[Suggestion] capture base times are endless and ridiculous GU 07

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  1. M1dw4y

    thanks about the info. Anyway i think sony stepped forward before update hex with lattus system
  2. Phazaar

    I'm sure it isn't, but it seems to be completely random. We had one base down to take 74 minutes (measuring each with 0 people on the cap point) earlier, whilst another had 3 minutes. Both small bases, both with approximately 50% influence (in case that's still factored in), and both with us with 12 people in the area and them with 0; 'enemies detected' in adjacent areas.

    Makes no sense.

    The change needs to stay, but it needs to come with A: better explanation, and B: more SCUs etc. Things that will shave off X% of the total capture time, so that once the SCU is down, there's a sense of urgency in the 'do we counter attack or not' thing, instead of what we've currently got, where we just had time to capture 5 bases, defend 3 others, win an alert AND get back to the tech plant, repair the SCU and gens, all before the cap had finished.
  3. Shasbot

    Speak for yourself, bud. I'll defend biolabs and towers to the end, with a minimum of at least 3 kd. The longer the cap goes the more easy farm I'll get, in fact the 15 minutes of repeating deaths can even whittle their numbers down to the point where you win the sector.

    If you think you can't get a good kill count at 4:1 or above then you should look up the battles of Myeongnyang, Rorke's Drift, the Alamo and Camarón for some inspiration to get better.
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  4. Torok

    after today's battles I can say... it's really good.
    But one condition must be met, there has to be a good population on the continent to ensure a constant fight and to avoid people dying of boredom, i think the game will be very boring at morning when the servers are mostly empty with ghostcapping everywhere for more than 5 minutes each hex, while it's gonna AWESOME at peak hours (it is already).
    Today has been a Blast, Gratz soe, now we need tons of new players :eek:

    but the defenders have the time to gather and strike back, as it happened today many times at Dahaka on Ceres, the attackers got 6/6 on the point and took down the SCU for a few minutes... only to end ravaged by the defenders army which formed given the time to gather and came back to restore the Facility safety and repell the invaders, it happened more than twice, AWESOME! :D
    (this doesn't apply if there are no defenders at all, in which case... BOREDOM and sadness)
  5. RottenGroinArea

    What universe do you live in where you should be able to go afk and get rewarded in game for not playing ???
  6. Vertabrae

    I play to have fun. I play to fight. However, every once in a while, you have to take a certain base. Maybe you need to to cap another base, maybe the outfit boss simply said go take that base. Either way you at the base, an nobody is there........Yep, you are ghost capping....:eek:

    Now I hate that, it's freaking boring as hell to me. But I understand that until the lettuce system comes out, it is something you have to do once in a while. So I'm stuck there. Waiting.......and waiting........and waiting.....

    Now in my world, i'd rather go afk. go use the bathroom, grab some food, rub one out, anything other than stand there and watch the timer countdown. But I can't, because some random guy might wait until there is 19 seconds left on the timer before he decides to show up.

    Yes I would much prefer to just redeploy and go find a fight. But if you play in an outfit, sometimes you get stuck with the **** duty.