Can't contact Praetor Umatherin in sanctuary.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Vlix2013, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. Vlix2013

    Trying to realize aauraxis mission but today can't access at ambassady other mine.
    Server cobalt
    Player in game : IamVlix
  2. Vlix2013

    Perhps i'm out of date ?
  3. Flying Pizza

    This seems like the same issue I am having, I am trying to complete the Operation: Auraximas mission but it requires me to visit the Terran and Vanu Embassies of which the game won't let me, maybe I can attach a couple of screenshots to show what I mean.
  4. Flying Pizza

    Here I took a couple of screenshots
    You can see where the locations I need to go are on the map and also the message saying I can't Access the embassy.

  5. Tar

    same here. As a bot I can't get into any embassy, but the missions require it.
    ****** up.
  6. Mithril Community Manager

    These particular missions that involve visiting embassies should have ended on 1/09, unfortunately this is bugged. A future update will remove this mission.
  7. Flying Pizza

    Well damn, guess I should of got on with those missions sooner XD, ah well, not the end of the world...