Can't hear own Call Outs/Voice Commands/V+ Chat since XMas Update

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FnkyTwn, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. FnkyTwn

    I can hear other people's voice commands, and other people can hear mine, but I can't hear my own at all. In fact, going into the ingame store, and clicking Preview on the different voice packs gets me the same result. If I'm in a quiet area I can crank up the volume and ever so slightly hear it, but it's like the volume on my own stuff got turned down to mute level.

    -I haven't adjusted any game files.
    -I'm not running any 'extra' programs / Not the acceptable or unacceptable variety
    -I have never run any 'extra' programs
    -Nothing has changed on my system
    -All other game sounds work fine, however, when the voice thing first started happening, I also couldn't hear my own weapons firing - A reboot seemed to be the fix for that though
    -I bought the Sentinel Voice Pack during the sale, and changing between Greenhorn and Sentinel doesn't change anything - So I haven't been able to hear the new voice pack I bought at all

    I have found previous threads where people had the same issue, and short of a full reinstall I'm not sure they actually found a solution:

    -example 1 Mar 2, 2014
    -example 2 Feb 27, 2014
    -example 3 Dec 24, 2014
  2. FnkyTwn

    Further Testing:

    -When I am alone in the world, with speakers cranked loud, the slight voice I do hear has an echo
    -It's the same across all 6 of my characters
    - - Can't hear own voice, or those of voice packs in the store
    -I've adjusted all the sound options in the game - All at max does nothing
    -I've played with the Local Voice Chat features and that also didn't fix it
    -Currently I'm running Mumble, but I installed that at least a week after I started having the problem
    -This is a fresh (one month old) install of W8.1
    -Fresh and awesome system, but my voice commands were working fine before the last patch

    I'm wondering if I could delete a specific pack file that contains player voices, and then run the patcher/fixer guy to download fresh working files? I have no idea which pack files (if they're even pack files) to delete.
  3. FnkyTwn

    -The latest patches haven't fixed this issue
    -Running the Verifyer hasn't fixed it
    -I reported this bug via the ingame system as well
  4. FnkyTwn

    Solution: What it ended up coming down to for me was that personal V-chat (V1-8 commands) happens in the 'center' speaker channel. I've got a Klipsch 4.1 Promedia (link) speaker system.

    What caused my problem is that an Nvidia update turned off my "simulated center channel" for my Soundblaster sound card. This can happen to people with 4.1 and 5.1 speaker setups, or to people with just two speakers or even a headset. Turning things to "Stereo" often fixes it, but then if you have more than two speakers you're missing some speaker channels. You've basically gotta fumble around between the Windows sound settings, your Motherboard's sound settings and also any discrete (separate) sound card until you find the option to switch modes between Stereo/4.1/5.1 and make adjustments. Start by checking your Windows audio settings.

    I no longer let Nvidia update my sound drivers, but that still doesn't stop it from turning on/off my simulated center channel, so every time I run an Nvidia update, i've gotta make changes to it. Thankfully for the Soundblaster it's a simple switch, but sometimes it even changes my 'default' from speakers to my monitors speakers. It's weird.

    Other resources:
    This Reddit Thread (link) that discusses solutions.
    Specific Windows 10 solutions (link).

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