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  1. Z3r0Khan

    FFS fix it already it been all day and still cant log in.Stop ********ing everyone this is a ******* priority and ******* use your own forums and not just twitter for communicating with PS2 community.
  2. FLHuk

  3. Z3r0Khan

    Stil cant log in WTF is this gona ever be fixed.You better extend that XP bonus or there is gona be some rioting.

    PS:Fire WREL nerf VANU!!!
  4. Collin

    Sorry guys this is a Desaster. You want new Players but break the whole game instead. If you dont fix this fast you are right where you started and lost you momentan. This is very frustrating.
  5. FairnessinPS2

    This is where we need to start questioning should we support the game any further ?
  6. sIcGER

    Business as usual folks ...

    Even they told us, patch will be released a bit later to make sure all is going fine - they proof they are not able to do so

    So - see you tomorrow ... hopefully
  7. OpolE

    What an absolute **** show. Launch a half arsed expansion and still can't log in since WEDNESDAY