can't login on any EU server!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DarioB84, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. tigerchips

    If they can't hack the servers, they DOS them. Anything that effects their income. I wouldn't be surprised if they held most companies to ransom. Like for instance, BF4 has non-punkbuster servers so they can practice their hacks.
  2. Noktaj

    Lol... same :(
  3. volth

    If you can see your character when you try to log in it usally only takes 1-2 min to log in. If you cant see your character you need to relog and try till you can see it.
  4. Azarou

    Cant log in too!! :( all access my ****!! its like no access at all :( I'm stuck at the log in screen.
  5. John4300

    Good we can access Forumside to come here and ***** about it, right ? Makes things so much better for me, too.

    Seriously though, yeah, this is kinda irritating alright. I haven't got any issues with Planetside 2 before. Quite a bummer to happen on the last months of my membership cause now I need to think seriously should I put more money into this or not. I'd not like to pay for, well, not being able to use the service y'now. Even though PS2 is not the only game I do play with AllAccess, still this one is the primarily reason I ever got it.

    I hope they would fix this soon.
  6. westli

    GUESS WHAT I CAN NOT DO!!!!!! yep you got it, can not login to miller
  7. Azarou

    Shall I wait on the log in screen? or I should exit and try again?
  8. unsinnsschmierer

    Trying to log into Cobalt for the last 1/2 hour, what a waste of time
  9. Orsidus

    I know there have been DDoS issue today but I would assume a large company like SOE has plenty of preventative measures in place and likely mitigated the bulk of the attack hours ago. Though I'd still expect some high pings on most servers. However on the ohter hand the EU login issues have plagued for roughly 3 or so weeks.

    I understand that you guys (SOE) say you're working on the issues and everyone involved yet you MUST by now have a good indication of where the error is and what needs to be done to resolve it. Originally I read that it was due to the database being unable to handle the set-up of all the new players on miller after the merge (Woodman players = new players). Now in the recent patch you say you improve the EU to US data tunnel however if anything its gotten worse as now even the restarts have no effect.

    I would suggest maybe giving the EU players a new double XP weekend perhaps a non-member one this time too (Yes I know the member one has been pretty much screwed. But it's not just members who aren't able to login and I'm certain a lot of non-members will have at least bought SC before making them also a customer). To me this might be a simple way to quell some of the EU community rage to some degree.

    Anyway just a suggestion. Hope to see this resolved soon for both our sakes and I'm sure your efforts will not go unappreciated SOE.
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  10. gloowa

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  11. CharlieWJM

    I have the same problem, It has only occurred today though. I sit there at the home screen with the "Logging in" spinning round and round for 10+ mins then all of a sudden it just goes to desktop, no error message, no "This program is not responding" just poof to desktop like nothing happened. :(

    I never had logging in problems until these "patches for login times" came around.
    Now, when it does work, I have to wait an average 5 mins before it finally logs in.
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  12. Azarou

    I want my 48 certs!!! :p
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  13. Azarou

  14. volth

    Exit and try again, rinse and repeat till it work :(
    Sometimes it takes 10s to log in sometimes 30 min or more.
  15. Orsidus

    I find it funny that apparently Anonymous asked the U.S White house to legalise DDoS as a form of peaceful protest which I could agree with if it wasn't more disruptive as a peaceful. However fake or real, a bomb threat is not a form of protest and that's taking it way to far.
  16. miknys

    Guess what.. Yep you got it, Miller/Cobalt login=no go. Been like that the entire evening. Emerald´s fine and works as usual.
  17. Nora

    Was told that the EU servers are both full and that you might have to wait for a few mins to get in. But the logging in page goes off before that ever happens lol
  18. Anchor IV

    This has been an issue on and off since last year. Obviously the developers are too busy adding more hideous camos to fix this ****.
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  19. Lazaruz

    I am so thoroughly disappointed at the state of the game right now.
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  20. si_brev

    It seems that they are looking into the issue now. Let's hope they sort it out quickly :mad: