10 metres at most. I liked using the slug rounds during beta because it felt like using a pistol, but the accuracy seemed to be lacking, or I have poor perceptions when aiming.

    Shotguns are almost a crutch in my opinion as they offer a large improvement in one area but do not offer significant room for growth. They help lift you up to a certain level, but that's it. Sure, you could argue that you have the ability to kill an entire squad with headshots in one clip, but that's an extremely unlikely situation.

    For the beta players, where shotguns nerfed purely because of shotfiltrators shooting people 0.1 seconds after pressing the decloak button, or were they actually overpowered? I never noticed any non-infiltrator using a shotgun pre-nerf, so maybe they weren't so deserving of a nerf.
  14. Ghoest

    Infs werent able to carry shotguns after the nerf.

    Anyway the skill with a shotgun is in the approach and pop up - and yes you can improve at that with practice.
  15. Bigperm

    Thankyou, exactly what I needed to know
  16. Achmed20

    cant confirm that. just got the slugs and actualy i was suprised that you can fire them from the hip pretty well.
  17. SixVoltSamurai

    I think he may have meant it was just on the carbine he was talking about it. All the S-variant or equivalents should have access to it still for all rifles, the S variant's are just the basic stock guns with switch fire, a slight reduction to RoF and the availability of damn near every attachment for 1k certs or 700 SC. As a TR LA it's the only way to get underbarrel smoke/grenades/HVA/SPA/Compensator on the same gun, the Trac-5 S. I'm assuming the Solstice S or whatever it may be is the equivalent. Adds versatility, which is always nice since they removed so many core upgrades for the stock guns.
  18. Ghoest

    Go to the sanctuary and test.
    -You cant actually damage anyone there so its safe.
    -Slugs cause any at resting target to flinch any time they hit(you can verify this by using the sights for guaranteed hits)

    Now start moving around and attempting head shots(you sont have to strafe just move forward and backward). The gun will frequently miss if your moving while you shoot.
    Now try it with pellets - you almost always hit.
  19. Achmed20

    well seems you are right.
    first time i tested the skugs in real time conditions i was in the dome where i had plenty of real close range battles so even the slugs couldnt miss.
    just had another few fights big fights outdoors and i missed way to often.