Can't Log In

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Unan1mous, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Unan1mous

    Yeah for some reason i cant log in it just says logging in..., checked my connection and everything and i left it for about an hour, restarted my computer and nothing has happend.
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  2. Lieber87

    Same issue here... :(

    (Trying to log in to Briggs btw)
  3. PresidentFreeman

    Same, I'm still waiting to see if it will spit out some generic message.

    Edit: Briggs as well like the poster above.
  4. redshirt

    Yep cant login here either, Briggs.

    Same problem here!
  6. KO-tic

    Yea me neither and yes briggs
  7. Buddy

    same here. briggs. server full?
  8. KO-tic

    The launcher says "Low"
  9. Adderton

    I think someone needs to go an give the server a good kick, that'll fix our log in issues I bet, lol
  10. DerekAUS

    I think Briggs login server needs the same attention the EU servers eventually received. We get login issues every few days yet i've never seen it acknowledged by SOE....
  11. Ian_M

    Briggs has the problem. It was the same yesterday.
    Does SOE actually look at these posts?
  12. Voodum

    Same problem here. Stuck at character logging in then after about 5-10 mins game closes of its own accord.

  13. Chartreux

    Same here, trying to login as NC on Briggs. This is not an isolated event
  14. Buddy

    I got in after about 20 minutes. I filed a support ticket.
  15. meaturama

    WTF SOE the game crashed when I warped from amerish to briggs and now I can't log in. All the money I spent up in this joint and I can't even play.

  16. meaturama

    Barely any1 was playing tonight it's definitely not full.
  17. meaturama

    Oh wait nevermind, just took a little longer than usual. Ahahaha sorry SOE.
  18. Ian_M

    Tried 3 times to login earlier and crashes to deskstop after about 10 minutes each time. Have logged in now - oh but no outfit platoons running as its after 12.30 am.
    Its been the norm recently.
    Please fix this game SOE as it is dying.
  19. redshirt

    Yea quite frustrated, spent an hour in vain trying to login during prime time NZ ~10pm (GMT-13).
  20. razzmaster5

    I also cant log in but on mattherson and im asking my clanmates wtf is going on and only one guy replied also Im having graphical issues like im playing super paper Mario with guns