Can we have option for old vs look?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GSZenith, May 1, 2013.

  1. GSZenith

    please? :(
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  2. Kociboss

  3. Oreo202

    He wants the purple again.
  4. GSZenith

    yupp, the full black looks just odd and totally out of place, the purple was...better.
    (also the black shoulders without comp armor while wearing camo looks stupid)
  5. Blarg20011

    I support this, they're super hard to shoot now that camo covers their whole body. They look like allies.
  6. Morpholine

    There are purple options available:
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  7. SgtScum

    I miss the purple too. :oops:
  8. Jac70

    They look much improved IMO
  9. Chubzdoomer

    They're so hard to see at night now, it's almost absurd. Before they were tough to see, but now they blend in really, really well.

    Just my thoughts on the new look. Not sure if anyone else agrees. I suppose it depends on monitor/brightness settings.
  10. GSZenith

    100%brightness says hi.
  11. Regis7575

    You sir are an NC in disguise. Quit trying to push for this on your 10h playtime vanu. Push it on your BR 47 NC instead!
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  12. GSZenith

    (edit2: i've lasher bought for sc if you want i can pic it!:eek: )
    no i'm 4th faction.
    my char.
    TR shisuh br 49 miller
    TR jadenh br 31 waterson
    NC GSZenith br 47 miller
    NC moonh br 23 waterson
    VS wasps br 19 ceres
    VS ravenh br 41 miller

    also had about 4vs <br 15 when checking servers
    1 br 49tr on woodman named zeenith before i deleted it.(was main until moved miller)
    1br 25something nc deleted cos female
    1br 25seomthing tr deleted cos female
    1br 25something vs deleted cos female

    edit: pic!

    on topic: purple please.
  13. Shanther

  14. Regis7575

    I stand corrected. Nice brown camo. I still like the change better though because I am Vanu!
  15. Rhaeyn

    VS camo should glow at night. Maybe some blinking flashlights. And it should be neon-pink.
  16. FnkyTwn

    Leave the new skins alone. The new skins look awesome and are
    a much needed change. And for those crying about how 'hard' it is
    to see Vanu now.. you're just wrong. The Devs have stats for night
    and day combat.. if Vanu was OP at night (as was claimed before
    the new skins), then they wouldn't have made it "even harder" to
    see them at night. It's all in your head. Vanu die just fine at night.

    Less Teal = Better
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  17. Obscura

    No. VS are intended by the devs to be hard to see at night, thus the black
  18. tastyBerryPunch

    I'd prefer the Vanu infiltrator helmet to be silver not black. As for the other changes I really don't care.
  19. Gustavo M

    Pink camo w/ hearts is about to become a reality really soon.
    So do not fret, my fabulous friend.
  20. Guadoc

    Got any evidence for that or is it just your personal opinion?