Can you kill or even harm infantry you cannot see in a Liberator?

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  1. Village

    My question is, because of the fact that in large battles many infantry will not appear until you get very very close, but often they can still see you a kilometre away in a Liberator, if i have our squad leader nearby to the infantry on the ground telling us the location of these infantry and putting down squad waypoints on where to shoot, can we kill or even harm the infantry we shoot even though they are invisible on our screens even if we hit the ground beneath their feet? If so will we even know that we have killed them and will we get credit?
  2. Highway_Star

    If you can't see it, you can't hit it. Pretty much makes any kind of ranged artillery useless.
  3. Village

    Are you 100% sure? If the infantry can you see but you can see them, surely they would see the cannot firing and thus the rounds impacting at their feet. Would they just do no damage or will you not know that you have killed the infantry? Has anyone tested this?
  4. Freyar

    I think the priority system will start popping enemy targets in an area if you start landing shots nearby. I don't think it does damage in the first place (as as far as I can tell it doesn't report it via hit-marker), but.. yeah.
  5. Maruun

    Yes we are sure.
    If you cant see the Infantrie, and you bombard the Infantrie they dont get any damage just a light show.

    If you shot at a Tank thats being repaird on distant you will not kill the engineer repairing it because you dont see it aka have him rendered on your client.

    If you bombard a turret and a engi is repairng it you dont kill the engi if you dont see him you only damage the turret thats for you rendered.
  6. Village

    Pretty ridiculous, this needs to be resolved in one way or another.
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  7. Jestunhi

    Hit detection in client side, so if they haven't rendered on your client you cannot hit them.
  8. Novmiech

    As everyone else said - if you can't see them you can't hit them.

    If you can see them, shoot, and as the round is in flight they move out of render distance - you still can't hit them.
  9. LabRatTy

    I've run into this problem before. Too far away, can't see, can't hit, even though you know they're there.

    It seems like the game needs to make it so that when you're bombing from a liberator, or using other particularly long-ranged weapons, that the game simply gives you longer view distance than you would normally get.

    In fact, why does the vertical dimension play a role at all in terms of your view maximum view distance? Can't it just use the other two dimensions?
  10. Bubblewrap2

  11. Beartornado

    If you rendered any more players than you currently do your fps would probably drop like a rock anyway in the current state of the game.

    That being said, I'd love the idea of a high altitude liberator that required spotters to bomb. More risk to fly low but you can find your own targets, less risk to fly high but dependant on other players.
  12. Village

    This is easily my biggest gripe with the game right now, i hope they figure out a solution by next patch.
  13. Marinealver

    Wow the programming in Planetside 2 is just so inferrior to Planetside.
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  14. Motown

    True, but if you start pounding an area that you believe infantry to be in, they will begin rendering there. I always tell my gunners to just shoot around until they start to pop up. It works every time.

    On the flip side, I've witnessed many people complaining about not seeing targets that I know are there, or can see myself. It really frustrates me when they aren't able to save my ***.
  15. Tuco

    You sure about this?
  16. Motown

    Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, but it does seem to happen that way... maybe they are just rendering as I spend more time in the area with my liberator. Either way, I have yet to have issues finding targets for my gunners.
  17. Sharpe

    Nope, doesn't happen. If you can't see them you will hit nothing.

    Try this - go to a large battle, find an enemy sunderer parked at the battle front. Shoot whatever you like around the sunderer - Rockets, zephyrs - doesn't matter, you will hit absolutely thin air.

    No go close, real close, and watch as 30 infantry pop up exactly where you just unloaded suposed death.
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