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  1. BouncyIlama

    I bought the NS7-PDW a few weeks ago and I quite like the way it does ok at longer ranges than a usual SMG is used, but, I think it's time I bought a better carbine for longer ranges that I get bested at, and I need advice.
    I am having trouble deciding between the VX6-7 and the Pulsar C. The price is not a problem as I have around 1,500 certs right now. I liked the VX6-7 for it's higher ROF and lower COF while I considered the Pulsar for it's high damage and accuracy at range. As for my playstyle, I find myself engaging the enemy anywhere from point blank (1m) to mid-long range (75+) and I like to play the sneaky LA that goes behind enemy lines, drops C4, shoots people in the back and wreck havoc BUT, I really want to be able to survive a head on fight if it comes to it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Iridar51

    Use Solstice. It's almost as good as Pulsar C at range, but has much easier recoil to control, so it's easier to do damage with.

    There really is no reason to spend certs or money when your starting carbine does all you need.

    Feel free to lurk around my carbine guide:
  3. Iridar51

    I remember somebody else recommending Solstice in a similar thread, found this:
    Interestingly, that thread was also posted by you. Advice not gonna change, you know. You still can and should use other carbines besides just Solstice. At the very least, just to make sure the given advice was true. But you don't really need advice for that, all carbines are pretty good compared so shotguns / SMGs.
  4. Corezer

    I'd say the pulsar C is worth it just for the higher DPM, and it's definitely an easy aurax on your way to the eclipse, which is like a solstice that takes care of that problem (provided you are able to duck behind cover even briefly) and gives other perks

    I decided I wanted to be different and get the solstice burst, it's a good gun for range cause it allows me to strafe while still staying very accurate. It will definitely get a permanent slot in one of my loadouts.
  5. BouncyIlama

    Yes... I apologize about the duplicate-ish thread. Would buying the other VS carbines be worth it to get the eclipse?
  6. Iridar51

    Eventually - yeah, I think so. For the bragging rights, at the very least. And using different weapons would broaden your perspective.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    My expreience with the Solstice is uniformly good. I use VX6-7 just for CQC (but it only pays off if you know to equip it because you are going to be in a CQC fight - or can swap easily).

    Also, for longer range shooting the burst variant of the Solstice seems to be a good choice, though I'm not convinced it gives as much of an improvement in accuracy on the basic Solstice as the burst variants of the other faction stock carbines.

    I've tried out the others in VR training and decided not to bother with them (at least not until I get the urge to complete a directive).
  8. chuck105

    Pulsar C is the best, and here's why: Damage per magazine. It is very similar to the default NC carbine, with a 167 damage model. But retains the 30 bullets. This means you lose a little dps up close, but have enough damage to finish off heavies and anyone else at range or while hip firing, since it's likely you'll miss shots.

    The VX6-7 is very good, in fact it's murdereous up close, but is hard to control, you end up going for body shots where the Pulsar with a laser sight can constantly hit headshots. If you like the PDW, which is a ranged low dps but high accuracy, easy to control, minimal damage drop, then the Pulsar will be a better fit. I find it more versatile. It also has better reload speed, so it's less likely that you'll have your pants down. I find myself shooting from rooftops more than rushing up to people as LA, if I'm up close I'm shooting someone in the back, throwing grenades, or dropping c4. Thus any weapon will be fine, the VX6-7 and Serpent simply allow you to win 1v1's consistently against low dps weapons, but are less versatile, harder to control, and empty quickly with long reloads. Both of these are worth getting, don't get me wrong, but imo Pulsar C is the best VS carbine, especially for LA.
  9. MrMinistry30

    It depends very much on what you like. Apart from the VX6-7, the xenith and the remaining 150 kills for the Serpent, i have Auraxium on all VS available carbines including Eclipse. Eclipse is not bad at very short to mid range but really sucks at anything more than 30m. For longer ranges i use the burst only because in my opinion, even the Pulsar C can't get anywhere close to that accuracy. Generally, the Pulsar C is more versatile because it is good at all ranges and the very fast reload, as well as the higher dmg/mag helps dealing with multiple enemies.
  10. FirePhox

    There's only really 3 Carbines worth mentioning for VS imo; The VX6-7, the Pulsar C and the Solstice Burst. Idealy you want to unlock all 3 of them and switch between them as needed; if you're looking for a one-size-fits-all weapon then your best bet is the Pulsar C, I'll get to why in a second.

    The VX6-7 is very similar to the Serpent with a slightly slower fire rate, a better reload and a different recoil pattern. The real beauty of the VX6-7 is in its hipfire prowess, if you're doing some indoor work and you're good at getting head shots, you'll find it very easy to get kills with. The hipfire is so tight that you can even burst-hipfire it out to 20meters with semi-decent accuracy. ADS wise, it's a pretty horrendous gun, the recoil is truly wild and you'll find it difficult to consistently land shots on targets over 30meters. With all that in mind the VX6-7 is your close range gun when you really want to murder people up close but also want to stay mobile.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Solstice burst, it actually has the poorest hipfire of any VS carbine and fires 3 shot bursts. The DPS is pretty low which makes it a risky choice in extreme cqc but the ADS accuracy is incredible, and with HV ammo on it the velocity is bumped up to 600ms which is just crazy for a carbine. It actually feels more like an assault rifle than a carbine, what's more it's so accurate that with a little discipline you can even chain headshots even out to beyond 50m with it. I always do better with this gun than the other carbines and TBH actually feel its a little OP in comparison.

    The Pulsar C is probably the most beloved Carbine for VS which is kind of unusual given that it handles more like an NC weapon. The Pulsar C has low DPS but also has very little horizontal recoil and moderate vertical recoil (This is good since you can compensate for the vertical recoil easily but not the horizontal) It also has a decent recoil pattern which seemingly kicks the shots back up towards your opponents head, making chaining headshots much easier. The true charm of the Pulsar-C imo is that you can throw a laser sight on it with minimal loss to its ADS effectiveness and it becomes a very versatile gun. It also has more damage per magazine than any other vanu carbine which means more potential kills with each mag. It's my goto for general purpose killing.

    Ultimtely its up to you to find the gun you're comfortable with and stick with it but VS wise I'd reccomend those weapons. The Serpent is also decent with a forward grip on it but the reload is frustratingly long (and it reloads very often) and the NS carbine is also a great choice. I've auraxed every VS carbine except for the Zenith + that crappy version of the solstice; and I only use the above listed guns anymore.