Can we please balance the game out?

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  1. Get2dachoppa

    Wasn't my intent to compare stats, but the OP wants to play a sniper so I didn't think showing him how successful SMG Infiltrators are to be very relevant. They are a totally different playstyle. I'd suggest the OP should check out players like Mustarde or Torokokill (Mattherson server) for Infiltrators who do exceptionally well playing as snipers.
  2. Black Humor

    One of those three players, TARPMONSTER has 1700 kills, 1300 headshots 68% accuracy on his Longshot. As well as 1790 kills on an SMG right beside it.

    That guy compared to an SMG only player was able to get comparable kills during a week, my goal being to show that the Infiltrator class can be successful at either roll.

    Your well rounded weapon use and my 100% focus on Rifle use at all times, with pistol as only CQC should further reinforce that sense of balance, each path is viable.
  3. lilleAllan

    Uh are you complaining that you lose CQC 1v1 encounters with a sniper rifle?

    It certaintly is hard considering the render distance for infantry is 300 m.
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  4. Yikes

    I thought is was just me ... I've been wondering and wondering why machine guns can shoot me when I can barely even SEE the nme through my scope.
  5. Dr. Euthanasia

    It's because their first bullet is 100% accurate. Staggered fire and a good enough scope allows LMGs to make poor but functional substitutes for combat rifles.
  6. Erendil

    You have utilties. You just choose not to use them to their full potential. Sensor darts and cloak. You'll be gtetting a remote drone once the infil update goes through as well

    Only AA MAXes can take down planes, and only if they're specifically equipped with a dual-arm AA loadout, in which case they can't kill anything else. Single-arm AA MAXes can only annoy/scare them away. Same thing with HAs equipped with AA RLs, but HAs will almost never get a kill unless there are several working as a team and the target doesn't have flares.

    Working as intended.

    Duh, you're using a sniper rifle. In exchange you get to win every 1v1 encounter that occurs past 150m or so.

    And again, you're choosing not to use the class to its full potential. SMGs, Scout Rifles, short-range sniper rifles (like the Ghost) all perform well at close range. Heck, even a point-blank sniper rifle shot followed by a knife hit will get a kill. Use the right tool for the job and you'll do fine.

    I presume you mean 300m. And yes, it's supposed to be hard. Low risk, low reward.

    IMO SOE should have never given NV/thermal sights to vehicles. Infantry are already vuilnerable enough to vehicles. One of their only defenses is to not been seen, but NV/thermal takes the ability to hide away from them.

    That said, if you are seen the ESF should win. He has a vehicle timer and needs to spend resources to pull the ESF. Plus flying an ESF is one of the hardest things to learn in the game. Well, at least until you can fly well enough to actually hit what you're aiming at and not constantly crash into things. Once you get the basics of flight down, lolpodding is one of the easiest things to do. :p

    Um, all classes are point and click. How are snipers any different? And you don't ever have to get a headshot if you don't want to. You can still kills things with body shots.

    You can too use a suppressor. You again just choose not to. It may not be very easy to use a bolt-action with one but it is possible. There are a few members of my outfit who've been pretty successful doing just that.

    And you don't have to be on top of some high perch to be an effective sniper. You're once more volunarily placing arbitrary limits on yourself and then complaining about how inflexible the infil class is. You can be on the ground, fighting in between the buildings just like everyone else. All you have to do is not be right on the front line. Let the Heavies and other front line soldiers push ahead of you and support them from a little ways back.

    That said, combat range is horribly compressed for just about every weapon out there besides pistols. IMO sniper rifles should have OHK ability at about twice the range that they do now.

    Incidentally, does anyone know what the maximum range is that a sniper rile shot will cause its user to show up on the minimap? For example, for carbines and ARs it's 40m. Beyond 40m a carbine/AR user won't show up on your minimap just by firing the weapon. What's the distance for sniper rifles?

    Then stay outside OHK range? Sniping with a bolt-action is a lot tougher if it takes 2 shots to get a kill. Or get with a fellow sniper and I dunno, use teamwork and coordinate your shots to try for dual-shot instagibs. Challenges can be found when playing any class. Use your imagination.

    They you're probably playing the wrong game. This is a casual team-oriented war game, not a sniper sim. The skill requirements have been watered down to appeal to the casual player so they (in theory) don't get slaughtered left and right by experienced vets. The slaughter still happens to some extent though...

    But so long as people can respawn you'll never achieve anything close to what you describe. Snipers wouldn't be feared even if they could OHK at the max render distance because if you die you can just respawn.

    Not to be picky, but the only weapons in the game that are 100% accurate on the first shot are sniper rifles and 3 NC weapons: the SAW, AC-X11, Reaper DMR. All other weapons for all factions have a CoF on the first shot.

    The problem is that the combat range is horribly compressed in PS2. Given the size of PS2 maps, both render distance and the effective range of most weapons should be about double what it is now, and closer to triple for things like sniper/scout/battle rifles.
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  7. Ripshaft

    His first argument was that he couldnt take down planes. Laughing ensued.

    In all honesty, respect and seriousness to the OP. Play the game more, your problems stem from being new to the game, if you play more, you will likely eventually no longer be new to the game.
  8. Vaphell

    what's so funny? Take BF3 - there are actual d00ds inside the vehicles and you can headshot them. Why can't you make a hole in the head of some smug a-hole that does nothing but hovers and farms lolcerts?
    Besides bullethoses can at least deal somewhat decent damage to ESFs, considering it's not their purpose, while sniper rifles are utterly useless.
    Same deal with ******* harassers. Goddamned buggy and you can't do **** to its users with a 0.5cal 5" long round.
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  9. Liquid23

    I seriously wonder where people like the OP get their information on snipers...
  10. TheAntiFish

    I beg to differ. This would be my ultimate goal in the game, and i wouldn't be alone. You would learn to fear us.
  11. Ryouhki

    There is nothing wrong with the infiltrator,,
    I have ~4300 Parallax kills, best record is 88 sniping kills without dying and I have been killed just once by sniper while sniping myself.

    And I really advise you to not sit on the top of a mountain while sniping, it just makes you a free cert waiting to be collected.
  12. Ripshaft

    Sorry, that was a bit rude of me. Basically you're comparing this to other games and building your expectations upon them. This is not those games. You're not going to be good against vehicles, ever. Infiltrator is what it is; learn what that means by playing the game without your head in other games and I think you'll find it to your liking, and maybe you'll start wondering why those other games aren't more like PS2 =p

    Not easy, takes us all a few months minimum to adapt even without serious bias. Maybe check out some infil videos or tutorials to help you along; there's plenty of good infils who prowl the forums too. I wouldn't worry about vehicles until you're confident in understanding when you can shoot them without jeopardizing your position, which should take a month or so minimum to figure out.
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  13. Vaphell

    There are expectations that are met like the tropes of sniper rifles that ohk on headshots and can't hit a barn in hipfire mode, pump action shotguns having huge CoF and sucking *** beyond 10m. Having 100% hard counter is bad design and almost nobody does that so it's not unreasonable to expect that critical success on d20 lets you do 'something' against your nemesis. What do you know, it's the case with every class/vehicle in PS2... except INF.
    PS2 is so full of nonsense I don't think it's possible to wonder why other games aren't like that.
  14. Kafein

    That's the problem right there. All players that concentrate on one class or vehicule bar the absolute basics do suffer.

    Even worse, you don't only put an arbitrary limit on the class (infiltrator) you play, but also on the equipment you use, by speccing your infiltrator as a sniper only.

    The game is perfectly fine with the current amount of snipers. The only good thing they bring to the metagame is countering MANA turrets and HA with lock-ons. And they fit that role nicely already. There's no point making infils with a sniper setup any more powerful than they are. What would they do except go outside that role and introduce new random deaths for everyone ? In fact the class itself is very potent in CQC with SMGs, or even at skirmish distance with semi-auto rifles. That it "sucks" when you limit yourself to long range sniper work is irrelevant to balance.

    No. The logic is that since sniper rifles are only usable by infiltrators, snipers have to be infiltrators, not the other way around. The infil class has other unique perks such as cloaking, the dart gun or EM grenades.

    Btw about large caliber sniper rifles shooting people inside vehicules, I think that would be a great addition.
  15. Vaphell

    Spreading yourself thin is not good either. And pray tell, how do specialized HAs suffer? They can deal with everything. Pure ESF pilots? Last time I checked Daddy is #1, i bet his specialization is unbearable.

    "You are doing it wrong"? No, his time, his business.

    except they don't. Operating range of snipers is not in the same ballpark and you have NW on top of that, and then you have medics reviving corpses faster than you rechamber.
  16. Kafein

    It doesn't take much imagination to see how those classes can't do squat in some situations. For starters, anybody specialised in vehicules or MAXes can simply run out of resources and be forced to do something else.

    Well, I could disregard my medic tool playing as medic, that would be playing it wrong, just like an infiltrator disregarding weapons that are not sniper rifles.

    Fair enough, I also think headshots should be rewarded with a one-shot kill no matter NW (maybe it would be even better to make alternatives to NW more popular). But we nevertheless don't need any more snipers.
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  17. Get2dachoppa

    You've stated it better, but I wasn't saying we can only be snipers, I was saying we are the only class with the equipment to fulfill that role. The context of my post was about people who use the "derp, you're called Infiltrator for a reason!" argument are only focusing on one aspect of the class and thinking the name alone somehow adds justification that all Infiltrators should be running around knifing the enemy in the back.
  18. Raraldor

    A general trend I'm noticing is that some of the less experienced people seem to think infiltrators are this stealth god. This is not the case by any means, nor should it be. Imagine if you were a light assault or engineer and you got headshotted by a sniper, three times in a row now. A smart person would have looked at the indicator showing what direction you got hit on the first shot, looked in that direction a bit on the second, and by the third death they know your general location.

    As far as losing 1v1 fights with a sniper out, you do have your pistol. No matter what weapon you have as an infiltrator if you get caught up/surprised in a firefight with no immediate cover you will lose. The point of the infiltrator isn't the weapon you have, but the tools available to you. Use your recon darts and cloak effectively and you should be able to get the jump on people 60-70% of the time.

    Also, no one is forcing you to headshot. I've gotten a decent amount of kills with two body shots. You are not being forced to stay far away or getting a height advantage either like you seem to think. Hell, that height advantage will get you killed a lot of the time; just stay low and behind cover. An average infiltrator 40 meters away will still do it's job as a sniper decently, arguably better than average infiltrator 150-200 meters away.
  19. Erendil

    No, I would learn to hop into a tank or ESF more quickly so I could hunt you down and wipe you from the face of Auraxis. :D It would annoy me too since I don't really like farming infantry w/ vehicles.

    What you desire is how it worked in Beta and the first few months of release. I remember OHK'ing people with a Bolt Driver from 400m+. But I think it was more rage-inducing for sniper victims than fear-inducing. :p

    I can say though with a fair amount of confidence that sniper rifles will never fully return to their former glory, partly due to the amount of anti-sniper sentiment out there and partly because of the sheer number of snipers there were on the battlefield before the nerf bat started swinging their way. Hopefully though the Devs will realize that they overdid the damage dropoff a bit on BASRs and they'll push out their OHK ability to a less-ridiculously-short distance.
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  20. CptFirelord

    He makes perfect sense.. you're whining because you're inaccurate. You know that cloak thing you have? Yeah, we can't see through that anymore with NV/Thermal. You know those dart things you have, and betties/claymores/prox mines? Yeah, place those around and you won't get snuck up on. You know that secondary you have? Yeah, it kills people. You know those planes? Yeah, bullet proof glass. In "real life" your bullets would go "Ping!" and skip off an ESF.

    TL;DR Don't complain about things that can be corrected by the individual.