Can't Login, server down or am I bugged?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Gimpylung, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Gimpylung

    As per thread title, image for ref...

  2. OneShadowWarrior

    Yes, I keep crashing to desktop everytime I get to that screen.
  3. Mr. Thoughtful

    I can't get to the character select screen. Just before it's about to get there it crashes to desktop, no errors.
  4. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    There was a Patch today, please let us know if there are still issues with the login.
  5. DragonXG

    So, I can't seem to even create any characters, it shows me the what faction I want and what my character will look like and name tag. but it wouldn't show the "Play" button. what do I do?
  6. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    DragonXG, the Server is currently down for a few days already. The Dev Team was informed about that, it's nothing on your end.
  7. DragonXG

    ok, thank you. it first time I was login into the server. when will they say that it up again?