[Suggestion] Capturable Space Stations

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  1. Weterman

    Hey I have a few ideas, one of which is about space stations. Here they are:

    Take away alerts.
    It is very unfair that if a faction has one more piece of land than the others, it gets the whole continent when the alert is over. A faction should be locked out of a continent only once they lose all of their bases on it except the warpgate. The faction that captures the bases near the warpgate will get their warpgate.

    Take away missions.
    They are pointless. No one needs something to tell them where to fight.

    Enable all spawn points all of the time.
    Stop trying to control the fighting by only allowing players to spawn at only a few bases. Lots of times bases have been lost unfairly because the spawn point just got disabled and only a few people could spawn there.

    Decrease the range of lock ons for land vehicles.
    A lightning can be killed from 2 hits at the back from lock ons. And the range is insane. A lock on can reach from skydock messa, all the way to the building that has only a single weapon terminal, thats closer to the warpgate.

    And that is really far. It's impossible to hit someone at that range with a non lock on, unless the tank is completely still, or is driving in a very consistent line, which never happens. It is op, doing half damage in one hit from that far.

    Space Stations

    The only way to get to another continent is to fly there in a ship. So warpgates are removed. There will be a series of bases high up in the sky that you can spawn at, and spawn ships at. You can capture these stations too. So to get to another continent you will need to fly past these stations, which will be hard if your faction doesn't own them. These will be important to control, as they allow passage to another continent, just as canals allow ships to trade.


    Add water under some bridges. Magriders will be able to cross the water. Magriders will also be able to cross to another continent, since they can hover on water, but as slow as they are, it would take forever and it would be pointless to go unless in a large convoy.
  2. FateJH

    Real water is apparently too complicated.
    And Planetside Classic water is apparently not convincing enough.

    It can't be said enough times that we're far beyond expecting the sun and the moon from them.

    Edit: I figure, if they can get Restricted Area zones working, they already have what they'd need to simulate rudimentary water.
  3. Weterman

    What's wrong with realistic water? We aren't driving boats through it, it's just an aesthetic that magriders hover above.