Can we have a First Shot Recoil Reduction on the Burst Weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DuckSauce, May 7, 2013.

  1. DuckSauce

    They're now good at range as low-damage battle rifles in single shot.

    Which is to say, they aren't good at all.
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  2. TheArchetype

    I think burst fires need a real revamp. They're literally carbon copies of the stock guns with no full-auto. Anyone with half a brain can burst on full-auto.
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  3. anaverageguy

    Having moving CoF for both ads and hipfire cut by 50% is a pretty significant change lol.
  4. Angry Scientist

    I think it already does. The way burst mechanics work on recoil reset is that they're more accurate. The burst fire is to enforce options, I suppose? Which I mean to say is, you can't have spray and pray and marksman bursts in the same package. Unless you're using the S variants.

    While fire control can control burst, I think there might be a hidden advantage in the bursts. Try them both in the VR, the burst variants feel more controlled.
  5. Bill Hicks

    Due to the low TTK they would be overpowered. And having to burst on a auto still allows mistakes no matter how good you think you are. Burst mode is fine.
  6. Bhudda V1

    how about when you fire the burst and only on the tail end of the second shot you get all the recoil and the burst fires at a much faster rate with a bunch of recoil to balance it is, that fair?
  7. DuckSauce

    I think that honestly makes more sense. It's very very tricky to get both shots to go where you want with the NC 2-round-burst rifles, but reducing all the recoil would make them a little OP for people who can time the bursts to the RoF.

    They got it right with the SABR-13 changes, but you couldn't copy that to the Gauss Burst for instance because the Gauss reloads faster, has higher projectile velocity, etc. But they need to do something.

    I picked up a Gauss Burst on sale ages ago, because it cost me about $0.50 worth of SC. After the buff I got all excited and certed it up: nope. Reaper still better, regular Gauss still better because sustained recoil is much lower than 2RB.

    This would be really easy to implement for the 2RB weapons: set recoil to 1, set first shot recoil to 0.1x (numbers arbitrary). You get two tightly placed shots and then a big kick. 3RB weapons wouldn't be as simple to do but these are in need of a revamp and doubling their ADS movement accuracy didn't really cut it for long range.
  8. Bhudda V1

    yeah the bursts are still a mess right now, i was thinking that the weapon should act alot like the real life AN-94, first round excellent accuracy second almost pin point to the first but the second the second round leaves the barrel then the recoil hit's and only for the 2 round burst the 1800 rpm makes sense in comparison to the 600 rpm on the normal full auto, uncannily the same rof of the an-94 on full auto...

    but im curious what do you think of the high velocity ammo on the burst, i though it was a step in the wrong direction completely, the gun needs less recoil during the burst even with a damage hit it would be far more effective in my mind, i would pay certs for a cold loaded ammo with less recoil and less bullet velocity getting the gun into what i have always envision for it, a medium range precision weapon.
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  9. WalrusJones

    I say...

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  10. Nocturnal7x

    only soe would add first shot recoil to burst fire weapons...
  11. Zeke342

    Just for knowledge.
    The Equinox currently HAS a burst fire mode.. making the Equinox Burst POINTLESS. Not to mention.. the Equinox has underbarrel smoke/grenade/shotgun, SP and HV ammo, and a 6x scope.

    The Equinox burst has HV ammo (i think) and not 6x scope and no underbarrel launchers.. only the plus.. it fires 45rpms faster than the Equinox.

    If you're not using the alternative fire on the Equinox instead of the Equinox Burst... I don't know what o even say :/

    I'm hoping this is a bug.. I don't recall the Equinox always having a burst fire option.