Can we wipe the stats of cheaters/padders?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BuzzCutPsycho, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. ThePackage

    There are way too many bugs still in this game that are incredibly easy to exploit. Stat padding doesn't seem like that big of a deal compared to many of them. Most of them have to do with rendering, or the lack of. Shooting through AMP station shield takes almost no setup. There are also HP bugs that grant specific players massive amounts of hit points.

    I'd rather them deal with those than some number on a leaderboard that doesn't affect anyone. Plus if they're going to run the leaderboard correctly they'll archive and reset it every 6 months or so.
  2. psychobilly

    Unfortunately rocketpods are 'legit'. The foolish game designers should have separated anti-vehicle from anti-infantry rockets. I can't understand how they haven't figured this out yet. The massive AOE range of rocketpods and anti-infantry tank rounds are terrible for an otherwise skill-based game. Both should have huge reductions in AOE diameter to bring more skill to the game.

    People who pad stats should never get unbanned, and should have their stats wiped from the server forever.
  3. Alexii

  4. Chiss

    Or a liberator.
  5. psychobilly

    I thought this at first until I realized: normal assists don't seem to count. I should have a massively greater amount of assists than I do kills - but I have less. The only explanation I could come up with is that only 'critical' assist kills actually count as assists.
  6. Monnor

    Im not a cheater and was rank 45, would i count NC only 12.
  7. Alexii

    Checked myself. I am 1:1 kills on assists roughly. U are right. Seems only criticals count. But still, imo it is a fair guideline.
  8. DeltaGun

    Agreed. If you were exploiting so bad people had to report you for cheating you deserve to lose your stats and certs.
  9. soonerlittle

  10. Mishkel

    It would be nice if they could remove the deaths you suffered to people who were banned. As it affects your stats (for people who want to be on the leaderboard). I mean I die so much it wouldn't affect me but some people likely are more competitive that way.

    Altho killing someone who ends up being banned should get bonues points for taking out the trash.
  11. melton80

    Damn 14k kills and 12.6k of them are headshots, i haven't played that long but either QandNotU has been busy as a sniper getting 14k kills in 15 days or someone is using helpful tools. Like i said i have only been playing for about a week but almost 1k kills a day, is that even doable.
  12. Alexii

    If i am reading the stats propper - most played class = Engie. All kills done on VS light Assault. So turret stat padding with possible aimbot for head shots to improve efficiency. Also head shot = more XP = more cert.
  13. BadLlama

    Or you know, ESF/Lib/Tank camping and you generally run as an engy to repair your ****.
  14. Alexii

    Unlikely. Turret needs no ammo. Tanks/libs do. Also tanks and libs count as vehicle kills. And he dont have that many of those.
  15. DjEclipse

    I don't trust SOE.
  16. DjEclipse

    I vouch for SKYeXile same as I would vouch for BuzzCutPsycho.

    I played a lot of Planetside 1 during the dead-game years. We knew EVERYONE who was a cheater, a number of them were BR40 and you just put up with it cause the playerbase was so tiny, and it is what it is, and they never did it so much to break the game.

    Sky during a time SOE gave no Fs about subbers cheating, never cheated.

    Now I hated subbing PS1 especially during the later years so I kept using free accounts until one day I got a ban on one, I thought it was because of my charming personality, nope, I was told I used a ROF while anchored as a Max.

    Me trusting SOE (cause I never dealt with customer service until then) was like no big. I requested my game log to see the speed, long story short the rate of fire was the normal speed of an anchored TR Max. Didn't matter I took this all the way to Brewko didn't matter. What was the advice SOE customer service game me? Sub, cause subs only get suspensions.

    I never told that story cause F it who ever believes anyone who says im innocent. But thats my experience with SOE; they have a problem with false-positives and won't admit it. So SKYeXile has to take it up the ***. I don't co-sign that.
  17. Natir

    I don't trust JPMorgan Chase but I still bank with them. <3
  18. Cute-CandyPants

    yes they are cheaters but technicly people exploiting overpowerd equipment and liberators with bombardment attachments and rocket pods things like that are exploiting as well.

    people dont realise things that are right infront of their noses.
  19. Quake

    JP Morgan has screwed you so many times and most of that long before you were born. I also agree with BCP that the stats should be wiped and that those who have been caught cheating and have stayed banned are deserving to be banned.
  20. MilitiaMan

    Did your ADAD macro fail you Sky?

    If they banned you, it was probably do to a good reason. I am sure if you ask they would tell you why you are banned other than "you are banned, deal with it".

    I know a lot of PS1 vets that needed the hammer for that stupid Keyboard macro **** they did.
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