Can we talk about the power of HA class?

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  1. Ghosy01

    After the recent release of the launchers, it made me think on all the positive things HA has and the way they outclass all other classes.

    this is not a qq thread just trying to open a discussion on how the HA is outclassing the other classes.
    after several hours a playing HA it made me realize how iw as winning every single firefight even if my enemy had the upper hand , a unit of HA can easily pulverize infantry.

    and the problem is that they literally counter eveything , they can kill planes , tanks , maxes, infantry

    whilst having acces to powerful tools from the get go when the other classes need to unlock to have some other utility besides their role , c4 being the only real anti tank alternative for non engi, HA classes. end even then engis need to spend about 100 certs for the mines (if im not wrong i dont play engi that much)

    so what is the forums consensus in HA , i sometimes feel like unless i play sniper there is not much need to play the other classes since only 1 engi can provide for mass HA with ammunition.
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  2. toljar

    It has been demonstrated that the only class you should ever play is HA, Medic and maybe engineer.

    HA has the ability to kill multiple enemies, heal (with medpacks) and survive impossible situations. They are all around the strongest most multi-playstyle class in this game.
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  3. Vanudrax

    I love HA, but I find Engi to be more fun to play. Yeah I don't get the shields, but I find I offer more to my team. Ammo and repairs, plus good AV benefits with my turret/mines
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  4. TheRealMetalstorm

    To me, Engineers shouldn't have the MANA AV turrets, but instead be the Rocket Launcher wielders.

    HA should be the frontline pusher - the mini-MAX of sorts, with his overshield and LMG (actually, Big Assault Rifle, BAR.).

    I am of the opinion that the HA should have only basic AV capacity. (aka medic/LA have access to C4, HA should as well)

    This will balance out a LOT of things..
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  5. Loegi

    The problem with HA is that combat is the only thing it can do. The special abilities of the other classes make them worthwhile too.

    And Infiltrators and LAs can win because of the element of surprise, Medics can outlast them by healing, and Engineers have turrets to melt off there face sort of. Not really a straight up advantage in battle, but they're not hopeless. And they can have weapons that you prefer.
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  6. centurionvi

    You are right. Heavy Assaults are too good at too many things. Of course the majority of players play HA, so all this is going to do rile them up to rationalize their crutch class.
  7. Zenanii

    I would prefer if they made a specialized AA/AT class and stripped the rocket launcher from the HA, or at lest reduced the effectiveness of it against vehicles.
  8. Marinealver

    Well untill the engineers got the infinate anti tank rocket I always find that the MAXs and HAs tend to be the competing factor as the front line/tankbusting unit with the HA winning most of the time and the MAX being outclassed in every department.
  9. Dishwasher64

    Well, the thing about HA is youre right, a single HA will kill a single anything else in a straight up firefight, thats kind of the point of the class. But in a proper squad there are still a lot of roles that are completely necessary that the HA cannot fill. For a squad to be effective it really needs at all times a couple medics and at least one engineer, but in most situations a couple, especially if maxes are in use. The reason you see so many HAs is because so many people try to lone wolf it. Its a little bit innacurate to say that the HA can just counter everything because they rely on support from medics and engineers to really do the best that they can.

    Infiltrators and light assaults have a little bit of a more specialized role (theyre the light classes, not frontline fighters), but theyre still incredibly useful in those roles. Sometimes you really need a terminal hacked or sniper support or a position flanked.

    If anything, the engineer's AV turret has made HAs less necessary for their anti-vehicle capability
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  10. FlayvorOfEvil

    But the HA don't have a grenade launcher.
  11. vastaitku

    The only reason I ever change to HA is when there's too many enemy vehicles around that need to go away. The only thing HA does is fight, so it should be pretty good at it. I don't think it's too powerful.
  12. Paperlamp

    I agree, copy/paste from another thread recently:

  13. joe smo

    you have a point, the HA can be a jack of all trades at killing.
    i actually think they should of or could of split the HA into two classes.
    one class could have the rocket launcher, a assault rifle (or a carbine) and a over shield that is specialized in protecting this class from explosives but does little to nothing against bullets.
    then the other class could have the over shields we have now and a LMG.
    then we would have 3 "assault" classes, 2 support classes and 1 indoor "tank" class
  14. Bl4ckVoid

    HA is the best infantry killer (apart from MAX), but not the best vehicle killer.
    AA MAX is much better anti-air.
    Engineer and LA are much better at blowing up ground vehicles, they can do it alone. MANA AV is also better than Hades.

    At this point the game should not be changed this much. If you think the HA has it easy, then why don't you just play one? It is not easy to kill vehicles with HA, a Sunderer needs all my Hades / Nemesis rockets to kill, takes a lot of time - it is rare I can pull it off on my own. And AC is very hard to kill with the lock-on launcher, you will get maybe one kill out of 10-15 rockets fired.

    Another useless whine thread.
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  15. Bl4ckVoid

    BTW absolutly nothing prevents you from multi classing. Play the class the situation requires.
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  16. Ghosy01

  17. diznoid

    HA can be built to be really strong against infantry, vehicles, and/or air. The problem is that they can all 3 at once.
  18. maxkeiser

    HA should be the main battle class. 70-80% of troops should be HA. You need engies and medics as well but in most situations not as many. The HA is the grunt. The foot soldier of the army. It's designed to be in the front line taking damage and kill with powerful weapons.

    I switch between classes quite a lot though - between engy and HA mainly. If defending a large base I go engy to repair turrets etc etc.
  19. WalrusJones

    Nothing prevents the HA from being able to heal themselves, rocket enemy vehicles (Air and ground,) set up long killstreaks, shoot infantry, or tank hits.
    -Sure, their healing is limited....
    But we dont see other classes getting the versatility of an HA...

    I don't see a resource based grounder substitute, or any weapon that is really a serious deterrence to vehicles for the other classes, like an HA's rocket launcher is a deterrence to tanks.
    -If the enemy doesn't have ranged weapons that can hurt you, there is nothing to discourage you from driving right on by them honking your horn.

    Your MG's are higher capacity, but lower DPS/versatility for infantry combat.

    A medium range HA MG is absolutely terrible at close range and long range, there are not really that many 'True' close range MG's, and a long range MG is only decent at medium range and still basically pays lipservice to close range.
    -There are mold breakers, but those behave more like TR rifles then faction MG's in most cases.

    I see no convincing reason for any faction that isn't NC to think that MG's are better AI weapons then carbines, or rifles.
  20. p10k56

    I personally fear more medics and engineers than HA for obvious reason.
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