Can't seem to find LMGs I am happy with.

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  1. vsae

    Nonono. You completely misunderstood me.
    SMG and shotguns are for pointblank range which is extreme CQC situation. The borderline between CQC and medium range starts where you consider to ADS rather than hipfiring with ALS.
    Medium range is where you can fire fullauto or prolonged bursts and long range is when you feel that recoil is so mad that you need to resort to single fire mode.
    What I said is that most of the fights are:

    -------CQC-----------------------Medium range-----------Long range------------------Dont bother--------------------------
    --------------{The actual fighting is HERE}------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So if I'm truly wrong and there is an entire world beyond the door way of point A room, tell me what are those fights like? Zerg sitting at rock and trading fire with similar zerg at opposite rock? My point is there is no great need to use Long range weapons except if you like to feel gimped in most fights. Of course that doesnt apply if you never assault bases.There are quite a few guns that excel at CQC and do fair job at medium range like MSW-R or Orion for example and equipping TMG-50 for general purpose means you will lose most of your fights even at medium range.PS if the LMGs are not best CQC weapon by your opinion, its not particularily good at range either.
  2. Pie Chasm

    Actually, no. SMGs aren't for point blank range. Shotguns are. SMGs are mostly gimped hip-fire (CQC) carbines with larger magazines (gen 2).

    Of course you can equip slugs on shotguns and suddenly they are rail guns.

    With all of the new spawns have points that are well beyond 30+ meters away from them with various vantage points, e.g. Octagon roof, etc. , which is beyond the CQC range in this game (as 30 meters is an upper bound for CQC IRL), it is obvious you haven't experienced much of the game.

    PS: That makes no sense.
  3. Mxiter

    I disagree with that: LMGs have worse hip firing accuracy than SMGs, shotguns, AR & carabines while hip firik makes a great difference at CQC.

    On the other hand they have the same ADS COFs and larger mags that makes them strong at range.
    Yes close range/CQC is necessary in the last part of every attack, but there is often some steps before whith ranged battles (but if you''re zerging and have no opposition, or are only gal dropping)

    You can play the game without mid nor long range weapons by running fom cover to cover or flanking, but it's also interesting to be able to hit stuffs reliably and with comfort past 40m, especially while playin in squads. It's also interesting to cover people equipped with close range weapons while they're pushing instead of 100% close range weapons equipped guys running in a shooting range.
  4. bubbacon

    Hey Rowe, I like Da Bull also...same set up as yours. Seems like those of us that like the Bull generally get a pie in the face if we say so though lol
  5. Nerovox

    Personally my favorite gun on the TR side is the Bull as its a very easy gun to use and control in all med to close range situations depending on config... With that said my work horse is the Rhino, imo its the most versatile gun, I use the TMG-50 and MSWR for certain situations, but imo the Bull would be your best bet for TR and once you get comfortable with it then yo can move on to a Rhino or TMG-50.

    As a faction floater till I was able to get comfortable with the kick of the NC guns I went with the EM1, don't let all the hate and whine about that gun fool you as the gun falls pretty much in with TR and VS guns damage wise, compared to other NC guns its a great starter gun, and thats about it, but has its uses as time goes on. As i got comfortable with the NC guns I went with the EM6 as the work horse but still use the EM1 when i can hit a side of a bio lab at point blank range :). as for all the other stuff i use a blitz or cyclone and sometimes just a shotgun... Outside of the occasional Rambo fantasy I don't use the God Saw that much, but it is rather fun when you are in the mood or I have been playing NC a lot so I am over massive kick that gun has.
  6. KnightCole

    TR Medium/Long range? None really.
    NC Close Range? Anchor with Adv Laser or a GD22S with a laser.
    NC Medium/LOng range...well, EM6 with Grip/comp/x2. Or a SAW with the same loadout, but adv grip.

    But for the TR, they are not really a ranged nation. None of thier guns perform real well at distance. To much horizontal recoil. Realize that you are never going to be terribly effective at range and stop trying to play the part and you will find a MG you will like.

    I Know that was my issue at first. I was trying to turn the TR guns into all rounders with x3.4 and HG with suppressor on my Carv. Trying for a stealthy, ranged, accurate didnt work. I have rerolled wtih simply a x1 and Laser sight.....I do not mind my TR so much now.

    TMG50, its aight, good for a few kills here and there. But its better to just grab the CARV and go shoot them in the face like a TR should.

    Of course if you want to try it, a real Long Range MG for hte TR is the T16, it has astonishingly good recoil, handles very well, but it fires slow. with low damage.
  7. TheBloodEagle

    If you already have the NS15 then go with the TMG-50.
  8. MorganM

    Can't belive I forgot to mention the MSW-R for the TR; you REALLY need to check out this gun. It's cheap and effective. Quite different than all the other TR LMGs so if you' hate the T9 you may just love the MSW-R; I know I did. It's about as close to a carbine in LMG form as you can get; almost like the TRAC 5. Throw on a laser and it's got great hip fire. Very managable recoil (both vertical and horizontal) Excellent at close to mid range while not completely useless at long ragne.
  9. CleanUpGuyCZ

    TR: TMG-50 with compensator, fordergrip a high velocity ammo. I use it as my all around weapon, it's maybe not the best choice, but I'am strongly used to it, and a headshot is a headshot.
  10. Elsewhere

    Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the information and input.

    As mentioned in the OP, I was already going with the MSW-R for short range stuff, and I have decided to pair it with the TMG-50.

    As for NC, after pouring over stats and attachment configurations, I am going to go with either/both of the Saw-S or/and GD-22, mainly because of how they "feel". I think with NC, I am better off going for an all-rounder that I like, rather than dedicated short/long loadouts.

    All 3 of my choices have 2X Reflex sights, which is very important for me. I wish the MSW-R did too, but you cant have everything I guess.

    Thanks again.
  11. Sodajet

    CARV and MSW-R for general use. T16 for longer range fights.
  12. KnightCole

    BUt a headshot is better when it turns the enemy's brains into a juicy mushy mess all over the Auraxian countryside.
  13. CleanUpGuyCZ

    The TMG-50 makes this to my satisfaction
  14. FieldMarshall

    Here is what i use.

    TR Medium/Long Range: TMG-50, Grip, You choice of scope (Its a poor man's SAW but better than nothing. Atleast it has a faster reload)
    NC Close range: Jackhammer, extended mags, a low magnification scope (I use the IRNV scope on it to see through the occasional smoke)
    NC Medium/Long Rang: SAW, AdvGrip, You choice of scope

    Im not a big fan of compensators and HV ammo. Im not sure why.
    Im also using the MCG for CQB TR. I know im probably gimping myself by not using the MSW but i dont care.
  15. KnightCole

    Ive VRd shotties with slugs, Im not seeing this rail gun bit....they are a tiny bit more accurate but by no means sniper rifles.....
  16. Phos!

    Accidently fire a slug shotty at max RoF and it blooms like crazy. So weird.
  17. Pie Chasm

    Eh... they become railguns. You shoot a big spike in the center of your crosshair. It's no longer buckshot, but.. a slug.

    It doesn't get more railgun than that at least it doesn't in this game.
  18. SteamBoiler

    chaingun all day long
  19. FouckingBamn

    I dunno about TR.

    NC medium range:
    Gauss SAW. Throw a 1x or a 2x on it with a compensator and forward grip. Get used to the recoil and it'll work wonders. The Warden can work well too if you can land your shots. Throw a compensator, 2x scope, and, if need be, HV ammo. It really comes down to how well you can aim.

    NC close range:
    Any kind of shotgun. Jackhammer if you can aim. For versatility GD-22S can work. Anchor works better from what I hear.