Can't even report an aimbotter

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RastaMoose, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. RastaMoose

    Today on miller there was an actual aimbotter. No, this guy was not "just good". Multiple people saw it. You're not allowed to post names here but I did write it down just in case. This guy was nailing 100% of headshots. At first I thought nothing of it you know because it's ps2 and people have good aim but after i died a couple times, I start reloading and he walks in the room but he doesn't see me. I start shooting him in the back but he snaps around and nails every headshot on me. I thought it was fishy. I see him again and sure enough he is 360 spinning around nailing every headshot on our team in the biolab with a carv. He goes down only because we outnumbered him. He had a bounty this whole time too. Pretty good for a BR 14 with only a few directive points. Here's the thing, I tried reporting him and his character doesn't exist apparently and I can't send him a message either! I go to the kill log on fisu and Dasanfall and his character doesn't exist! On ps universe he doesn't even show up in the kill log.

    I've never seen this before.
  2. TRspy007

    That's really weird. Are you sure the battleeye didn't ban him before you reported him/checked his character?
  3. Towie

    If you see 'n/a' in your killboard, it means the person has gone from PS2. Almost certainly a cheat.

    By gone I mean deleted gone (and no they didn't leave of their own accord). Sometimes DBG / RPG delete - sometimes they do not but the player in question will never play again.

    If you have never seen this before (n/a in killboard) then I can only say you are a very lucky person !
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  4. RastaMoose

    I tried to report them a couple minutes after it happened. Weird that it would be that fast. Good to know they're gone though.
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  5. Towie

    Just before I cancelled my membership last year it was very bad - I reported plenty on this forum and before others could check them out, they were gone !

    (Started taking screenshots of the killboard just to prove that I wasn't going bonkers)
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  6. BrbImAFK

    Yeah. The hacks are pretty bad at the moment. I've just cancelled my membership as a result of it too.

    I reupped when they finally started doing something with PS2 (i.e. around late-Nov '19). Since then I've spent nearly £100 in PS2, if you include membership, DBC, bundles etc. I'm not a whale by any means, but I'm hardly an F2P'er either!

    I want to support PS2. I really do. I think my support in the past 3 months proves that. But I just can't justify continuing to do so while they just ignore all except the most egregious of cheaters.
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  7. HelioUSP

    Meh, go ahead and post the incel's name. Rage-botter's accounts get banned pretty quickly so there's no account to offend. Most cheaters don't turn on the auto-bot portion of their cheats. Probably just an alt account so the guy could go full ****** for a bit.

  8. BrbImAFK

    Hell no. I like having my account. DBG, rather hypocritically imo, is far more likely to ban somebody for breaking the "no name 'n shame" rule than they are for using cheats (except for the most obvious ones).
  9. iller

    Outside of Xmas event when all Staff are on holiday, This is the highest I've seen regular and subtle cheaters at since 2015.
    Now, Usually; it's less than 1% average of all Active accounts....
    ...but the past week it's ranged wildly from 2% to 5% of all "serious" accounts depending on Faction of course.

    And if ever there was a time when people are acting too Serious to the point of spiting the game's own best interests, it's this week. Coincidentally, the outfit with the most blatant cheaters per member, is also currently in a top 3 position on desolation Leaderboard... and no I'm not talking about [00] either (they don't even need to do any exploiting b/c they're getting EXTERNAL help, the 4th faction kind, to manipulate what becomes available for capture and when)
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  10. HelioUSP

    Send me their name. I'll post it.
  11. gunnner10

    Why I don't waste money on this game. Too many Hax and not enough recourse