[Suggestion] Can we please lose the shotguns on NC MAX

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kalivix, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. TheKhopesh

    Shotguns are CQC, so they're only in the environment where kills are easy even for pistols.
    Where as Mercies and Blueshifts are the furthest ranged of the TR and VS AI weapons.

    The issue isn't that they can't kill, but that they can't kill at range without slugs (which require a full mag just to hit and drop one target at +25m in most situations).
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  2. Arsonix

    A full mag a +25meters? Maybe If you're complete and utter **** at aiming. Bro do you even crouch?
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  3. BobSanders123

    Not when fifty enemy infantry are firing rockets at you from that one ledge you can't climb.
  4. lothbrook

    It really would be nice to have AI max arms that
    A. Have suppressive fire capabilities
    B. Have medium range without completely gimping anti max capabilities and close range effectiveness
    C. Don't require extended mags to even compete
    D. Doesn't require a doorway or corner to hide behind to be effective

    These 4 reasons are why NC maxes are pulled by the highest average BR of the maxes, as they take a lot of time and patience to understand when they're useful and what they need to have equipped. While the other 2 maxes you strap on a second AI arm and just DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA. Hell they even have faster reload times than the NC max which runs dry in literally seconds, lol.
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  5. zombielores

    Why isn't every TR and VS on board with this, we're nerfing the NC MAXes aren't we, oh wait ........
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  6. Regpuppy

    If an attempt at faction differences was made outside max AI weapons and MBT's, or if the shotgun thing wasn't readily available to other factions on infantry otherwise. I'd probably agree with you. But it's been two years and very little was done in regards to that. So using "faction specificness" at this point is just silly.
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  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    SOE won't delete the existing shotgun arms you currently have, and any shotgun arms they give to the TR would be fast firing low damage high magazine shotguns (so useless) and any VS shotgun arm would have more drop, less velocity, low damage, low magazine, low reload time (so again useless).

    I'd be all in favor of NC getting actual guns for MAX arms, but if you had that AND your shotguns you would have the best selection of MAX weapons to go along with the best selection of all your other infantry weapons.
  8. zombielores

    Where do you get your numbers, if anything TR will have a high sustainability full auto shotty version because of their high mag cap and higher average RoF creating more Dakka. VS would probably have a regular max shotgun except the ability to switch between slugs and pellets like in PS1 with the one size fits all ammo. And NC would be a ranged option similar to slapping 0.5 of a Gauss Saw on each arm.

    You just aren't being creative enough, I just kept faction diversity and gave the TR/VS a shotgun while NC gets their ranged option.
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  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    VS would have it's "shotgun" arms nerfed into the ground about 3 months after being introduced because people love to whine about everything the VS has and it would be left to rot for over a year and still not have anything done to it.

    TR's would either start out insanely OP and then get nerfed to have ridiculous spread and low damage to make up for the full auto high ROF... or it would start with ridiculous spread and low damage to make up for the full auto high rate of fire.

    This is SOE after all.
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  10. zombielores

    So your saying it'll get nerfed so we shouldn't try it, totally such a good reason to not do it.
  11. Camycamera

    oh, i thought this was a thread saying to get rid of NC max shotguns because they are OP.

    yeah they are UP at long range, but rekt in close range. thats a fair trade off. and if you want long range, use slugs.
  12. Alarox

    I used to not like our MAX. But then I got a lot better at the game and realized that our MAX excels in situations where our normal infantry struggles. Meanwhile, it struggles in situations that normal infantry can take care of.

    Also, I really like how our MAX is the best for rage-pulling.
  13. TheStonehawk

    Lol what? No it isn't. You know what I use for AI on our max? Busters and rockets. Because its ****ing useless as hell otherwise. All you have to do to escape an NC max is back up and shoot because we can't run fast enough to kill you unless we charge. I have dual shotties and I almost never pull them because TR/VS max just backs up and shoots or pulls a shield and waits for me to reload then kills me. What do TR do when they are being raided by Troops? Max crash. What do NC do when they are being raided by troops? Pull cyclones and infiltrators because our Maxes are giant sacks of garbage.

    Look. SOE. If you are listening, create us an LMG for our maxes. I. Will. Buy. It.

    See, this is the kind of thinking that SOE devs should have.
  14. ATRA_Wampa-One

    I'm VS.

    Everything we have gets nerfed. You get use to it after a while.

    That's what we're the Nanite Sovereignty.
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  15. ajma

    Are we playing the same game?
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  16. zombielores

    Certain things deserved to be nerfed, just not to its current degree, your dullutional if you think ZOE didn't need a nerf, PPA was nerfed because of all the reduced lethality pass on vehicles to infantry, leaving 1 weapon as good as a HE cannon if not better to 1 faction is plain idiotic, [still don't know why some VS are complaining about the Canister when the Marauder is better so now they have the best primary and best AI secondary.]
    0.75 hit everyone just as hard but was more noticeable because of the LMG hip fire nerf along side it.
    Saron was changed just like the enforcer because it was too similar to the Halberd.
    Magrider is a nightmare to balance since its strafe means 100% damage mitigation or 0, but stats somewhat show that it is doing okay.

    I think I covered most of the main nerfs.

    Also TR is Nanite Republic, why use a Marauder when you can use a fury, Halberd is the official TR MBT secondary didn't you hear, old post nerf striker was useless when there was the annihilate, lack of range options other then the NS weapons, etc VS ain't special.

    Finally if your going to play the victim card then you better be ready to play it good.

    NC since launch have been the worst empire to play up till a few months ago NC players in general suffered through flinch [placed all NC at an automatic disadvantage], our pilots and drivers suffered through the Striker nightmares, our infantry suffered from strafing magriders that were near unhittable, we suffered through the ZOE fiasco, we suffered through the PPA spam when everything else had their lethality reduced, we suffered through the dual HE prowler spam, we had a Secondary AI that was the laughing stock for almost up to 2 years it was even laughably bad on the OP harassers, since launch all of NC's CQC weapons were expensive at 1000 certs while other empires got it for 250 or 500 certs, NC had to sit through the Vulcan BS when it would shred tanks apart.

    Vanu ain't special.


    P.S. for any person claiming SOE devs have NC bias, they definitely do when they nerfed Phoenix in 1 weeks, the rail jack in 2 days, leaving the Cannister as a joke for almost 2 years, letting NC sit through months of the ZOE or Striker fiasco, or even just as much as he old flinch system has no idea what their talking about.

    /Extra Rant.

    Of course I don't care about any of this, just throwing knowledge out there
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  17. TheStonehawk

    Yeah we are. Its a game called Planetside 2 battles outside of every place that isn't a Biolab.
    Oh you don't believe me? Well remember NC MAX effective range is 10m for best kill effect. TR/VS MAX can hit in areas up to 50-60m effectively and perhaps further depend on the weapons equipped. So here is a little map I made of Peris Amp Station that shows the areas where each would be efficient.
    As you can see, within the red areas there are pathways that 10m would be easily attainable. The purple areas denote where TR/VS MAXes can be effective (In other words, more than 10m away from cover), and the blue areas are where MAXes typically would be ineffective due to vehicles attacking those areas. Blue areas are where NC MAXes are completely negated, whereas TR/VS MAXes are exposed.

    ALL of those areas the TR/VS MAXes can fight and get kills. But NC MAXes can get kills easily in the red zones only. This is a huge disadvantage and makes our supposedly most powerful unit useless in any ranged fight, which is odd because our weapons usually have more range and power than everyone elses as a faction trait. So it is a little senseless to not have it on our MAXes.

    If NC MAXes had some kind of semi auto rifle to be used in medium engagements but useless in CQB, or a LMG that was good at distance but too slow in reloading too be efficient for use in close engagements it wouldn't hurt balance a bit and would allow NC MAXes to not suck at life. Best of all, it would force skilled players to strategize (Do I go dual LMGs and have a badass distance game but a bad close game?) and come up with their own ways of playing. NC players would throw their cash at SOE in order to have a MAX they can actually enjoy using. There really isn't a loss. I have already said I would buy that weapon and I have been extremely leery of purchasing anything from SOE since they nerfed all my favorite weapons. So that should really say something about how much money it'd rake in.
  18. Chewy102

    I love that this is still a something that can drive players to make PS2 a better game. And I hate that SOE hasn't done **** about this in the last 2 years. MAXes got an AV weapon each and an ability each, nothing else in the last 2 years. No NS or faction weapons to fill the huge gaps in AI roles, no balancing for MONTHS on end for obvious things such as ZOE/Fractures/Hacksaws/Pounders, and the worst thing that proves SOE has zero love for MAXes. No ******* player studio! All other infantry classes got countless helmets, vehicles got hood ornaments, and MAXes got jack **** of anything player studio that isn't a sticker or camo plus little to no cosmetics from SOE themselves. MAXes don't even have a directive weapon!

    I know people that have said that forcing shotguns on just one faction without forcing a niche on the other faction was a bad idea SINCE TECH TEST. Iv been arguing this since BETA. Has, to my memory, SOE ever gave feed back to anything on this topic over those years?

    Nope. And I dare someone to prove me wrong. I just don't know of ANY SOE feed back on this topic outside of wanting to keep the PS1 NC MAX shotgun feels at all costs even though they flat out junked most of what made PS1 Planetside.
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  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    ZOE needed to be nerfed... but it's now nerfed into complete uselessness. Like it's actually hurting you if you equip it. Name one other thing in this game like that... and it's been a year.

    PPA needed it's maximum effective range nerfed. It's now completely useless and you're better off using a Fury or Kobalt... or even Saron now where as both the Marauder and Canister are performing not only better than the Fury... the Fury is performing better than the PPA.

    The Magrider's issue isn't it's ability to straife, it's issue is that it can't go hull down due to the placement of the main gun and the projectile drop is atrocious. What's that? It has the same drop as the Viper? Ok... so I have 6 shots before I need to reload so I can compensate for that drop right? Maybe two then? Oh... so one.

    Our LMG's are't the problem, (well the Pulsar LSW has no role and default attachment syndrome... something NC LMG's don't even know about) it's our AR's and Carbines. Outside of the Terminus our best AR is literally the NS-11a or it's clone and our damage per magazine is horrible. NC 200 damage carbines and AR's use to have only 20 round magazines (4000 damage max) but were given 4 more bullets for free (4800 damage max). All but 1 VS AR and Carbine are still stuck with an abysmal 4290 maximum damage per magazine where the bulk of NC AR/Carbines (all but the GD-7f, Carnage, & GR-22) get to enjoy either 4800 or 5010 and TR gets either 5000, 5720, or 5845... and no slightly faster reload speed doesn't make up for a loss of almost 600 damage per magazine on average. We get better accuracy for it then... nope accuracy is tied to DPS and not damage per magazine. And don't bring up 1000 cert CQC guns when the only decent AR's in our entire arsenal are 1000 certs (Terminus, NS-11a, CME).

    No drop is our faction trait? Better remove it from every single weapon that it's even remotely useful on then and then don't even bother to buff the velocity since having a lower than average velocity was the trade off for that no drop.

    Also, you keep bringing up the Marauder and Vulcan like they're bad. The Vulcan needs a mid range buff when it's on the Prowler but on the harasser performs about equal with the Saron but still under the Enforcer, but the Marauder was equal to the old PPA when it came to close range AI and it's been superior to the Fury.

    Name one ranged thing the VS has other than the Lancer and Vortex. Everything that's "ranged" either has a horrible COF, or a horrible velocity making it nearly impossible to use at ranges.

    Here's the thing, nerfed striker was still useable and not terrible, especially against air. (Stats confirm this) Vulcan is actually a great weapon on the Harasser even if it sucks on the Prowler (most magriders have switched to the Halberd now anyway), and the Marauder is great on both unless you're locked down 200m away. Again, stats back up the fast that the PPA is utterly useless not only on the harasser, but also the magrider since it's not only under performing against both the Marauder and Canister (yes it's worse than the Vanguard canister) but it's also worse than both the Halberd, Kobalt, and Saron. ZOE make you take 20% more damage for literally zero positive effect on your TTK.

    Balance is fine and good, being the poster child for getting things either nerfed into oblivion (PPA got ZOE'd is an actual phrase) having to deal with the horrible damage per magazine / damage per minute crap since launch, and getting our faction trait removed from everything that saw a benefit from it sucks.
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  20. Gemenai

    I would rather like to see MAX shotguns for VS and TR and an auto weapon for NC MAX.
    Although i have to say that NC slugs on MAX don´t do a bad job.