Can you please hurry up and get the flak dmg DLC out soon?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tiedemann, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Tiedemann

    If you want us to pay for it or something I want to know cause it's getting kinda ridicules that WEAPONS don't work in a WAR game.
    People who whine about not getting more content on this forum should really start asking for bug fixes instead. It doesn't matter if it's another team working on it cause they still break things on release anyway so we're better off not getting any.

    And yes... I'm pissed off because they ruin the most basics things in a game I really like, so sorry to the guys who've already read too many threads complaining about stuff.
  2. treeHamster

    DLC? What the hell are you talking about?

    This is an MMO. There is no DLC you idiot.
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  3. Prownilo1

    I think you mean hotfix and/or patch, not DLC, which implies pay to use content.

    I've complained a lot about this bug already, being swarmed by unkillable hordes of mossies get's tiring.
  4. WaiZen

    Bought the Skyguard today and I pulled it 3 times. Out of those 2 times, I had the no-damage bug...
  5. S0LAR15

    He's being sarcastic with the DLC part, jesus........
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  6. Abyll

    +1, would pay for anti-air cannons more effective than my SAW.
  7. GSZenith


    edit: although now everyone got their lockons instead :D oh and walkers still works :D
  8. TerryTenMen

    Good, don't be boring and use a skyguard
  9. JKooL

    I would pay 500-1000 SC for working flak. Do you hear me, SOE? I'm even willing to pay for you to fix broken features of your PS2 beta.
  10. ComradeHavoc

    Flak bug won't be fixed until ESF weapons have been sufficiently purchased, then there will be sales on lock-ons, bursters, skyguard...
  11. Archlyte

    Flak is BROKEN.
    Went from battle to battle this evening with battles completely decided by air. Logged Off.