Cant log in on Miller

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by 101uk, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. 101uk

    "Free to play. Your Way"

    pff yeah right
  2. Zagstrug

    Same here
  3. yoericup

    Same here , for the last 15 minutes now , cant make new char either , made new one. was stuck on logging in , restarted made one with other name and after 1 more restart i had +2 characters. hope it gets fixed soon cuz i wanna play tonight :p
  4. Aldivac

    Reporting the same. Stuck on logging in to the character on Miller. The game closed. I started it up again, and now it says "Server Locked".
  5. taxidriver

  6. SShocK

    Servers had login problems, and they are probably shutting them down to fix that.
    Shame it happens in primetime tho.. Let's hope it doesn't take too long.
  7. Darkraver

    Friday European Prime time : hey Guys lets lock the servers :(

    Exellent Sony dont forget that @ some point PPL wil not take this anny more and leave
  8. Borsty

    Well I could login after some waiting time, only to have the server locked after 10 mins of playing. And once again: NO REASON GIVEN!!
    SOE, if you have to lock the servers in the middle of primetime, use that broadcasting feature to supply a reason as well.
  9. Copasetic

    Miller: LOCKED (again)

    Ah well... hopefully the hotfix fixes some stuff at least
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  10. Veora

    Is there any news on how long it will be down? and subsequently is there any added double exp (time wise) for members due to this?
  11. Palkora

    SOE is it much to ask that you open up a third EU server and transfer a few players from mill/cobalt over there instead of trying to cram everyone into two servers?

    I mean this has been what? The 4th/5th time the servers have had login issues and had to be shut off due to there being no room for anyone on the outside of the game server to get in?
  12. breeje

    this is 1 of the biggest and best games out there that u can play completely 4 free so stop wining and be happy

    if u wand a better gameplay support the game so there will be more devs working on it
  13. SShocK

    I'm getting the impression the long login time is actually a queue and SOE just miscalculated the server population after the merge.
    Server just restarted, logged in instantly.
  14. Palkora

    I pay money out the *** for this game hoping there would be better support and oh look! Most we are getting is content updates that provide no value if the servers are dead.

    You think a majority of us just mooch off this game for free and expect something in return?

    Your own post isn't helping at all either, all it is, is a typical forum post thinking they will get on the devs good side by staying positive with a broken game. One of the same comments that actually has run a lot of games into the ground, dead.
  15. RadarX

    We're still resolving these issues and really appreciate everyone's patience. We are confident things are going to continue to improve throughout the weekend.
  16. Grandpa

    Same here, it gets worse and worse the last weeks with that game, meanwhile i get more frustration than fun here...
  17. Predator01cz

    Oh come on guys.. you all act like it's your first day in this game...

    Rule no.1:

    NEVER play on patch day

    Especially when previous day the patch says something like "resolved loggin issues on (server you play on)"

    That's literally the equivalent of saying "yo guys stop padding yer directives or rather stop playing at all, some major *** up is coming up"

    Srsly.. all the updates here come in waves of 1 update and 1 to unspecified number of patches coming right after hotfixing all the damage the update has done..

    All respect to the devs that keep up with this.. must be hell of a lot more work than just making one update like every other week that actually doesn't break anything.
  18. breeje

    yes the devs give me 1000 certs if i give a good post (sarcasme)

    i know lots of people support the game but i hate the post 1 to 4 every time there is a problem u see those people wining
    every time the same posts, yes there are lots of problems and i wish they solved it but stop wining and say your opinion in a
    constructive way
  19. Jerox

    I just wish that one day SOE will become capable of maintaining their own game.

    Way that works for me to login on Miller:
    - press Login button for Miller character
    - press alt+enter to make PS2 Windowed, size it down and place it somewhere on the screen where you can see it
    - open a windowed web browser to do something else while keeping an eye on the small PS2 tab
    - eventually you might see on the small windowed PS2 tab that it's logged in

    Worked twice in a row for me so far. Patience it seems to take.
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  20. Bullborn


    Can't login either...