Carbines vs Shotguns

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by GZA, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. GZA

    Just wondering what the consensus is amongst the LAs as to the preferred primary weapon of choice.

    I'm happy using a carbine since it seems to be a decent all-rounder (being a VS I guess I enjoy the advantage of no bulletdroop and low recoil with long-range firing), but it seems I'm almost always finding myself in close-combat situations. In which case would a shotgun be a better weapon, especially against HAs and their scary LMGs?
  2. ChironV

    Beta tester here...

    Nova shotgun with slug ammo and extended mag = lots of awesomness...

    In close range battles where you are running like mad around and above enemies shotgun clears the room.

    Fav tactic was to drop down from above into a group of enemies (you know how they cluster together) and open up with the nova and finish with a nade before I die. You can average 5 to 6 kills before getting nailed.
  3. GZA

    Interesting you mention the Nova, part the reason I'm asking this is because I'm contemplating whether its worth paying for the Nova, seemed liked a devastating weapon in beta.

    I've also heard they've nerfed both its range and it still anywhere near as lethal as it was in earlier beta?
  4. MarlboroMan-E

    Man I hate that damn Nova. I run the carbine for versatility, then when something is definitely an inside fight (towers, bio labs) I switch to shotgun.
  5. ChironV

    It was a BEAST in early beta. Now its really only a beast when in a tower or close quarters. I only use it if the enemy is in the wire and breathing down our necks. Then it shines. Otherwise. Carbine.
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  6. Witchkrapht

    Shotgun all the way!
  7. Perk-i

    I'm a VX6-7 man myself. Highest burst DPS in the game while the (tiny) clip lasts.
  8. Malaria

    Mauler with a Reaper back up as NC.

    No range to speak of, but lots of fun.
  9. Erendil

    GZA, the shotgun is still quite deadly in the right hands but since it got nerfed it's now very situational. Not much use outside of a tower or small room/building. The carbines are much more versatile.

    However, if you're worried about CQC encounters, since you're VS do yourself a favor and get the VX6-7 carbine varient. Trust me you'll thank me later. :D It's RoF makes it absolutely viscious at close range and it still retains the accuracy of the default carbine during aimed fire out to about 75m. As LA I won't go inside a building without one.

    It's CoF during "hip" fire was also tighter than the stock carbine all throughout Beta. I see that the Devs have tweaked the CoF of a few weapons for release without telling us, so I'm not sure if that's still the case since I haven't directly compared it to the stock one post-launch. Regardless, it still completely stomps all over the stock carbine in CQC simply due to its high damage output.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by Perk-i. So yeah, what he said. :cool:
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  10. GZA

    Nice, never thought to try out the VX6-7 but it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Isn't too expensive either so thats a plus :D
  11. Marzipanzer

    The VX6-7 is the best vanu primary unlock, imo. An amazing gun for the Engies and LAs!
  12. Doublefrost

    I prefer a carbine with a Suppressor attachment. Usually with High Velocity Ammo. Considering giving a Soft Point gun a try to see how it does point blank.
  13. disky00

    I've been considering whether to use the suppressor of the flash suppressor. How quiet is the gun with the suppressor attached?

    Also, it seems like they've removed high-velocity ammo, at least for now.
  14. LocknLoadnDie

    The supressor doesn't really quite your gun. It makes it so that when you fire you don't show up on radar. Pretty nice for a LA that likes to kill from odd places.
  15. GZA

    How badly does the suppressor affect range?
  16. Doublefrost

    It affects it a little bit. It's harder to aim at moving targets at range due to the velocity decrease. I got a heavy assault at about 70m earlier by simply aiming upward a little more to account for bullet drop. There's a little adjustment curve. The bullet impacts seem louder than the weapon firing. It's still noticeable but far less attention grabbing. People will still notice and turn on you when you start shooting, but it's more likely to just be people in the immediate area of your target. Flash only might help a bit at night for visual. Especially for snipers, I think.

    I still see High Velocity ammo in game. T5 AMC has it for TR Carbines. It's only a 250 cert weapon. Try checking all the weapon trees.
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  17. TheAttackMaster

    Can you equip a shotgun AND a carbine ?! if thats the case, then I will roll with an high damage shotgun, and a quick carbine. Please let me know.
  18. Gramalian

    How much does the damage drop with a suppressor? I have hit ing/light/heavys with and without and with takes WAY more shots to take down. Maybe its me trying to use it at range again but I dont think it should take 7+ hits to take out a infiltrator.
  19. Bogarth

    No you cannot equip a shotgun and a carbine. I've been using the Nova lately and I love it even with its base loadout.

    It's amazing in the wall-towers at bases, the ones with the lifts in the middle and the jump pads going around the whole base. I just keep riding the jumps across and flying down on people's heads with the Nova. They go boom.
  20. FieserMoep

    I prefer carbines for their versatility. There are to few situation where I could benefit from a shotgun so I stick with my awsome T.R. LC2 Lynx that has a forward grip, supressor, soft point ammo, and a 3.4 sight. Additional is has the average TR Carbine DMG with the highest rate of fire. This thing is the best I could find on TR for my kind of playstyle.