Can we Stop pretending That Ravens are fine?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ohknoh, May 17, 2015.

  1. ohknoh

    C'mon folks, the things are just as accurate at 50 meters as they are at 300. Maybe even more accurate, since the player has more time to guide his shots home.

    Ideas to Fix ravens:
    1: Smaller mags, 3 shots per mag, with a lengthy reload, 2.5 to 3 seconds.
    2: Slower firing rate.
    3: Reduce the maneuverability of the missiles.
    4 OR, get rid of the guided function.

    One of the above would go a long way towards fixing this broken weapon.
  2. Konstantinn

    Ravens are perfectly fine, no better or worse than Vortex. Instead of nerfing Ravens/Vortex I'd rather see Fractures become better at those same ranges.
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  3. Nody

    Except of course the minor fact that Ravens outperform Vortexes in KPH and KPU but yes Fractures do need some help regardless combined with a fix of the AI damage on Pounders.
  4. ohknoh

    I'll take that as a joke.
  5. OldMaster80

    Ravens issue is their ridicolous range. There is no reason why a max weapon can hit from such a distance.
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  6. Pikachu

    Were everyone pretending before autumn 2014? Thats when it became popular to call ravens overpowered. Between the nerf at pu2 and autumn 2014 the opinion was "ravens, whatever". No one talked about them.
  7. ohknoh

    A shift in meta is a shift in meta. You have to remember, that before missions and alerts, you rarely saw large armor columns outside of outfits. However, once the alerts and missions hit, armor columns became the norm, so people started looking for ways to eliminate them. A few people realized how powerful the raven max was, and before long all the NC scrubs were using them to shut down approach lanes.
  8. Liewec123

    we've still got half a year yet to get revenge for your striker period. ;)
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  9. 00000000000000000000

    Not how balancing works.

    But Ravens don't need a big nerf, if they need one at all. Just a litttle one, itty bitty nerf.

    Knowing DBG though if Ravens do get nerfed its going to be into the ground. (Like the Striker & PPA)
  10. Plastikfrosch

    Just a longer reloadtime or a slower rate of fire and everything would be fine with the ravens.
    And yes, the fractures need to be better at range.
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  11. Leftconsin

    With TR's luck Fractures will just get nerfed again.
  12. MrJengles

    Yeah, I definitely think the reload time should go from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds; it feels way too fast even using the weapon. And AV weapons should have that sort of a reprieve.

    Also, adjusting to a slower refire rate would be a good place to test balance, maybe increase 1.25 seconds (48RPM) to 1.5 seconds (40RPM). Less scree.
  13. BloodyG

    Ravens are fine... deal with it:cool:.
  14. iMartyr

    put falcons on that request too because once the ravens get nerfed they'll become the new fotm and they're so much better at AI.
  15. HadesR

    A Couple of changes that could also be good if placed on Pounders ...

    Let's be brave and fix both broken weapons at once :)
  16. MrJengles

    Yeah, Pounders need looking at too; it's pretty much all I see on TR AI MAXes.

    It's weird that Ravens AI potential came up quite so much, for a while at least, when it's no where near as good. It's the AV that is so deadly.
  17. Kristan

    What's wrong with Pounders?
  18. MarkAntony

    can we stop pretending that lockdown prowlers are fine?
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  19. Kristan

    can we stop pretending that we are pretending?

  20. St0mpy