[Suggestion] Can we please lose the shotguns on NC MAX

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kalivix, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Kalivix

    Ok I've tried to get this done many times but lets try again...

    Please PLEASE can you get rid of our awful shotguns on our MAX and give us heavy machine guns of some sort! I've been playing over a year now and hardly even touched our MAX except for killing vehicles/air as the shotguns are just so awful.

    For those who don't play NC and just remember those times they ran up to point blank range and died, playing a NC MAX you basically spend 90% of your time screaming "dammit hurry up reloading!" or "dammit get within 10ms so I can hit you!". The range is so awful that even your average sized room is WAY to big for you to shoot clean across it, and all we really gain is the ability to kill MAXs faster at close range as every MAX AI gun can instakill infantry up close, but in exchange we get a tiny clip so we reload all the time and almost no range, a VS/TR MAX cna run into a room then unload across the room with ease and even fight outside, a NC MAX... well we can fight in a very small circle around us.

    SO as nobody would agree to buff shotguns I'm going to keep up with my peitition to have the shotguns removed and replaced with HMGs of some sort so we are on a more even footing with TR/VS MAXs, it was always a ridiculous idea to make a huge slow moving class have incredibly short range guns, even more so to only make 1 factions have them and let the others have long range ones instead.

    So ye.. this should make everybody happy, VS and TR spend all their time whining that NC MAXs can kill them quickly if they are at point blank range and NC whine non stop that our shotguns are short range piles of crap.. so make both of us happy and remove the shotguns and give us a long range gun instead.
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  2. LordDethir


    Seriously though, I want two rebels on my MAX
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  3. KnightCole

    more accurate, slower firing 20 or 30mm cannons on the NC MAX plz.

    single barrel on each arm, 230@10m-198@65m, 400RpM, 18 rounds per mag, like 6 reloads on back up......accuracy similar to a hipfired laser Anchor.
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  4. Flamberge

    Dual auto rail-jacks.

    Or, you know, Gauss SAW/EM1s would work too...
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  5. asmodraxus

    Easier option would be for the devs to introduce a new range of gauss weapons that fill the same niches as the TS/VS max guns (but on average slower fire rate, more damage per shot) and a collection of TR/VS themed shotguns for their max units (belt felt auto shotgun anyone) or short ranged plasma (flame thrower) etc.

    As SOE will never delete and rework a weapon completely as it would lead to refunds for some players depending on where they live (love some of the UK laws regarding retail items).
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  6. BlueSkies

    Thats why you buy SC, not ingame items. The functionality of SC never changes. No refunds.
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  7. _itg

    Been suggested hundreds of times. For better or worse, it's not happening.

    Use slugs if you want range. With slug Mattocks, I can reliably get kills at 40m+. Just try to be stationary when you fire and don't spam the trigger. Use them like a double-barreled battle rifle.
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  8. OldMaster80

    Yeah, good idea: let's screw ten years of NC Max Units by streamlining weapons even more!

    Man, seriously, learn to live with the idea that empires are different and have different weapons, or move along.
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  9. Ragnarox

    Give them ZOE give them ZOEEEE :)
  10. Disconsented

  11. TheBlindFreak

    Any particular reason why you picked 2 left arms and a right arm? Or why you picked Mattocks, Blueshifts, and Mercies?
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  12. Ronin Oni

    THose are the best AI gun on each MAX platform.

    I'm guessing Mercy was right cause it was the higher performing of the 2...

    this is the top AI weapon performance for each MAX
  13. TheBlindFreak

    I plugged in the stats for each arm on both weapons, it looks like the choosing was arbitrary. I was mainly asking because he just popped up a graph without context.
  14. vanu123

    As annoying as it is to be nearly instagibbed within 10 meters, it is a necessary evil. The NC max has to be good at something so its the king in close. TR have mid range, VS long range. All are decent against squishy infantry in close with the right AI option but within 5-10 meters in a max vs max situation the NC beats TR/VS. They have to.
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  15. vanu123

    Two lashers would be interesting although you'd get weapons locked in about 5 maybe 15 min if you're careful.
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  16. BULLET010

    Kind of with you on that. Seems like devs spent on a lot of time differentiating weapons and faction traits, in the beginning. Now the weapons have all kind of melded together. And I'm liking it. Even for maxes that would be cool but leaving the separate abilities alone. Aegis for NC, maybe Ground Pounder for VS, and something cool for TR because i don't think anybody likes to be a sitting duck.
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  17. Arsonix

    Yeah lets remove all faction differences because having shotguns leaves a few people with a bad taste in their mouth. Either switch factions or just put slugs in your mattocks and scattercanons and shut it.
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  18. Bearlover

    When i play on my tr and vs alts, whenever i see an NC max, i do not feel threatened at all. Especially when more than 20m away from it, i will try to go 1v1 without even using cover for fear of dying. Just keep your distance and shoot, those pellets aint gonna do crap, especially if you are a heavy.
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  19. Jbrain

    I have begged pleaded with other NC to replace shotguns or give us a NS gun that is equal to the other two anti infantry weapons.. A lot of people dog on the NC a lot because we lose skirmishes a lot more than we should and the main reason is while other two faction have their max we do not.. Unless the enemy runs up to the nc max hes basically in zero danger..

    The other thing Is were penalized twice.. once on range.. and then on clip size.. 10 rounds with ext mags, 5.0 second reload is just freaking dumb. if we could have extended clips say 40 rounds it might give us a few more options but even then we will be subpar except in very close quarters..

    The devs have to have some stats to back this up.. its about as subtle as a stick of dynamite on how terrible nc max is for the NC. I bet you all that if we had more weapons options for our max we wouldn't be nearly as easy to run over.

    I doubt we will get any response.. maybe the ps4 people can get the attention this needs but for pc I have just given up on it.. I play less and less and am tired of how slow progress is in this game.. Its not the devs fault.. I know that higs and others work hard.. to do whats been done so far... but balance wise.. things like nc max is a huge deal in everyday nc life and the fact ours is useless except in very strict environments while youl see 20 30 maxes from enemy team always is hurting us in so many ways its amazing this isn't a top priority.
  20. MrJengles

    The stats the players have access to don't give anywhere near enough context for a full picture of balance.

    Still, the OP claimed that NC hate their shotguns:


    Looks like they were right.
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