Cannot Login after todays patch

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tsar, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. kwikly

    Same here on Emerald, cannot get past the player screen. Game freezes and i get a malfunction error.
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  2. jgolenbo Communications Manager

    One of our temporary fixes was to extend the timeout limit, so more people were able to get in after longer waits without timing out. But we *believe* the changes we made with our network provider moving us onto a more powerful, private circuit should allow us to permanently alleviate this issue. It certainly seemed better last night (with a lot more players reporting they could get in properly). But we'll continue monitoring tonight/throughout this week, especially during peak EU primetimes.
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  3. TrooparPilentus

    I am getting the same problem
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  4. De_emperor

    I'm also getting the same problem here, stuck on the character page login in then teetering .....then stuckk there:(
    I'm playing from soltech, waiting for 2 hours but still can't log in