[Suggestion] Can you make Female Vanus Max more feminine?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by GoriLoco, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. GoriLoco

    Just a fresh, cosmetic suggestion from a noob.

    Female Vanus Max is a high heeled male Bodybuilder. So strange.
    I haven´t played Male Vanus Max, or any other faction Max (male or female). The one thing I know is that my max looks really weird wearing high heels and looking like a male character.

    Can you make female max body more feminine?

    General look of the characters in the game is really amazing, except for two things:
    -Female Vanus Max looks like a male Bodybulder in high heels.
    -Female characters are short haired.
  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    MAX units do not have male/female design models. They are simply designed to look like a robotic suit that houses a human being. The fact that Vanu MAX have 'high heels' is simply a design of that suit, not necessarily to make it look male/female.

    If we were to focus on the male/female aspects of model/outfit design, it could be argued that male NC Infiltrators look like they're wearing a support bra. Then I would be more inclined be agree.

    I think on the scale of a 'to do' list in this game, model redesign is on the lower end of the spectrum.
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    wait there are gender variants of the max suits?
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  4. GoriLoco

    Yeah, that's the kind of answers we like.

    I´m new to the game and that answer show a bit of the team of developers. You answer was OK without the lasts 2 paragraphs. A developer team should be able to response in every aspect of the game. For me as an user I don´t care if you are a team of 4 ppl or a team of 10.000 ppl.
    As customer service you must answer into the range that the user define in his question. I said I haven´t played males, so basically I don´t care about second paragraph, haven´t even noticed that fact.

    I just pointed the weird fact that I choose a female character and my MAX is a high heel male bodybuilder... ;). Your answer is that Maxes have no gender. PERIOD. I´ll just have to accept what it is.
  5. TRspy007

    Well MAXes are designed to be robotic suits that cover up a person. Apart for adding a reinforced bra on "female" MAXes,I don't see what devs are supposed to do since robotic exoskeletons aren't supposed to have genders...

    I agree that every company should provide good customer service to everyone, but I can tell you not to expect that from DBG. Also I don't pay much attention to what gender I'm playing, since we're all supposed to be in armored and vehicles anyways, and this game is about an all out war, I don't really see too much importance in emphasizing character's sexual traits.

    And I never really saw the VS MAX that way, so thanks for opening up a new way of thinking for me, still it confirms the fact VS characters are gay, so at least I had that right.

    I'd rather the devs focus on giving faction specific vehicle looks to every vehicle, before retouching the sexual aspects of characters...but that's just one man's opinion.
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  6. Twin Suns

    Sufferin succotash.

    Playing in the Arcades back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I didn't give a rats $&@! playing as Ms. Pacman. Bwahahaha!!!
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    Not gay, FABULOUS AS ****
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  8. badname123

    TLDR: give max boobs
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  9. Nehlis

    Monday: **** on a VS MAX.
    Tuesday: VS have 100% pop across all servers
  10. Yellow Rug

    I didn't even realise female MAX models are different than males ones. I guess in the heat if battle those things don't stand out too much.
  11. Liewec123

    one of the forum members years ago made PS2 tanks ESFs and units into anime girls XD
    here was VS max :p
  12. brutes359

    To be completely clear on this design. A Max is multi ton suit of powered armor. In the VS case is actually grafted into its operators body. Regardless of whatever way you slice it. No developer, be it a weapons designer or game developer would go though the process of diversifying between male and female armor suits simply because it would be a waste of resources and actually compromise otherwise sound designs and protective sections for mere aesthetics. The only acceptions to this rule are in cases of an artisan made armor set where the creator of said armor is attempting to specifically glorify a form of the wearer. Warhammer 40k sisters of battle do that for instance. But here it is just mass produced industrial armors with practicality in mind. Churned out as quickly as possible to suit he demands of the war on Auraxis.
  13. Raidashi

    Lol. I'm sorry but I find the idea of "Waifu Max's" to be quite hilarious.

    Seriously though... I hope they never do this, it'd be a horrendous waste of time and resources.
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  14. Cymoril

    Well, look at it from this direction. The guy that makes up player models and skins cant fix the game so he has nothing to do with that resource department. Therefore if they would have him reskin a tank, person, max, etcx that wouldn't interfere with the other behind the scenes stuff going on and it would only make people get a little more hype that female player models look like women not amazon warriors with no bewbs.
  15. Blam320

    There is none; MAX suits all use the same character model with the sole exceptions being different cosmetics. Why on earth would a robotic exosuit ever exhibit gender dimorphism? That's stupid, you're better off designing a one-size-fits-all exo-suit that anybody can use.

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