Can't communicate with anyone in-game

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Animae Vox, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Animae Vox

    Hey, I can't hear anyone talking with there mics and i can't communicate with them, so I bought a new mic, and still didn't get result.

    I enabled voice, checked and unchecked, put default mic on, I did everything, I can, but I can't hear anyone, I can only hear the game, Please can anyone give me a fix, I want to communicate with people, or at least hear them.
  2. MurderBunneh

    People have been making threads on this for 2 weeks not a single response from the forum tech or in response from tickets being written don't expect much.
  3. FateJH

    First, you should check that your Microphone is setup properly. Go through Start->Control Panel->Sound->Recording [tab]. Check what Driver the Microphone is using and update it. Make certain you have an entry for Microphone on that list at all, or you need to create one (dunno lol). Set the Microphone as the Default Device and the Default Communication Device (context menu). Check Properties->Levels [tab] and make certain the scrollbar isn't muted. You can also go to the last tab (Advanced) and click the checkboxes under the Exclusive Mode section, but I haven't confirmed that helps. There's also an option for Mic Boost, but I an also unsure if that helps; it doesn't seem to hurt ...

    Next, check your game's volume levels and make sure you have sufficient level for Microphone master and receive, and that all your voice channels have proper keys bound to them. Go to your UserOptions.ini and check under "VoiceChat" that all the *Enabled options are 1 (and the other options are at least not zero). There's an option for ExclsuiveMode (see above) that is normally set to 0, but I can not confirm if it affects anything. Mine is 0 right now. (For reference, you should only hear people when you see their name and a blue bar on the bottom of the screen and it seems like main game volume lowers slightly. When you talk by holding down the appropriate channel button, e.g., Proximity, you will see your name near the bottom of the screen, but no bar.)

    Another thing you might want to check is your ports. PlanetSide 2 uses port 5062 UDP as a VoIP channel; you may want to forward that port and include an exception in your file wall for the application for that port.

    Before you start the game, make certain the checkbox for the microphone is enabled in UserOptions.ini. Now, attempt to talk in-game now or, at least, cause someone else to talk. If nothing worked, more complicated problem-solving may be necessary; or, you may want to try to find a different compatible audio driver. If you can hear voices but not transmit yourself, do the micophone tests in the Settings part of the game and see if they work (the Mic Test volume bar moves, and the Test Recording plays back, that is). I ask you to try talking in-game first because of a bug with the microphone test that can rear its head.

    There's an exploit you can try if you get far enough that you can hear people, but can not talk, and the microphone record/play back tests records only a moment of static. Beaically, put all iun-game settings into a condition where it seems they would work, and then uncheck the voice enabled checkbox and log out of the game completely, immediately, without doing anything else. If you go back into the game and back to the Voice Settings screen, the checkbox will still be unchecked, but the Record/Play back test should work! If it does, check the checkbox and try talking to other people (the microphone tests will stop working again once you click the checkmark again, but you will hopefully be able to talk).
  4. Animae Vox

    I tried that, but I think the mic is not in sync with the game, when I try the in-game record, there is no voice coming out, but the indication is moving!

    and could you tell me about the check box inside the game, i couldn't find it
  5. Animae Vox

  6. Talizzar

    Not sure how buying a microphone is going to allow you to hear anything. Speakers or headphones are for hearing. Microphones or Mics are for talking. Windows 7 and probably 8 have some unique issues getting sound set up.

    Are you able to get ventrillo or Team Speak or mumble, working right?

    I know some people can't seem to get this work, it makes no sense to me if they can use other comms successfully.
  7. hardrain1911

    i have the same problim, game i can hear, voices cannot hear. can hear on teeamspeek tho. but i have the prob that everyone can hear me and i cannt hear them. tryed the volume, settings everything. then randomly starts working again.
  8. Animae Vox

    Yes, skype, teamspeak, everything is working except in the game, I need someone to help please!
  9. Animae Vox

    bump, please i need help!
    Btw, I have changed few settings in useroptions in the game directory, could thid be the cause?
  10. Raidun

    Same here - VOIP occasionally works, but is intermittent at best. It even appears to be affected on a channel by channel basis (proximity, squad, etc.). Opening ports and bypassing the router entirely does not help. VOIP features of all other software I own works fine.
  11. Spets

    Ya mines the same way i hope it'll get fixed in a patch i've tried everything.
  12. Animae Vox

    I also found out, that i ain't getting info on the leaderboards, all my friends told me im on it but i didn't recieve anything
  13. Animae Vox

    bump, please i need help!
  14. C4Chaos42

    I've had zero issues with voip since last patch.

    I've found that a lot of people just don't talk anymore, especially on Briggs. Try joining a random squad and talking to them.
  15. Animae Vox

    I did try many times, im in an outfit, they use mics a lot, but i don't receive anything, it's like theres no voice communication in the first place, I tried on different games, the mic works, and it WORKS GOOD!

    I even reinstalled the game still no dice...!
  16. MacroKiller

    Same problem here.
    I cannot hear or talk. My mic work on every other thing.

    When I try the test mic in game I can see that the bar is moving and thus my mic works. But when I play it back I have nothing.

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